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Starring stand-up comedians Esther Povitsky (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and named Variety’s “10 comics to watch in 2017”) and Benji Aflalo (“Not Safe with Nikki Glaser”) as two overlooked millennial misfits from different backgrounds trying to make their way in the vain and status-obsessed culture of Los Angeles. These two only find salvation in their male/female strictly platonic friendship. Throughout the season Esther and Benji’s misadventures include shooting their own music video, standing in line for a Lip Kit Pop Up, and even trying their hand at retirement life. Regardless of the escapade, you can be sure in their own warped way they will have each other’s backs while calling each other on their nonsense in a way that only best friends can.

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Esther Povitsky
as Esther

Benji Aflalo
as Benji


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