Convert 0.0001 BTC to USD | 0.0001 Bit Coin Price in USD


Convert 0.0001 Bit coin BTC to USD | 0.0001 Bit Coin Price in USD

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first modern cryptocurrency and has served conceptually as a starting point for subsequent coins. Because of this, virtually all features of bitcoin can be found in other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin distinguished itself relative to older, less successful versions of digital currency through its decentralized structure (src). Rather than relying a trusted central server, Bitcoin relies on a peer-to-peer network of computers running the Bitcoin protocol to validate and settle transactions (src). These computers are compensated for the service they provide to the network with newly minted bitcoin and transactions fees. The current Bitcoin inflation rate is ~4% per annum (src) and halves roughly every 4 years (src).

Though not a feature of the bitcoin protocol itself, as of Februrary 2018 the network of computers powering bitcoin is significantly larger and more computationally powerful than the network backing any other coin (src).


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