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Ethereum was the first dapp platform and has served conceptually as a starting point for other platforms like it. Virtually all of its features can be found in other dapp platforms e.g. eos, cardano, lisk, and neo.

As of February 2018 Ethereum distinguishes itself from similar platforms in that

a) it is currently fully operational and

b) it has the most dapps.

There are currently about 1000 decentralized applications actively beingdeveloped on top of ethereum.

Known Limitations

As of February 2018 Ethereum supports ~15 transactions per second (src)(src). By comparison facebook is capable of serving ~525k requests per second (src). Also, the fee associated with a single ethereum transaction can be anywhere from ~0.01 USD to ~0.50 USD depending on a) the nature of the transaction and b) traffic on the network, whereas the cost of making a request to facebook is neglible and does not grow higher during periods of congestion.

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