DASH to USD Converter | What is Price of 1 DASH in USD?

DASH to USD Converter and What is  Price of 1 DASH  in USD?

Dash (DASH) History

Dash started as a privacy coin called XCoin. It then rebranded as Darkcoin before becoming Dash (an abbreviation of digital cash) on March 25, 2015. Dash has a coin cap of 18.9 million. That means there will never be more than 18.9 million Dash coins. As at December 2017, Dash has 7.7 million coins outstanding.

What is Dash Coin?

Dash is a self-funding and self-governing project. It’s a new entity called a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Unlike a corporation that has shareholders, management, and a board of directors, a DAO is governed by programmed rules.

Similar to bitcoin, Dash harnesses complimentary incentives that ensure miners, master node operators and development teams all work together to constantly improve Dash.

Dash Governance:

Dash has a “treasury model.” That means a percentage of the mining reward (10%) goes into a treasury for the benefit of Dash. Improvements are proposed and the Dash community votes on what gets funded.

At this time, $1.75 million per month is flowing into the Dash treasury, meaning that Dash is well-funded. On top of that, Dash has a unique governance structure that ensures no one party gets too much power.

The people who mine (miners) Dash receive 45% of the mining reward. The other 45% goes to the “master nodes.” Anyone with 1,000 Dash can “stake” (stake means to lock up like you would collateral against a loan) their coins and become a master node. The master nodes vote on how the treasury is allocated and process instant payment and private payment requests.

As of this writing, more than 60% of all Dash coins outstanding have been “staked.” When you stake your coins, you earn fees. But if you sell your coins, you lose your master node fees.


The staked coins are technically “out” of the market. That means Dash’s actual “float” is only about 3 million coins. This means it doesn’t take much buying for Dash prices to start gunning higher.

Dash Team: Dash does have a core development team… But again, no one is in charge of Dash. Former McKinsey & Co. executive Ryan Taylor heads up Dash Core. He leads a team of 30 full-time developers and 20 part-time developers.

How Is Dash Different From Bitcoin?

The difference between Dash and bitcoin has been likened to the difference between a bar of gold and a dollar bill. Both are money… but the paper bill is a lot easier to transact than the gold bar. Dash has the secure and non-inflationary features of bitcoin matched with the ease of paper money (more on that below).

Dash was originally created as a privacy coin. Even now, it retains privacy features such as “private send,” which obscures the sender and receiver of funds.


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Popular DASH to USD Converter amounts

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Convert DASH to USD:

Price of Dash in USD:


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