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  • Release Date: 1998-09-08
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 6
  • Produced by: Pokémon: The Journey Begins!

See where it all began! Join rookie Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum at the beginning of his epic adventure in the Kanto region, where he will face incredible challenges and meet some true friends—including his best buddy, Pikachu! In these episodes, Ash meets fellow Trainer Misty in a fateful encounter, a heist at a Pokémon Center forces our new heroes to prepare for trouble, and Ash befriends some of his most recognizable Pokémon partners, including the lovable Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. It’s a real treat for Pokémon fans everywhere!

Pokémon: The Journey Begins! English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-6

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Pokémon, I Choose You! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:45 Meet Ash Ketchum, a 10-year-old boy full of imagination, confidence, and dreams that are almost too big for his home of Pallet Town—plus the desire to become a Pokémon Master! Ash is finally old enough to receive his first Pokémon from Professor Oak, the town’s Pokémon expert—but on the morning Ash is supposed to claim it, he oversleeps! By the time he arrives at Professor Oak’s lab, most of the Pokémon have already been chosen by the other beginner Trainers, including his biggest rival, Gary! The only Pokémon remaining is a strong-willed Pikachu. Trainer and Pokémon don’t get along right away. Not only does Pikachu refuse to enter its Poké Ball, it would rather climb a tree than battle a Pidgey that Ash encounters! Disagreements aside, they start to bond when they find themselves chased by an angry flock of Spearow. The Spearow injure Pikachu, but Ash risks his own safety to protect his Pokémon. To further their escape, Ash “borrows” a bike owned by a young girl named Misty. He soon wrecks the bike, however, and he and Pikachu are surrounded by the Spearow. When Ash fearlessly confronts the Spearow, Pikachu is inspired to summon its remaining energy to repel the Pokémon with a powerful electric shock. Once they’re finally out of harm’s way, the wild experience makes Ash and Pikachu realize that they’ve begun what promises to be a blooming friendship.
2. Pokémon Emergency Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:45 Ash rushes into Viridian City with his badly wounded Pikachu. When he arrives, the city’s on high alert for Pokémon thieves—thieves like Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket, a group of bad guys dedicated to stealing valuable Pokémon. While Ash waits at the Pokémon Center for news on Pikachu’s condition, Misty arrives, angry about the bike Ash wrecked—but she softens when she sees Pikachu wheeled out on a gurney. Suddenly, Team Rocket crashes through the roof of the Pokémon Center! While Nurse Joy transports Poké Balls to Pewter City for safety, Ash tries to fight off Team Rocket’s Pokémon, Koffing and Ekans. Ash is having no luck battling, so his Pikachu, still recovering, teams up with a bunch of other Pikachu at the Pokémon Center to blast Team Rocket out of the building! Jessie, James, and Meowth realize that Ash’s Pikachu is not your ordinary Pikachu, and decide that capturing it is now their top priority. With the bad guys taken care of, Misty joins Ash and Pikachu on their journey to Pewter City. While they’re strolling through Viridian Forest, a Caterpie makes an appearance. Ash sees an opportunity to catch his first Pokémon. Will he be successful?
3. Ash Catches a Pokémon Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:46 Ash discovers and catches a Caterpie, the first Pokémon he’s ever caught! Though Ash is excited, Misty is grossed out by Bug-type Pokémon and repulsed by Caterpie’s attempts to be friends with her. At night, as Ash and Misty sleep, Caterpie shares with Pikachu its dream of evolving into a Butterfree. The next day, Ash is able to capture a Pidgeotto after battling it with Pikachu. Before Ash can get too excited, Misty reminds him that his success is due more to luck than skill. Soon, Team Rocket shows up to steal Pikachu, and Ash vows to defend himself. Pikachu and Pidgeotto are weak after battling Team Rocket’s Koffing and Ekans, so he reluctantly sends out his new Caterpie. To the surprise of Jessie and James—not to mention Ash—Caterpie’s String Shot is able to defeat all of the Team Rocket Pokémon, including Meowth! When Misty tries to make nice with Caterpie, it evolves into a Metapod. Could a Butterfree Evolution be far behind?
4. Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:46 Still lost, the party continues to wander in search of the next town. Falling from a rope bridge, stumbling into pitfalls, being caught in various traps, they struggle on until they reach a village not shown on their map. This quiet place is inhabited by Pokémon that have been injured in battle or abandoned by their Trainers. In this village, a kind-hearted young woman named Melanie cares for the Pokémon. Even as our heroes, touched by Melanie’s kind example, attempt to assist her in caring for the Pokémon, Team Rocket is slowly making its way toward the village. A combined effort of Melanie’s and Ash’s Pokémon is needed to fight off Team Rocket, and as a result, Ash’s courage earns him a battle between Pikachu and Melanie’s bravest Pokémon, Bulbasaur!
5. Charmander: The Stray Pokémon Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:46 As our heroes press on toward Vermilion City, they encounter an injured Charmander at a mountain pass. Sitting atop a stone, it appears to be waiting for someone. Ash immediately attempts to catch it, but fails. Seeing there’s no use, Ash and friends head for a nearby Pokémon Center where they run into Damian, a selfish Trainer who has abandoned Charmander! During a tense encounter, a storm erupts, and our heroes rush out into the night to rescue the stranded Pokémon. Their timing couldn’t be better as they manage to save the weary Fire-type Pokémon from of a group of attacking Spearow. They rush to the Pokémon Center, and Charmander is turned over to Nurse Joy for immediate attention, but in the morning, the Pokémon has disappeared without a trace! Ash and friends go out to find it, only to be sidetracked by the devious Team Rocket. Just when the villains think they’ve captured Pikachu and rendered our heroes temporarily helpless, Charmander comes to the rescue!
6. Here Comes the Squirtle Squad Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:46 Ash and his friends walk along a path and fall into a hole dug by a group of mischievous Squirtle. Ash climbs out and tries to battle them, but they scatter when Officer Jenny arrives. Nearby, the Team Rocket trio is trying to enjoy a picnic, but soon the Squirtle Squad (as Officer Jenny calls them) shows up, tying them to a tree and eating their food! However, Meowth makes a deal with the Squirtle to secure their release. With Meowth in charge, the Squirtle are able to capture Ash, Misty, Brock, and a wounded Pikachu. They tie up the humans in a cave while Pikachu lies in a cage, helpless. Ash convinces the Squirtle to let him go to town to get a Super Potion for Pikachu, while Meowth waits for Jessie and James to arrive so they can complete their plan. Will Ash retrieve Pikachu’s medicine in time? What sinister plot does Team Rocket have in mind? And what’s the real story behind the Squirtle Squad?

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    We were surprised to find out many Pokémon episodes were banned in the US. For example, episode 4 is missing because of a samurai issue, so we never found out where Brock came from or how/when metapod evolved. It’s ok, we just made up our own stories to fill in the blanks :-)
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