Shetland, Seasons 1-2

Shetland, Seasons 1-2 English Subtitles


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2013-03-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 8
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 22.99
From 28 Ratings

Tv Season Info

Eight puzzling murder cases keep good-natured Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez busy - and keeps the audience guessing - in the breathtakingly beautiful Shetland Islands. Among the mysteries Perez is confronted with are a local recluse who looks like the obvious suspect in the murder of a teenage girl until another corpse and a secret hiding place reveal new clues; a journalist's fatal car accident seems suspicious after Perez discovers the driver was researching plans for a controversial new gas pipeline; and a scientist's mysterious death. As Perez and the viewer quickly come to realize, not all is what it seems in this close-knit island community. Based on the best-selling Shetland novels by author Ann Cleeves.

Shetland, Seasons 1-2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-8

Title Time
1 Red Bones, Pt. 1 52:55 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
2 Red Bones, Pt. 2 53:00 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
3 Raven Black, Pt. 1 58:39 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
4 Raven Black, Pt. 2 58:01 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
5 Blue Lightning, Pt. 1 56:31 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
6 Blue Lightning, Pt. 2 57:15 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
7 Dead Water, Pt. 1 59:01 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
8 Dead Water, Pt. 2 58:59 Get Subtitle Mirror 2

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Top Reviews

  • a breathof fresh air...

    By Gazebo0
    ...from the shetland islands. Entertaining and realistic, so soothing after all the schizophrenic and sureal CSIs of the world. It feels right and does the job without fancy scientific BS. Great show.
  • season 3 ???

    By w.irregulars
    please make season 3 available! signed, patiently waiting
  • Season 3 ?????

    By Maxie62
    Excellent series!!! Where is season 3????
  • Where is season 3?????

    By tmemedia11
    I LOVE this show. So well written, and styled like a movie. I wish there were more episodes per season, and where is season 3, iTunes?
  • Interesting and entertaining

    By MCCrockett
    By chance, I happened to catch a portion of Shetland on KCET and decided to purchase the Season 1-2 offering on iTunes. I found the scenery of Shetland to be a great backdrop for the stories that tend to be more about the people touched by the crimes than more typical British "police procedurals". Shetland, Season 3 is already available on iTunes in the UK. When will it be available in the US and Canada?
  • well-plotted mysteries

    By Gene Esse
    great performances by a great cast in superb locations. Where is season 3, iTunes?