Growing Up Hip Hop, Vol. 3 subtitles

Growing Up Hip Hop, Vol. 3 English Subtitles

Genre: Reality & Nonfiction

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  • Release Date: 2017-07-20
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 11
  • Produced by: Growing Up Hip Hop

Secrets are revealed and familial relationships are tested, threatening the empires of hip hop royalty. Romeo enjoy success in his acting career, but still faces tough choices professionally. Angela struggles to balance motherhood and personal relationships. Egypt adjusts to her new life in Hollywood. Kristinia tries to get back into her music career after scandal rocked her world. Boogie looks to get back into music.

Growing Up Hip Hop, Vol. 3 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-11

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Cash Me in New Orleans Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:10 Romeo returns and finds himself at odds with his father. Hip hop heirs clash at Kristinia's birthday party. Vanessa and Angela drift apart. A cryptic text sparks a brawl when Romeo visits his hometown in NOLA.
2. Bad and Boogie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07 Boogie struggles with a massive secret. Meanwhile, in NOLA, Romeo struggles to diffuse an explosive fight. Pepa pumps up the jam with Salt-N-Pepa to a sold-out crowd while her hairdresser spills juicy tea!
3. Bad to the Throne Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07 Pep worries her housewarming will be interrupted by a restless spirit. Kristinia fuels shocking rumors while Boogie is tempted by his demons. Master P fights back when the No Limit Empire is threatened.
4. Gossip Girl Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:08 Vanessa struggles to maintain peace within the Simmons clan for her fashion show; Angela breaks down. The hip hop heirs are rocked by scandalous rumors; battle lines are drawn when Briana confronts Kristinia.
5. Mo Money Mo Problems Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07 Boogie hustles to pay for lawyers' fees and DJs at an event where the heirs clash over rumors. Egypt gets her hands on Pep's book while the Simmons sisters grow further apart. Romeo is sued by an old friend!
6. Let's Talk About Pep Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07 Egypt discovers troubling secrets when she finally reads Pep's book. A shocking DeBarge rumor spreads. Angela's spotted without a ring at Deja's boxing party. Boogie gets kicked out when he comes clean to Dame.
7. Treacherous Waters Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07 Treach breaks down when Egypt confronts him about Pep's book. Boogie's addiction worsens when he shows up to AA high. Romeo catches baby fever! Meanwhile, Kristinia meets her alleged half-sister.
8. Count Your Blessings Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07 Romeo's bible study unleashes demons; Briana breaks down. Dame confronts Boogie's addiction. Pep continues reeling over Egypt reading her book behind her back. Briana & Angela face off at TJ's Dopeland Party!
9. Spilling the Tee Tee Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:08 A bomb hits Angela's engagement. Things backfire when Tee Tee confesses to Kristinia for spreading rumors; verbal blows are thrown. Romeo brings a sexy super model to a photoshoot and Angela gets jealous!
10. Sticks and Stones and Broken Thrones Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:06 Bow Wow re-enters Angela's life. Kristina and Briana nearly come to blows. Treach blasts Pepa over the tell-all book. Boogie faces his court date for a second DUI. A shocking pregnancy sends one heir reeling!
11. Growing Up Hip Hop, Season 3 Sneak Peek Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:32 The heirs of hip hop are back! Watch the Season 3 sneak.

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