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The Sinner, Season 2 English Subtitles

Genre: Drama

Rated 7.4 From 514 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2018-07-23
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 11
  • Produced by: The Sinner

"The Sinner" Season 2 lures Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) back to his hometown in rural New York to assess an unsettling and heart-wrenching crime -- parents murdered by their 11-year-old son, with no apparent motive.

The Sinner, Season 2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-11

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Part I Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:01 A troubled detective returns to his hometown to investigate why a young boy would kill his parents.
2. Part II Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:33 Ambrose and Heather begin to unravel where Julian is from, as Julian is thrust into a new world.
3. Part III Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:09 Heather makes a starting realization about Marin, as Vera and Julian are dealt a hard blow.
4. Part IV Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:34 Ambrose returns to Mosswood to confront Vera about the commune's work.
5. Part V Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:51 As Ambrose zeroes in on a new suspect, a rift develops between him and Heather.
6. Part VI Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:02 Vera reveals Mosswood's past to Ambrose, leading to a turn in Julian's case.
7. Part VII Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:31 Heather and Ambrose search for Julian.
8. Part VIII Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:01 Heather and Ambrose continue their search for Julian as Marin's past is unraveled.
9. Jessica Biel On Season 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:21 Jessica Biel talks Season 2 of The Sinner in this special bonus piece.
10. Bill Pullman On Season 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:52 Bill Pullman returns for Season 2 of The Sinner. Hear from the iconic actor in this special piece.
11. Carrie Coon On Season 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:52 Fan-favorite Carrie Coon joins the cast of The Sinner for Season 2. Hear about her role in the series in this piece.

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Viewer Reviews

  • I adored season 1... not s2

    By FckEcoRats

    It is so slow in building the story, one could almost think it’s a rewind movie, or short in reverse, I don’t know. If you have problems sleeping, this season will help you falling asleep fast. Sometimes a good idea works only once.
  • Amazing!! Better than s01

    By melanieeeeee123

    My first ever Apple review. I could not stop watching this show. It was amazing! Much better than season one and you don't have to watch season one to understand season two anyways. AMAZING and a must watch!!
  • Binge worthy!

    By Josheany

    Fantastic! Watched the entire season in one night! Could not turn away. Jessica biel is amazing in this show!
  • A brilliannt mystery suspenseful series!!

    By Wolves1014

    Great acting by the cast in each episode each episode gets more intense grreat acting Julian (Elisha Henig) his birth mother Marin (Hannah Gross) and Julian father (Tracy Letts) Vera play by the fantastic actress (Carrie Coon) and Det. Ambrose played by the great (Bill Pullman)
  • Deep, twisty and suspenseful

    By nocrickets

    I liked season 1, but I think this one may be even better. It's psychologically deeper, and I think its storytelling is more twisty and suspenseful. I really like the way this season, like the first but more so, revolves around two strong but deeply flawed and wounded characters, the commune leader Vera Walker (Carrie Coons, excellent as always) and Bill Pullman's troubled, dogged detective. They exist in a gray area you don't see a lot in tv shows. Good stuff.
  • Filth doesn’t deserve an Emmy or review.

    By Whoa Cuz

    moral decadence
  • Excellent

    By dizzapoin Ted

    Very engrossing. Writing is very very good
  • Great show

    By Bluecollarmenproductions

    Great show I got the season pass for season 2 I just wish it had a time frame of when it would come out
  • Excellent

    By Expat woman

    Always excellent

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