Treadstone, Season 1

Treadstone, Season 1 English Subtitles


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-09-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 11
  • iTunes Price: USD 16.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99
From 114 Ratings

Tv Season Info

From the world of Jason Bourne, Treadstone is an action-packed thriller set amidst the CIA black ops program Operation Treadstone. Exploring both the origin of the infamous covert program, as well as connecting to present-day special ops, Treadstone follows the action across the globe -- from D.C. to Berlin to Paris and beyond. Treadstone turns its recruits around the world into nearly-superhuman assassins using a secret behavior-modification protocol, creating sleeper agents who are mysteriously “awakening” to resume their dangerous missions.

Treadstone, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-11

Title Time
1 The Cicada Protocol 53:00 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
2 The Kwon Conspiracy 43:34 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
3 The Berlin Proposal 45:19 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
4 The Kentucky Contract 42:37 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
5 The Bentley Lament 43:22 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
6 The Hades Awakening 44:41 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
7 The Paradox Andropov 42:51 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
8 The McKenna Erasure 41:35 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
9 The Seoul Asylum 43:16 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
10 The Cicada Covenant 43:21 Get Subtitle Mirror 2
11 A Closer Look at Treadstone 01:07 Get Subtitle Mirror 2

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Top Reviews

  • Incredible

    By leaym1dr
    This is the best show on television right now. Intricate storyline with compelling characters. The actions of the politicians are realistic. This show is wonderful. Of course this means that it will probably get cancelled because it’s a show not made for tweens. Please bring this show back!
  • 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

    By 👿😡😤👺👹
    I am a 5 star gay dude
  • Leftist garbage

    By Vato2019
    Complete garbage, 100 lb women kicking the crap out of men twice their size like they are John Wick. It’s ridiculous Uber-feminist stuff like this that gets real women hurt in the real world. Women are amazing in their own ways, and better than men in many, but they can’t take on a full-grown, trained man in combat, sorry #hatefacts.
  • Jeremy Irvine is great as Jason Bourne!

    By Anthoni
    Amazing beginning, you will love every minute of it. I can’t wait till the next episodes.
  • This is such a good show

    By king_arthur513
    Plenty of series potential and great cast.
  • For Ludlum fans

    By RiverRatDoc
    I entitled this “For Ludlum fans” because that’s who the writers, so far, are appealing too. I initially read the books long before the Movie series. This TV series is equivalent to The Bourne Legacy. Upfront: For Book fans, Movie fans, or both: I’m definitely recommending you give this a watch. I only bought single episodes (first 3), then I took the plunge & decided to commit to the season pass. So far I’m giving the Acting in this TV series a 3.5, but the extending of the story into new arcs raises the score over all to a 4. There’s so much more that could be done, from a writers story perspective, that I’m waiting to see. Don’t let me down. “You’re on your own now”- (From the book, quote by Jason Bourne)
  • The series has possibilities

    By Chan#1
    I watched the first episode, which was done well, but I still didn’t connect to either one of the four leads. So I watched the second episode and found that I was able to guess about a lot of the stuff that was going to happen. Also, the action was much less dynamic, and was definitely downgraded from the first episode. I do not care about any of the characters on the show. Maybe it will get better. The show needs heart, which is sorely lacking.
  • Love it!

    By JenniferDoshier
  • Title

    By Amp4027
  • Yes, I'm Hooked!

    By macktan
    I'm a big fan of the first 3 Bourne films, so I was intrigued to find out how this series related & whether it would pass muster. It certainly did! The production values were top notch--cinematic---telling me that the creators were taking this seriously. Despite their being an overabunfance of action-fighting scenes, which I do admit I enjoyed--the set-up story was relatively simple to understand--lethal sleeper agents being awakened (like cicadas) for some purpose & apparently unaware of their special skills. Casting included some recognizable actors (like Michelle Forbes) who give the series some gravitas. I truly hope this pilot is carried through. I recommend you take a look.