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Genre: Animation

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  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Restaurant to Another World

Welcome to Nekoya—a quaint little eatery that specializes in western-style cuisine. Every seven days, people and creatures, from different corners of another world, flock to the restaurant to munch on their favorite dishes. And despite the wide range of patrons, there’s always something delicious available—even for those with the most particular preferences and palates.

Restaurant to Another World English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Beef Stew / Breakfast Special Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 A legendary dragon’s most prized treasure lies on the other side of a certain door. A starving Aletta wanders into the Restaurant to Another World and believes herself to be dreaming, but she’s in for a shock when she wakes up the next morning.
2. Minced Meat Cutlet / Fried Shrimp Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 Treasure hunter Sarah traces her great-grandfather’s footsteps to a mysterious door in an abandoned mine. Heinrich must call for help when the fortress where he’s stationed is under siege by monsters, but he desperately needs food to make it.
3. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce / Chocolate Parfait Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 Thomas is lauded as a culinary genius, but there’s an unimaginable secret to his success. Princess Adelheid has childhood memories of eating clouds.
4. Omelette Rice / Tofu Steak Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 A lizardman hero braves the door to another world to carry on his tribe's tradition. An elf requests a vegan dish.
5. Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl / Pudding a la Mode Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 A slave gladiator gets the strength to fight on from a "victory" bowl. A half-elf's magic research is inspired by Nekoya.
6. Sandwiches / Steamed Potato with Butter Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 The diners argue over which dish makes the best sandwich. The master teaches Aletta a new way to cook potatoes.
7. Curry Rice / Chicken Curry Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 A shipwrecked man and an ancient dragon find companionship at Nekoya.
8. Hamburg Steak / Assorted Cookies Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 A mermaid introduces a fisherman to the Restaurant to Another World. Aletta finds a second job.
9. Fried Seafood / Melon Soda Float Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 Two dwarves enjoy otherworldly alcohol and fried seafood. A prince has fallen for the princess he met at Nekoya.
10. Crêpes / Natto Spaghetti Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 Fairies investigate a disturbance in their land. Fardania visits a fellow gourmand and old friend of her father's.
11. Carpaccio / Curry Bun Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:59 A pair of sirens discover a door to Nekoya while scoping out Chimera Killer Island for a new nest, but the two birdbrains could cause trouble.
12. Pork Soup / Croquettes Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:44 The half-elf mercenary Alexander visits Nekoya, and the beginning of the connection between the two worlds comes to light.

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