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Mystery author Mikazuki would rather live in total isolation than deal with others. Getting a roommate is the last thing he’d ever do, until a stray cat sparks an idea for his next novel. After plucking the little killer off the streets, this four-legged muse inspires Mikazuki in ways he would have never expected. And for the street-wise cat, this human just opened the door to a whole new world.

My Roommate Is a Cat English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. An Encounter with the Unknown Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Novelist Mikazuki Subaru can't stand it when people interrupt his writing work. One day, he finds a stray cat and brings it home to live with him. As he watches the cat behave in unexpected ways, Subaru has all kinds of ideas for his latest novel.
2. I Call to You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Subaru has begun living with a cat as a roommate. He realizes he's run out of cat food and goes to a pet shop to buy more, but starts to panic when he's surrounded by creatures he's never been around before.
3. I Touch You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Subaru and his editor, Kawase, plan to have their next meeting at Subaru's house. When the cat-loving Kawase sees Haru for the first time, he can't restrain his excitement as he chases her around to play with her.
4. For You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Subaru is at home reading, but then Hiroto and Kawase show up, robbing him of his time alone. Then Kawase suddenly orders Subaru to buy a collar for Haru immediately, saying it'll help identify her in the event that she gets lost.
5. What I Want to Tell You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 The distance between Subaru and Haru is slowly shrinking. Since the vet said Haru was slightly overweight, Nana visits Subaru's home to share her advice on cat diets.
6. What Connects Us Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 After accompanying Subaru to Nana's apartment to return her key, Haru had an emotional reunion with her younger brother, Hachi. Then, suddenly, a man with a scary face busts into the room!
7. Ones Who Can't Be Controlled Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Subaru and Kawase are having a meeting at Subaru's house to discuss cover designs and promotions for the upcoming release of Subaru's novel. Kawase says there's been demand from a store owner to hold a signing event, but the antisocial Subaru refuses.
8. Because You're Here Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Subaru heads into his living room to find Haru curled up asleep in front of the window. She looks so comfortable napping in the sun that Subaru can't resist stretching out on the floor nearby to read some reference materials, but he soon falls asleep.
9. I Reach out to You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Subaru leaves for his book signing event and Haru panics - is Subaru abandoning her? Meanwhile, Subaru is experiencing anxiety of his own.
10. Eating Together Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 After some friends cook for Subaru, he decides that he wants to learn for himself, but the shopping experience itself almost ruins it!
11. Feelings Crossing Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Subaru travels to Tokushima to take the trip that his parents never had the chance to take. He has Hiroto fill Haru's dish while he's gone, but Subaru's extended absence had her worried.
12. You and I Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Haru escapes the house in search of Subaru during the storm. Will the two be reunited?

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