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Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Rated 7.6 From 260 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2019-01-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 14
  • Produced by: Manifest

Last year’s breakout new series, Manifest returns with captivating drama, heart-pounding mysteries and the answers to last season’s biggest questions. After a turbulent but routine flight, the crew and passengers of Flight 828 disembarked to find the world had aged five-and-a-half years and their friends, families and colleagues had given up hope of ever seeing them again. Now, faced with the impossible, the passengers’ dreams of a second chance at life evaporate as they encounter the imminent danger surrounding them, both tangible and unexplained. With the stakes higher than ever, the passengers of Flight 828 will embark on an unexpected journey into a world grounded in hope, heart and destiny.

Manifest, Season 2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-14

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Fasten Your Seatbelts Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:11 In the aftermath of a devastating shooting, the Stone family is hit with the most foreboding Calling yet – sending Ben on a mission to locate two mysteriously missing passengers.
2. Grounded Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 Ben forms a cautious alliance with an isolated college student from Flight 828, whose callings either uncovered a violent crime... or helped him commit one. As Saanvi strives to further her research into the Death Date, Grace makes a startling discovery about her pregnancy; and Olive (series star Luna Blaise) meets a kindred spirit.
3. False Horizon Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 The Stone Family struggles to unlock their mysterious wave of frightening 828 Callings, while the person who may be the key to solving them is trapped behind bars. Ben finds himself impossibly torn between loyalties after the shocking revelation that there's a spy in their midst. Meanwhile, a shocking and disturbing incident leads Grace to suspect that a local man is in danger.
4. Black Box Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Zeke (Matt Long) are pulled together by the Callings, then pushed into the midst of a high-stakes bank robbery perpetrated by a mystery assailant.
5. Coordinated Flight Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:31 When Grace and Cal (series star Jack Messina) are run off the road in a suspicious hit-and-run, Ben is determined to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Michaela investigates a brutal attack at the Church of the Believers, but finds her efforts stymied by Adrian’s refusal to cooperate; and Zeke is tested when he tries to make amends with someone from his past.
6. Return Trip Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 Ben and Saanvi work together to orchestrate a surprising family reunion for an emotionally closed-off passenger of Flight 828. Meanwhile, Olive drifts further away from her own family; Jared Vasquez (series star J.R. Ramirez) learns more about a growing cabal of anti-828 sentiment, and Michaela finds herself out on a limb when baggage from Zeke’s past threatens to destroy his tenuous new life.
7. Emergency Exit Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 In the climactic mid-season finale, tensions flare as the passengers of Flight 828 finally come to understand the meaning of their increasingly terrifying callings. Afraid of losing his daughter to the Church of the Believers, Ben confronts Adrian. Meanwhile, Zeke challenges Michaela's trust, and Saanvi seeks help from an old flame.
8. Carry On Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 In the wake of a devastating tragedy, Ben tries to connect with a despondent Olive, Michaela questions Jared's loyalties, and Saanvi shares a medical breakthrough that could change the course of all their lives.
9. Airplane Bottles Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 As a storm rages outside the Stone home and anxieties boil over inside, Olive searches feverishly for meaning in a centuries-old text. Meanwhile, Michaela faces unexpected scrutiny at work, and Zeke comes to Saanvi's aid when her Death Date lab research takes a dangerous turn.
10. Course Deviation Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 When Grace's pregnancy complicates Ben’s pursuit of a calling, Ben finds himself working alongside an uneasy new ally. Meanwhile, Michaela also must make amends with Jared, as a cabal of violent radicals sets their sights on Zeke.
11. Unaccompanied Minors Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 As Zeke's condition worsens and the clock ticks towards his Death Date, he must confront his past while Saanvi works feverishly to try to secure him a future. A pair of connected callings leave Ben and TJ to a surprising loved one, and Michaela faces a moral dilemma when her own calling instructs her to let a criminal go free.
12. Call Sign Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 Grace prepares the Stone home for a wedding, but circumstances tinge the mood with sadness. As Ben is drawn to help absolve a passenger of his guilt, Saanvi enlists help in protecting herself from the Major, while Jared and Drea attempt to extract a confession from a trio of ruthless meth dealers who would do anything to exact revenge on Michaela.
13. Icing Conditions Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 In the climactic season two finale, Michaela and Ben put everything on the line to attempt a daring rescue of one of their own. And as the final hours of Zeke's life approach, Saanvi and Vance (guest star DARYL EDWARDS) make a last-ditch effort to appeal to the Major, who may be the only person who can save him from his Death Date.
14. Manifest S2: Trailer Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:03 A glimpse at the 2nd season of Manifest.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Intriguing up til the very end!

    By ValBax13

    Can’t wait for a third season!!!!! Please say there’s a third season coming
  • Crap

    By Jmuell20

    This is a pretty crappy show. Season 1 was amazing but this. This is just bad. I mean the story is so out of place and the acting is just getting worse. It does have its good moments though. Like with the robbery at the beginning. It wanted you to root for Zeke and Michaela, it did the opposite for me. It has lost so many viewers too. I do hope it gets better though.
  • Has Goods Weeks/Bad Weeks

    By Richard Bone

    The original premise of the show was intriguing. I had hoped the writers would make what happened to the passengers during the missing 5 years the focus of the show. Was it supernatural or abduction, etc. Sadly the show is often just a lame evening soap opera with trite devices like freezing on a character who has just been slapped for romantic reasons as the camera fades to commercial. Every daytime soap goes into commercials this way. Unless the writing becomes more clever and mysterious in coming episodes, I think viewers will be turning away in droves. Look how few reviews there are. Shows a big lack of interest it seems.
  • Awesome!!!

    By VV1326

    Better than the first season!!!!

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