A Certain Scientific Railgun T, Season 3, Pt. 2 (Original Japanese Version) subtitles

A Certain Scientific Railgun T, Season 3, Pt. 2 (Original Japanese Version) English Subtitles

Genre: Animation

Rated 6.5 From 41 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2020-05-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
  • Produced by: A Certain Scientific Railgun

Mikoto Misaka and her friends prepare for the Daihasei Festival, a seven-day athletic competition between esper schools. Academy City opens to the public for the event, but with the whole town abuzz, no one notices when trouble stirs behind the scenes.

A Certain Scientific Railgun T, Season 3, Pt. 2 (Original Japanese Version) English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-13

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. System (Those Who Arrive at Heaven's Will in an Only Human Body) Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Kuroko continues searching for Kozaku, but after exhausting every possible hiding spot in the building, she must reexamine her situation. When Mikoto's transformation hits a critical threshold, it is time for Gensei to unlock Exterior's limiter.
2. Dragon Strike (Jaw of the Dragon King) Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:12 As the situation surrounding Mikoto spirals out of control, Sogiita helps Kamijo make one last effort to return things to normal. At the hospital, Mikoto gets some good news from the Frog Doctor, and looks in on Kongo while she recovers.
3. Promise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 A young Kozaku grins and bears her way through her youth in an Academy City research institution, where she befriends Dolly, one of the other girls there. But when Kozaku learns the grim truth about Dolly, it sets her on a life-altering course.
4. Dream Ranker Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Mikoto is introduced to Indian Poker, a new fad that is sweeping Academy City, which allows people to share their dreams, by Shokuho Clique member Hokaze. Saten tells Uiharu about a new app that seems to predict accidents before they happen.
5. Precognition Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 To demonstrate the authenticity of his predictions, Miyama sends Kuroko out with foreknowledge of several incidents that are about to take place. But when two cases occur in close proximity, Kuroko decides to call in additional help from Judgment.
6. Bust Upper Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 After Saten demonstrates skills she acquired through Indian Poker, Mikoto comes upon a Trader who happens to have a card she is keenly interested in. However, ITEM operative Kinuhata is also eager to obtain the card for herself, to the same end.
7. Strange Coincidence Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 When Saten buys the last of the mackerel at the supermarket, Frenda pesters her to let her have them, eventually leading to an unexpected friendship. However, when her seemingly innocuous text message is intercepted, Saten finds herself in danger.
8. Ha Det Bra Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Frenda and Saten find themselves under fire from an unknown assailant, and duck into a department store to find cover. When none of Frenda's usual tricks seems to work against their pursuer, she has no choice but to resort to drastic measures.
9. Doppelganger Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Shokuho approaches Mikoto to ask her to break into a research facility and determine the results of a unique experiment. But before Mikoto can enter the building, she has an encounter that raises serious questions for her, demanding good answers.
10. Scavenger Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Kuriba explains to Mikoto and Shokuho how she fears that the Doppelganger's "soul" might pose a threat to the city. The members of Scavenger move in to incapacitate and capture the Doppelganger, but find their task more difficult than expected.
11. Possession Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 Shocked by the arrival of the Level 5 Mikoto, the members of Scavenger must keep their dark side affiliation a secret from her. Scavenger's Leader proposes that Mikoto teams up with them, since they share the goal of stopping the Doppelganger.
12. Diffusion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:13 To counter the Doppelganger's giant monster form, Mikoto creates a giant magnetically-induced monster of her own. As the two do battle, it becomes evident that the Doppelganger has an ultimate objective other than combat in mind.
13. My Dear Friends Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:41 As the fight atop the airship draws to a close, the Doppelganger's true intentions become clear. Following the battle, the members of Scavenger seek to regain their former glory, while the circle of Mikoto's friends becomes more interconnected.

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