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Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle English Subtitles

Genre: Animation

Rated 6.4 From 11 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2020-04-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle

In the wake of a monster attack, an elderly noble confronts the lone surviving boy. Impressed, he chooses the boy to become his heir to the Throne of Darkness. Meanwhile, in the iridescent clouds above, the Queen of Light and her army are at war with the monsters. But the new Prince of Darkness realizes that Light and Dark must unite and destroy the evil if the world is to survive.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The Land Protected By Light Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 The world is split between a kingdom of light in the sky and a kingdom of darkness on earth. As the King of Darkness devotes himself to war, monsters ravage his lands. A boy whose village was destroyed by monsters questions the king's rule.
2. The World's Egoism Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:51 The monstrous Bahl attacks the Kingdom of White, indiscriminately slaughtering all in his path. While Iris rushes to intercept him, the Prince of Darkness begins his training to become king far below in the Kingdom of Black.
3. The Grief-Stricken Queen of Light Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 In the Kingdom of White, Iris reflects on her duties and the events that led her to become queen. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Black, the Prince of Darkness enters a competition to make his position as heir to the throne official.
4. The Messenger from Black Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 The prince and Adel travel as envoys to the Kingdom of White. Although they bring an offer of alliance, their nations are still at war, and they are greeted with suspicion and hostility. Can the prince successfully navigate the pitfalls of diplomacy?
5. United Front Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 Iris agrees to join forces with the King of Darkness to put an end to Bahl and his indiscriminate rampages. The forces of darkness rally to stop Bahl's assault, but can they hold out long enough for the two monarchs to bring him down?
6. The Gray-Green Demoness Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 Groza joins the prince and Adel in the Kingdom of White, bringing an offer to extend the peace between the kingdoms. While the two sides work to build their newfound friendship, Groza finds herself irritated by the prince's interest in Iris.
7. Picking Wild Greens Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 Iris leads everyone to her kingdom's woods to pick wild greens for a group meal. Over the course of their time together, the two groups gain a new appreciation of their differences and what they can learn from each other.
8. A Promise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 The prince, Adel and Groza are suddenly recalled to the Kingdom of Black. All seems to be going well during their final audience with Iris until Adel begins acting strangely.
9. The Queen of Light and the Prince of Darkness Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 After his return to the Kingdom of Black, the Prince of Darkness is barred from the palace and ordered to hunt dangerous monsters on the frontier. Meanwhile, Phious worries about Iris's condition as the Kingdom of White prepares for war.
10. The Gentle Song of Darkness Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 Phious hurries to retrieve the Shining Droplets that will heal Iris while the forces of darkness besiege the Kingdom of White. Meanwhile, Groza confronts the Prince of Darkness about her feelings for him.
11. The Distant Sky Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 With the prince and Groza left stranded on the surface, the King of Darkness launches his final assault on the Kingdom of White. Will Iris and her forces be able to withstand his onslaught?
12. The Sin of the Beginning Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:52 As Iris makes a last, desperate attempt to stop the King of Darkness, the prince finds himself blocked from joining the battle by a familiar face.

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Step 1: Download the appropriate subtitle file.

You can get the .Srt subtitle files for each episode in Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle by following the "Get Subtitle" Link beside every Episode above. You will be taken to a page where you can now select the appropriate subtitle file for your downloaded episode.
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3. Play your video in VLC. You should now see subtitles appear over your movie. If you don’t, double check the .srt file is correctly named, then close and restart VLC before playing again..

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3. Click “Add a Caption Track” and browse to select your .srt file.
4. Select the language from the drop-down, and make sure “Caption file” is selected, not “Transcript file”.
5. Upload the .srt file.
6. Done!
. 7. Clicking the “CC” icon in the YouTube player turns the subtitles on.
8. This method also works to watch a Youtube video (not uploaded by you) with subtitles

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