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Genre: Drama

Rated 6.6 From 13 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2019-06-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 6
  • Produced by: Wild Bill

Chief Constable Bill Hixon, a widowed former US police chief, moves from Miami to Lincolnshire County in England after Hixon is fired from the American police force for assaulting a boy who had uploaded explicit photos of his 14 year old daughter. Although he makes an immediate impact on his colleagues, none appear too pleased to have an American officer around.

Wild Bill English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-6

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Welcom to Boston Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:25 Bill Hixon arrives in the market town of Boston, England to take up the position of Chief Constable with East Lincolnshire police - but his first day is far from routine when the head of a teenage girl who disappeared several years previously is found in the freezer of a local nut job. Bill seizes the chance to take on one of the force's most notorious unsolved cases, and befriends the girl's mother, Angie, as the investigation into her death gets underway.
2. Piano Man Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:29 An amnesiac is arrested after an altercation at a local train station and implicated in series of unsolved armed robberies committed by an offender known only as the 'Boston Bandit'. Despite the department's insistence that this is an open-and-shut case, Bill suspects that 'Piano Man' may have been framed and sets about discovering the truth. Bill's second in command, Lydia, comes under fire when a personal connection to one of the victims in the case is uncovered.
3. Dead Men Don't Return Library Books Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:30 When Boston's retirees find themselves under attack from a seasoned burglar who has seemingly resurfaced after fifteen years away, Bill interviews local librarian Alma Smith, whose DNA is partial match to the burglar. Alma's father, Jonjo Ryan, disappeared when she was just a baby, but as Bill comes under further scrutiny from the press, he discovers that Alma's connection to the case may not be as innocent as he first suspected.
4. Bad Blood in the Soil Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:23 A sparring rivalry between two local farming families is reignited when the body of laborer Will Mowbray is found in a secluded area of woodland known locally as 'Dead Man's Wood'. Bill initially suspects the fiery Audrey Merrick of being responsible for Will's murder, but young detective Muriel is convinced that rival farmhand Ray Gilchrist had a part to play. Meanwhile, Kelsey's first day at her new school results in an unexpected friendship.
5. You're Stupid Enough to Say That to a Copper? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:29 The murder of local farmer found floating in a suitcase in the local river leads Bill to become a shoulder to cry on for the victim's daughter, Charlene. Suspicion falls on the immigrant workers found on the payroll, many of whom claim to have been living in squalid conditions. However, the situation is further complicated when it is revealed that the victim's wife, Lubica had recently acquired all of the dead man's assets.
6. Nothing Behind the Curtain Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:32 On his way home from work, Bill finds five charred bodies atop a bonfire on the roadside, close to a local farm. Pathology reveals that all five victims had been shot through the head with a nail, although this was not the cause of death. Raking through cases with a similar MO, Bill uncovers a series of murders committed by Frank McGill, a former hitman who has been in witness protection since 1997, having given evidence to the justice system that implicated his former gang's boss.

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