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Genre: Drama

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  • Release Date: 2006-10-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Dexter

He's smart, he's good looking, and he's got a great sense of humor. He's Dexter Morgan, everyone's favorite serial killer. As a Miami forensics expert, he spends his days solving crimes, and nights committing them. But Dexter lives by a strict code of honor that is both his saving grace and lifelong burden. Torn between his deadly compulsion and his desire for true happiness, Dexter is a man in profound conflict with the world and himself.

Dexter, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Pilot Get Subtitle Mirror 2 53:00 Dexter Morgan, Miami Metro Police Department blood spatter analyst, has a double life. When he’s not helping the Homicide division solve murders, he spends his time hunting and killing bad guys that slip through the justice system. His sister, Debra, a vice squad officer, pulls Dexter into her world when a series of hookers are being murdered around Miami and she sees a chance to get on the good side of her boss, Lt. LaGuerta. Meanwhile, Dexter’s girlfriend, Rita Bennet, a single mother of two whose abusive ex-husband is in jail, wants to take their relationship to the next level.
2. Crocodile Get Subtitle Mirror 2 54:46 Dexter is stalking his next victim, a drunk driver about to be aquitted for the murder of a teenage boy. But when a fellow cop is found murdered, Dexter has to put that on hold to help Homicide Detectives Batista and Doakes investigate a crime boss for the murder. It gets even more personal when the crime boss also orders a hit on the wife of the murdered cop. Meanwhile, the Miami Hooker serial killer strikes again and leaves a macabre piece of evidence that Debra finds, gaining her the transfer she wanted out of Vice and into Homicide.
3. Popping Cherry Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:02 Dexter is called in to help Debra with the investigation into the Ice Truck Killer’s latest murder, while Dexter hunts his latest victim, teenage Jeremy, a recently released murderer who looks like he’s about to kill again. Despite Debra and Dexter’s protestations, Lt. LaGuerta starts a manhunt for Tony Tucci, the night watchman videotaped at the ice rink where body parts were found. But while the manhunt for Tucci begins, a skeptical Debra keeps looking for the “real” Ice Truck Killer. Meanwhile, Doakes decides to go after the crime boss at his church, confronting him and his daughter about his part in the murder of a cop and his wife. Rita, Dexter’s girlfriend, has her own troubles when someone from her incarcerated husband’s past comes to visit, demanding repayment of drugs lost by her husband.
4. Let's Give the Boy a Hand Get Subtitle Mirror 2 57:52 Dexter’s past comes to life when body parts begin appearing throughout Miami, gifts from the Ice Truck Killer. The horrific tableaus created in places of Dexter’s childhood memories start to make Dexter question his own past and his reasons for controlling his dark urges. Meanwhile, LaGuerta’s hunt for Tony Tucci has to go in a different direction when new information comes to light about Tucci and his connection to the Ice Truck Killer. Doakes, the lead investigator of the Ice Truck Killer case, becomes afraid for his life when a crime boss puts his thugs on the trail of Doakes, ‘innocently’ following him wherever he goes.
5. Love American Style Get Subtitle Mirror 2 55:47 Debra’s discovery of an Ice Truck Killer victim being found alive gives LaGuerta and her Homicide detectives their first chance to identify the notorious serial killer. Debra and Doakes, assigned to the case, sit with the mutilated victim, in the hopes that he will be able to identify the killer. While Dexter works on the case, Rita tells Dexter about a friend of hers whose fiance has disappeared while immigrating from Cuba by way of a coyote (a human trafficker). When the fiance turns up dead, Dexter decides to hunt down the murderous coyote. But things don’t go as planned when Dexter realizes that there is more to the vicious trafficker than his careful stalking prepared him for…
6. Return to Sender Get Subtitle Mirror 2 53:02 Dexter arrives at a crime scene to find one of his victims he has disposed of has mysteriously returned to the scene of the kill. Dexter figures that it’s the Ice Truck Killer, letting him know that he knows what Dexter is up to. The noose is tightened further, when LaGuerta finds a young Cuban boy hiding at the crime scene – there’s no way he missed seeing Dexter capture the victim. Dexter has to figure out a plan to stay out of the crosshairs of his own Homicide Division while investigating his own crime. Meanwhile, Rita has to deal with her abusive ex-husband, Paul, when he’s released from jail and wants to come to their daughter’s birthday party.
7. Circle of Friends Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:36 Debra and Batista find proof that Neil Perry is the Ice Truck Killer when they find a body beneath Neil’s trailer home. A manhunt ensues to find and capture Neil before he kills again. As more and more evidence rises to the surface, Dexter is left adrift. Neil Perry, the supposed Ice Truck Killer, doesn’t live up to his expectations. Meanwhile, Dexter has to deal with his past when a teenager he caught and released murders again. As a result, Dexter sets out to correct this mistake in one of the only ways he knows how. Rita’s family life is torn asunder as her paroled ex-husband, Paul, reasserts himself as the father of her children. Paul even confronts Dexter, letting him know that he doesn’t like Dexter being around his wife and kids. Rita wishes that Paul would go away forever, something that is definitely possible when your boyfriend happens to be Dexter.
8. Shrink Wrap Get Subtitle Mirror 2 53:49 While looking into a series of suicides of high profile, powerful women, Dexter realizes a pattern: they all saw the same shrink. Dexter goes into stalk mode and becomes a patient of the shrink to ascertain whether or not he is the killer that he seems to be. Unexpectedly, the shrink helps Dexter unlock dark secrets from his past. Debra's latest relationship with Rudy also quickly heats up. Dexter's relationship with Rita, however, seems to be in danger as Paul works his way deeper into Rita's life and much to Rita’s consternation, the kids love him and he's actually civil to her. Meanwhile, Dexter's certainty that Neil Perry is not the Ice Truck Killer helps LaGuerta to decide to not just accept Neil's confession, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.
9. Father Knows Best Get Subtitle Mirror 2 55:45 Dexter receives a registered letter that informs him that his biological father has recently died. This comes as a shock, because Harry, Dexter’s adoptive father, had told Dexter that his real father had died over 30 years ago. As Dexter takes off to reconnect to his shadowy past, Rita decides to come along to help him make it through the weekend. Then Debra and Rudy join them for the weekend at the dead bio-dad’s house and things become even more awkward. Back in Miami, Doakes is involved in the questionable shooting of a middle-aged Haitian man. Internal Affairs investigates and Batista has to decide if he’s going to tell the truth about the shooting, or back Doakes’ untrue version of the actual incident.
10. Seeing Red Get Subtitle Mirror 2 56:32 Dexter’s world is shaken when he is called to the crime scene of a massacre unlike any that he’s ever seen before... or so he thinks, until a series of memories comes streaming back that shock him to his core. Meanwhile, Rita has to hire a lawyer when Paul brings a surprising case against her to take sole custody of their children. Batista follows a new lead on the Ice Truck Killer case that brings him one step closer to apprehending the sadistic serial killer. But does it bring him too close?
11. Truth Be Told Get Subtitle Mirror 2 54:03 The Ice Truck Killer strikes again, leaving a real nightmare before Christmas at Santa’s Cottage. But this time, Dexter notices that the kill is not as 'tidy' as the previous kills, as if the Ice Truck Killer is rushing to leave Miami. But in reality, the Ice Truck Killer has kidnapped someone very close to Dexter to lure him into a trap that will change Dexter’s life forever. Meanwhile, Sgt. Doakes notices that Dexter has been acting strangely around the Homicide division, making him wonder if in fact, Dexter is the Ice Truck Killer.
12. Born Free Get Subtitle Mirror 2 56:34 Dexter's loyalties are put to the test as he follows clues that the Ice Truck Killer leaves for him. But as Dexter goes on the hunt, he wonders just how deep he will have to go down the Ice Truck Killer's dark and demented path. Doakes, still thinking that Dexter may be the Ice Truck Killer, uses questionable methods to stop Dexter from his hunt for the Ice Truck Killer. Meanwhile, as Dexter remains unavailable to Rita, her ex-husband, Paul, tries to convince her that Dexter is a very dangerous man to have around their children.

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Viewer Reviews

  • One of the best shows!!

    By SarahDarlington

    Really...this is one of the best shows. A classic. It’s dark and suspenseful, while also funny. Dexter, a blood spatter analysis by day, and a serial killer by night (he has a code...he only kills fellow killers), is lovable and fun to watch. His inner monologue is the brilliant. I’m a fan of all the seasons, but season 1 and 2 have that classic Dexter feel. And Miami as the setting... I love when a show’s setting becomes almost like a character on its own. Miami is such a big part to this show. If you haven’t tried this show yet, what are you waiting for???
  • Great but

    By Topboss120

    Everyone i watched all 8 seasons how because its on netflix all 8 season so sorry
  • LOVE IT 😍!!

    By truejellysgirl

    When I first started watching the show I was like addicted!! It's so interesting and attention grabbing and I recommend it to everyone 😱 you'll love it !!!!!!!
  • My muse

    By Pikachu loves to ride meh

    I adore this show with an unlimited amount of passion. The jokes are hilarious, acting is good and like many showtime shows, they put a lot of work in. I have not finished the book series yet but I've read the first three and it has a different approach. Some things I would change but if you have also read the book, you will not be bored.
  • Pure greatness

    By Zillalien

    This is probably the greatest show I've ever seen. I mean this is the first show where all the characters have a personality and there own personal stories to tell and it's not just about the main character or the victims that die and it really makes you think. It really keeps you on edge with a lot of twists, it's kinda like the saw series in a way. You have to start with episode one or you will be lost
  • Dexter

    By RoyalBlues666

    Is seriously one of the best show in show time!
  • thanks apple

    By mr.jackal

    Thanks for everything apple :)
  • Best season and a classic

    By JonEwaD

    Just watch
  • Superb, Edge-of-your-seat Writing

    By subtleillusions

    I have never seen a show with better writing than Dexter. You will be hooked from the very first episode. The show is dark and violent, but it's perfectly balanced with comic relief from cynical/ironic humor and Masuka, the oblivious filthy-minded party boy. There are also few shows out there that employ as many literary devices as Dexter. There is foreshadowing, symbolism, even color symbolism. It will keep you guessing and wanting more. Then out of nowhere, yet perfectly in line with the storyline, they'll throw in a twist. This season is my favorite because we find out who Dexter is. The way he views the world and lives his life (aside from the killing, of course) is actually quite humorous. We also find out how he became a serial killer and the principles upon which he operates. If you like top-notch writing, dark humor, compelling characters, and a captivating storyline, you really should give Dexter a try. At least watch the pilot.

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