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Three Stooges - The Collection 1937-1939 English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

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  • Release Date: 1939-01-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 24
  • Produced by: The Three Stooges

Get ready for more outrageous antics as <i>The Three Stooges</i> return in this second collection of chronological masterpieces. These 24 shorts, filmed from 1937 through 1939 are digitally remastered for the highest quality — every sight, gag and knuckle crackup sound can be seen and heard with the utmost clarity for maximum effect. This period is considered to be when Larry, Moe, and Curly hit their stride and perfected their craft, when all elements came together perfectly: the writing, directing, pacing, and performance. It's no wonder The Stooges made some of their best films during this period.

Three Stooges - The Collection 1937-1939 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-24

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Grips, Grunts and Groans Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:46 When the Stooges get a prizefighter drunk, Curly has no choice but to step in and take his place inside the ring.
2. Dizzy Doctors Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:43 The Stooges' wives have issued a warning: you snooze, you lost. So they get a job selling a miracle medicine, but it'll be a miracle if they sell it.
3. Three Dumb Clucks Get Subtitle Mirror 2 16:51 Their father's plan to marry prompts the Stooges to break out of jail to save him from himself and, it turns out, from this intended dangerous posse.
4. Back to the Woods Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:28 The Stooges get sentenced to fifty-five years in a British jail but are instead sent to American to protect the colonists from the Indians.
5. Goofs and Saddles Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:11 The stakes are higher than ever when the Stooges ante up to play poker with General muster's nemesis, Longhorn Pete.
6. Cash and Carry Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:22 Con Men or Good Samaritans? Larry, Moe and Curly blast into the U.S. Treasury in order to get cash to help a poor girl's disabled brother.
7. Playing the Ponies Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:09 A horse is a Stooges, of course, of course. When the Stooges get saddled with a lame horse, they discover what will make him hot on the track: chili pepperinos!
8. The Sitter-Downers Get Subtitle Mirror 2 15:36 Marriage isn't all bliss as Larry, Moe and Curly find out when they set up house with Corabell, Florabell, and Dorabell. You could call them the Dumbbells.
9. Termites of 1938 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 16:41 The Stooges make pests of themselves at a high society party when a maid mistakenly phones their exterminator company instead of an escort service.
10. Wee Wee Monsieur Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:38 Paris is for lovers, and for the Three Stooges, as struggling artists who paint themselves into a corner when they try to rescue a military captain from kidnappers.
11. Tassels In the Air Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:04 Moe pretends to be trendy interior designer Omay (Omay is Moe in pig latin) and he, Larry and Curly proceed to make an essmay of a socialite's home.
12. Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb Get Subtitle Mirror 2 16:26 When Curly wins $50,000 the Stooges start living the high life - until they get the lowdown on exactly how much they get after taxes.
13. Violent Is the Word for Curly Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:51 It's full service fun when three college professors are literally blown way by the Three Stooges when they stop at their filling station.
14. Three Missing Links Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:04 Larry, Moe and Curly go on a location to Africa when Curly is cast as a gorilla, and there they come face to face with danger when they encounter a real gorilla on the set.
15. Mutts to You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:05 When the Stooges find a baby they take it back to their dog laundry business, but wind up in the dog house when they are accused of kidnapping the baby.
16. Flat Foot Stooges Get Subtitle Mirror 2 15:26 Moe, Larry and Curly take care of the horses that draw the fire chief's trucks, but when a crooked fire truck salesman turns up the heat, they get fired up for action.
17. Three Little Sew and Sews Get Subtitle Mirror 2 15:49 Working as tailors on a navy ship puts the Stooges in a pressing situation after Curly wears the admiral's jacket to a party and is seduced by a spy.
18. We Want Our Mummy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 16:30 The Stooges trek to Cairo to rescue a kidnapped professor and return a priceless mummy, a case that may take them awhile to wrap up.
19. A Ducking They Did Go Get Subtitle Mirror 2 16:18 After recruiting the police chief, governor and mayor into what turns out to be a sham duck hunting club, the Stooges cleverly find a way to avoid jail.
20. Yes, We Have No Bonanza Get Subtitle Mirror 2 16:04 Gold prospectors Larry, Moe and Curly set out to make a better life for themselves and three waitresses, but get served more than they can swallow.
21. Saved By the Belle Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:23 When the Stooges are arrested for treason, a crime punishable by death in the kingdom of Valeska, they use a loudly slurping guard to help cover their noisy escape.
22. Calling All Curs Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:22 Veterninarians Moe, Curly and Larry find their business going to the dogs when one of their prize patients is stolen and held for ransom.
23. Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:17 The Stooges fall in love with three beautiful girls whose widowed mother is robbed of the lease to her oil - oozing land.
24. Three Sappy People Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:20 When phone repairmen Larry, Moe and Curly inadvertently answer a call meant for three psychiatrists, they try to cure a socialite of her wild behavior.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Incorrectly tagged as Season 1 - fix metadata

    By fletch622

    This is incorrectly labeled as Season 1, should be tagged as Season 2 so as to not commingle with the real season 1 (1934-36)
  • No laid out right

    By Jokersglee

    Love the show but Season 1 and 2 are mashed together making the rest of the seasons off by 1. Season 6 is actually season 7. Come on iTunes just look at the cover before posting.
  • G.O.A.T

    By Shotime32

    Simply the best.
  • The three stuges

    By EthanA75

    I love it it is the funniest 20th century thing to watch from king rooten rooten to niagra falls you will never stop laughing
  • The Three Stooges!


    It's the Three Stooges! What else can be said? You either love them or you don't. The Three Stooges are nothing short of brilliant!. 10 Stars!
  • ✨👌😄✨

    By ✨Jorge✨

    This is great!!! The imagen and audio is great!! However alot of chapters still missing (Curly's episodes) i hope you can realese them! And sure it will be awesome if Itunes can give us the color version.
  • Awesome but...

    By Tyler Schuldt895

    It's great but where's season 1940-1945? And what about 1946-1949? And 1950-1955? And 1956-1959? This was released in 2008 and now it's 2012 and there is STILL no season 3 even!!!
  • classic stooges

    By My reviews are law

    These are truly episodes from the Stooges' finest. The early episodes with Curly from the 1930s are the best of the best. This is one such example of a great episode. And I'm not some old man--I'm young and still appreciate the humor of the days of my grandparents.
  • Kings of comedy!!!

    By Beatlezzace

    Who can't like the stooges with their eye pokes and slaps????!!!! Best tv show I have ever had the pleasure to watch!!!

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