Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5 subtitles

Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5 English Subtitles

Genre: Kids & Family

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  • Release Date: 2012-08-20
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 6
  • Produced by: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Gather ‘round for Are Your Afraid of the Dark? Volume 5, where books come to life, ghosts of chemistry experiments gone awry return, chameleons take over, props and people start disappearing, and more frighteningly forbidding tales.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-6

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The Tale of the Final Wish Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:00 Jill Petterson, loves fairy tales and knows most of her huge collection by heart. One night she wishes she could live in dream land forever. She finds herself, however, in the evil land of nightmares where she must confront the Sandman.
2. The Tale of Locker 22 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:29 To Julie's horror she finds that her locker is haunted by a ghost from the 1960's. She and her friend Chris decide to get to the bottom of this mystery and learn that they have the power to change the course of history and stop the worst tragedy that ever happened at the school.
3. The Tale of the Bookish Baby-sitter Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:30 Belinda is a strange babysitter who carries an odd assortment of books with her. Ricky finds that when you read one of her books, the story becomes true, and the reader becomes part of the adventure.
4. The Tale of the Unfinished Painting Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:29 The mysterious Mrs. Briar runs an art gallery full of unfinished paintings. A young artist named Cody discovers that whoever finishes one of these paintings magically disappears.
5. The Tale of the Chameleons Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:29 Tia and Tamera Mowry guest star in this episode. When Janice is looking at pets at a pet store, an escaped chameleon finds refuge in one of the bags she is carrying, and later bites her. The next day, Janice finds that she is starting to turn into the chameleon-and the chameleon is changing into Janice.
6. The Tale of the Vacant Lot Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:30 When a strange stall shows up one day on a vacant lot in the heart of the city, it immediately intrigues Catherine. All the material things that she's always wanted seem to be there -- but with a sinister catch!

How to Download and Use Subtitles for the Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5 Videos

First of all, you will need to download the Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5 videos.
You can do so on either iTunes or   Amazon Prime
When you are done downloading the Videos, follow the processes below to Add the subtitle file to your Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5 videos

Step 1: Download the appropriate subtitle file.

You can get the .Srt subtitle files for each episode in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5 by following the "Get Subtitle" Link beside every Episode above. You will be taken to a page where you can now select the appropriate subtitle file for your downloaded episode.
Alternatively, you can use the "Mirror 2" link if the first does not work for you!  

Step 2: Adding Subtitles to Your VLC Player

To Add Subtitle files to your VLC Player, follow these steps accordingly:
1. Move the subtitle file into the same folder as your video file.
2. Rename the subtitle file with exactly the same name as your video file, so you have two files like this: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol. 5_Episode_1.avi and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Vol.

3. Play your video in VLC. You should now see subtitles appear over your movie. If you don’t, double check the .srt file is correctly named, then close and restart VLC before playing again..

Step 3: Adding subtitles to a video on YouTube or other Streaming services:

1. Download the .srt file from above.
2. Upload your video to YouTube. When configuring your upload, click “Captions”.
3. Click “Add a Caption Track” and browse to select your .srt file.
4. Select the language from the drop-down, and make sure “Caption file” is selected, not “Transcript file”.
5. Upload the .srt file.
6. Done!
. 7. Clicking the “CC” icon in the YouTube player turns the subtitles on.
8. This method also works to watch a Youtube video (not uploaded by you) with subtitles

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  • All time favorite!!!!!

    By Greenified

    So glad they keep releasing these volumes, Keep it up ITunes I hope to have all the episodes, would love to see the tale of the silver sight and the tale of the frozen ghost Thanks iTunes!

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