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Genre: Comedy

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  • Release Date: 2012-11-02
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 18
  • Produced by: Last Man Standing

Tim Allen returns for a second season as the traditional “manly man,” Mike Baxter, whose mission it is to get men back to their rightful place in society. You can’t get manlier than Mike Baxter. He remembers the exciting adventures he had while traveling for work and of course, he drives a pick-up truck. But Mike is about to find out that it’s not a man’s world anymore. While he might be king of the hill at work, he’s the odd man out in a home dominated by his wife and three daughters. There’s his wife, Vanessa, a geologist, and their three daughters: 14-year-old tomboy, Eve; the outspoken Mandy, 18; and Kristin, a 22-year-old single mom living at home with her young son, Boyd, possibly Mike’s only ally. Mike was grounded from traveling for his company’s international photo shoots, and now works as the marketing director for The Outdoor Man, an iconic outdoor sporting goods store. He works there with his long-time boss and friend, Ed and the somewhat sensitive Kyle, who considers Mike his mentor. When Ed put Mike in charge of the company’s webpage, Mike discovered that the Internet provides him with just the outlet he needs. He looks at it as a platform that gives him a voice to appeal to those who agree that manliness is under assault, and a pulpit for his opinions about feeling like the last real man in a woman’s world. After all, men built civilizations, invented the locomotive and created ESPN, and Mike Baxter is determined to do what he must to reclaim his manly place in his home and at his job.

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Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Voting Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:13 Mike does all he can to persuade first-time voter Mandy to vote for Governor Romney in the upcoming presidential election. But when he lobbies her heavily, he finds himself going up against her older sister, Kristin, and Boyd's father, Ryan, who are just as enthusiastic for President Obama and disagree with Mike's trying to influence Mandy. While they all battle for Mandy's vote and soul, Vanessa remains neutral in the interest of family harmony.
2. Dodgeball Club Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:21 When Boyd gets in trouble at school for playing dodgeball, which his fellow kindergarteners were banned from playing, Mike thinks this is another sign that parents are raising a generation of wimps. So unbeknownst to Kristin and Ryan and contrary to their values, Mike forms a secret afterschool dodegeball club for Boyd and the neighborhood kids.
3. High Expectations Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:38 When the African American neighbors' car is egged, Vanessa goes against Mike's advice and decides to let them know their car wasn't the only one vandalized. Meanwhile Eve wants to quit soccer, but when Mike and Vanessa won't let her, she rebels by getting drunk at a party.
4. Ed's Twice Ex-Wife Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:38 Mike is shocked when he finds out Vanessa sided with Ed's ex-wife, Wanda, instead of with Ed after he divorced her -- twice. And when Ed tells Mike he thinks he and Wanda should get back together, Mike thinks it's a terrible idea. Meanwhile, single, working mom Kristin is reluctant to get the carefree Mandy a job at the diner to help her save money for a high school class trip.
5. Mother Fracker Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:41 After Vanessa's complex presentation to Eve's class on career day about her work for an oil company, the class quickly turns on Vanessa and accuses her of destroying Mother Earth. A mortified Eve demands her mom be more environmentally responsible by quitting her job. Mike believes Eve should apologize to her mother, but Eve refuses and goes to drastic lengths by camping in the backyard.
6. Circle of Life Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:39 When Mike brings home a dead duck he shot for dinner, Kristin is horrified that he would expose young Boyd to the violence of death. Ryan, a vegan, for once agrees with Mike that Boyd should get used to the realities of life. But when Boyd stops eating meat, Mike tries to explain the circle of life to his grandson, with surprising results.
7. Putting a Hit on Christmas Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:28 Vanessa, worn out from the recent Thanksgiving holiday, longs for the quiet, no-fuss Christmases when it was just her and Mike. Since he doesn't have a clue about what to get Vanessa for Christmas, he decides a family-free holiday is the perfect gift, and now must figure out a way to get Boyd and the girls away for the holidays. Meanwhile, Ed mistakenly shoots an American bald eagle instead of a turkey.
8. Bullying Get Subtitle Mirror 2 20:53 When Eve is suspended from school for calling a boy a bad name, Mike is surprised name calling would be considered bullying. Meanwhile Ryan finally gets a job, but when he buys a motorcycle, Kristin thinks he won't have extra money to help her and Boyd.
9. Attractive Architect Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:41 Tim Allen reunites with Richard Karn, his former sidekick from "Home Improvement." Bill McKenzie (Karn) has been the Outdoor Man's architect for years, which is why he is dumfounded when Mike tells him the job may now go to a young, gorgeous female architect. Back home, Vanessa wonders if looks trumped talent in her recent job promotion.
10. The Help Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:41 When Mike concedes to Vanessa to hire a housekeeper, the topic of immigration comes up, and Ed is asked to check the green cards of the Outdoor Man workers. Meanwhile, Kristin finds a creative way to make extra money.
11. Mike's Pole Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:38 When Mike hangs his prized U.S. flag in the yard, 14-year-old Eve is inspired by her father's patriotism and announces she wants to join the Junior ROTC, which concerns Vanessa. Later on, a chance meeting at the VFW with a female armory gunner has an impact on Eve.
12. Quarterback Boyfriend Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:31 Mike is so impressed with Greg, Mandy's new boyfriend and the high school star quarterback, he offers him a job at the Outdoor Man under Kyle's supervision. But when Mandy realizes Kyle is covering for him on the job, she takes a second look at both Kyle and Greg. Meanwhile, Kristin tries to figure out her relationship with Ryan.
13. What's in a Name? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:38 When Mike finds out his grandson Boyd is no longer registered at school as a Baxter, Kristen tells him Ryan is recommitted to them and wants their son to start using his last name. Meanwhile, Mandy, Kristin and Eve reunite the Inglorious Baxters in hopes their Valentine's Day music video will go viral.
14. Buffalo Bill Day Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:38 To celebrate Buffalo Bill Day Sale-abration, the Outdoor Man puts on a classic entertainment skit based on a Wild West Show, directed by Mike and starring Ed as Buffalo Bill and Eve as Annie Oakley. During rehearsals, Ryan has a problem with Mike's interpretation, and Mandy flirts with an oblivious Kyle.
15. Breaking Curfew Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:41 When Mike catches Mandy sneaking into the house late one night after being with Kyle, he wages his own form of psychological warfare on the couple to prevent it from happening again. Meanwhile, Kristin wants to hide the truth from Boyd that she and Ryan are now romantically dating.
16. Private Coach Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:41 Mike hopes that hiring a private soccer coach for Eve will help her chances of getting a scholarship. But the ladies in the Baxter household, especially Vanessa, find themselves quite enamored of the handsome, young man who gets the job.
17. The Fight Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:41 Mike is surprisingly impressed with Ryan when they take Boyd to a baseball game and have a run-in with a tipsy Bill McKendree (Richard Karn), who's been on a downward spiral ever since Mike failed to give him an Outdoor Man account. Meanwhile, when Mandy gets her laptop and cell phone taken away for failing history, she comes across Mike's old ham radio and starts some unlikely conversations with people from around the world.
18. College Girl Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:41 Jonathan Taylor Thomas makes a special guest star appearance when he reunites with Tim Allen, his dad from "Home Improvement." When the less-than-studious Mandy gets accepted to not one but two colleges, Kristin realizes it's time to reevaluate where she is in her life. While out on a special date with Ryan, she is pleasantly surprised to see Jon (Thomas), a former co-worker from the diner where she still works, who is now the successful owner of a hip, upscale restaurant. Meanwhile, Mike and Vanessa wonder if Mandy's college choice, a party school in California, is right for her; and Eve gets help with her Junior ROTC competition from neighbor Chuck Larabee.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Love this show!!!

    By Kcg_onna

    Have all but season 1, but will get that here shortly! Too bad those idiots cancelled a great show like this!!!!
  • I love this show!!

    By Kgmurphy5

    I watch this every day!! It's a great show and it makes me laugh!! I'm so mad they canceled this show!!
  • Hilarious and Awesome

    By JohnnyReb1996

    I love this show! It always makes me laugh. I also love how much Mike Baxter is Patriotic. America would be a better place if we had his patriotism and also Eve's. Plus do NOT vote for Hillary! She should be in jail and Obama should've been impeached already. Do NOT vote because of looks, sex, and race. Vote for the best candidate! Although our best candidates is Cruz or Trump. God help us! I wish Carson was more passionate about running, but he's not very strong, so we're stuck with those two(Cruz or Trump) being our best candidates.
  • Love this show

    By hunkyjim

    I actually just stumbled across this show and have watched season 1&2 in about 2 weeks.. The cast change was a little annoying but I'm use to the new cast now.. Long may this show continue
  • Best show on TV

    By Best game I have played!

    Have to be home on Friday night at 7 pm to watch new episodes of LM Standing. I have always been a Tim Allen fan and this show is great. The whole cast is great.
  • Great show

    By Buck Lightning/ MHOG Podcast

    LMS has been growing on me more and more. It's a lot of fun. I love the cast. They could probably use Hector Elizondo a little more though.
  • Just OK

    By DHQ402

    The first season of this show was great. The cast change in the second season didn't help but there is something else about the writing that has really wrecked it. Having now watched almost the entire season I wouldn't wast time watching up to episode 9 but have some hope for the next season as from episode 10 on it seems to be improving.
  • Best show on TV

    By Echo7

    Laugh out loud - best show on TV!
  • I miss the old Kristen!!!

    By JulezLuvsMunroCAndJustinB

    The new Kristen is soo bothersome. So is Boyd's dad. I cant enjoy the show with the new cast👎👎👎👎

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