Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Retro Essentials subtitles

Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Retro Essentials English Subtitles

Genre: Kids & Family

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  • Release Date: 2013-06-24
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 4
  • Produced by: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The Midnight Society cordially invites you into the deep dark woods for a round of spooky tales! We begin with The Tale of The Phantom Cab, where two lost brothers encounter a strange cab driver named Dr. Vink who won't let any of his victims, I mean, passengers go unless they solve a riddle. Then it’s The Tale of the Super Specs about a pair of very strange glasses that give the wearer the power to see things from another dimension. In The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun, Jake is thrilled to be cast in a play about an elf saving a boy by changing him into a leprechaun. But things take a spooky turn when Jake is the one doing the changing! Finally, The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor finds two brothers spending all their free time playing hockey on the 13th floor of their apartment building. One day, the guys find that the floor is now being used as a manufacturing plant for toys and games that are out of this world!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Retro Essentials English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-4

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The Tale of the Phantom Cab Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:10 Two brothers get lost in the woods and arrive at Dr. Vink's cabin seeking help. Dr. Vink, a mad scientist, promises to help them only if they are able to solve his riddle.
2. The Tale of the Super Specs Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:41 In a junky magic shop, Weeds, a wimpy trixter, jokingly casts the spell of "second sight" with the help of a do-it-yourself voodoo book.
3. The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:43 Jake lands a part in the school play as a young boy who wants to be turned into a Leprechaun. Sean, a new found friend, reads up on the species and determines that Jake is in fact slowly being turned into a leprechaun.
4. The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:31 Karin and Billy always play on the empty 13th floor of their apartment building. One day they are forbidden access to it because a toy company has rented the space. Later, Karin receives an invitation to go to the toy factory and test some toys.

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Viewer Reviews

  • so stupid!!

    By derekjames

    I agree with other guy. Why do you even bother putting up eposides that already been on diffrent volumes & call them Retro Essentials? That is a cheap way out iTunes!! How do i even get a hold of you guys so I can email a complaint? There's two more seasons that need to be released & this is all we get? Come on iTunes stop being so lazy. Even Goosebumps released all their seaons. This isn't cool. The last seaons was improtant because it involved everyone from the midnight society!! I'd love to give you guys more of my money & relive those episodes but instead we get something stupid like retro essentials. Unbelieveable!!
  • What a sham

    By Greenified

    Shame on you iTunes for a while there you kept up the pace releasing more of our favorite classic nick volumes, then, for no apparent reason they just stop (there were plenty more episodes to cover) and you just repackage episodes from previous volumes and call them essentials so you can just say there ya go we're done now, again, what a sham Don't buy this, maybe it will encourage iTunes to finish releasing volumes instead of trying to take the easy way out by repackaging episodes we ve already seen

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