A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Season 2, Pt. 1 subtitles

A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Season 2, Pt. 1 English Subtitles

Genre: Animation

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Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2014-07-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: A Certain Scientific Railgun

When electromaster Mikoto Misaka discovers her DNA is being used to mass-produce clones that are being used in sadistic scientific experiments, she vows to save her duplicates and destroy the project. But this might be one fight she can’t win alone. High-energy battles and intense action explode in this continuation of the Railgun series from the creator of A Certain Magical Index.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Season 2, Pt. 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Railgun Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Haru'ue joins Saten and Uiharu on a trip to the Garden of Learning to see Misaka and Shirai, as well as to do some shopping. They later go to visit Edasaki in the hospital, where she is undergoing physical therapy, when things take an unexpected twist.
2. Critical Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 After dreaming of her past, Misaka sets out for a day of shopping, but when Kuroko suggests a shortcut, they find an envelope with a cash card in it--one of many placed throughout town. Elsewhere, Saten thinks she sees someone who looks like Misaka.
3. Project Radio Noise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Rumors swirl about that Misaka is the template for a project to produce Level 5 clones. When Nunotaba refers to her as the "Original," Misaka decides to check her out, and learns that she worked at the hospital where Misaka submitted her DNA map.
4. Sisters Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 In high spirits, Misaka joins the other girls for a day of shopping at Seventh Mist, where she helps the others with their shopping, as well. Misaka spends another day playing with children. One of Misaka's clones goes through the phases of her training.
5. Project Level 6 Shift Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Finding herself face-to-face with a clone of herself, Misaka ends up helping her get a cat out of a tree, sharing ice cream cones, and having tea with her. It isn't until later that Misaka discovers the true, sinister project that calls for her clones.
6. I... Can See All Of You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Misaka lashes out at Accelerator, but is left frustrated. She realizes the full breadth of the situation she has become involved in, and feels responsible for allowing it to happen. Nunotaba discusses the ramifacations of the clones' existence with her.
7. I... I Want To Be Of Help To You, Sissy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Misaka manages to sabotage most of the experimental facilities remotely before she is cut off, leaving her to deal with the rest in person. Shirai resolves to help Misaka by doing her part to be more vigilant at work, but risks shutting the others out.
8. Item Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 The members of the underworld organization Item finish one mission, and are called in to defend the remaining facilities. When Misaka tries to infiltrate one building, she encounters Item member Frenda. Meanwhile, Nunotaba drops in at the other facility.
9. Aim Stalker Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 As Misaka continues her way into the research facility, she and Mugino play a game of cat-and-mouse. Meanwhile, at the other facility, Nunotaba sneaks into a control room, planning to disrupt the experiment by adding a new factor to the Misaka Network.
10. Meltdowner Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Having realized who Misaka is, Mugino decides to give her a run for her third-place ranking. When Frenda mistakenly leaves her doll-bombs behind while heading to the other facility, Misaka collects them and uses them to supplement her diminished powers.
11. The Vending Machine Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Misaka and Kamijo meet again at the malfunctioning vending machine in the park, where Shirai mistakes him for being Misaka's boyfriend. Misaka becomes shaken when she bumps into another Misaka clone, and learns that the experiments are still ongoing.
12. Tree Diagram Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Misaka sets out on one last mission to put a halt to the experiments by destroying the supercomputer Tree Diagram. Meanwhile, Kamijo runs into Misaka's clone #10032 again, and the two of them decide what they should do about a stray kitten she has found.

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