Action-adventure TV Shows Airing Right Now | November, 29

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Most popular Action-adventure TV Episodes Airing Today November 29

  • Wet Kuat Amortican Summer - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Wet Kuat Amortican Summer - High school, broh. Morty and Summer hang out in this one.

  • Icy Apologies - The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    Latest Episode: Icy Apologies - The ladies are unsure about how they feel about going on a trip with Monica for her birthday as Monica turns to Mary for advice.

  • Say My Name, Say My Name - Winter House

    Latest Episode: Say My Name, Say My Name - As the Wild West party wraps up, Danielle is saddled with frustration. Before heading back to Los Angeles for the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion, Tom push...

  • Sutton-ly Suspicious - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: Sutton-ly Suspicious - Still reeling from their tense exchange, Sutton isn't horsing around when she brings up rumors about Kyle's marriage.

  • Dirty Laundry - Below Deck Mediterranean

    Latest Episode: Dirty Laundry - A new crewmember arrives but may lack some necessary skills. Capt. Sandy gives it her all trying to persuade a deckhand to stay on the boat.

  • Rickfending Your Mort - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Rickfending Your Mort - Gotta keep those receipts, dawg.

  • The Tragedy of the Commons - Fargo

    Latest Episode: The Tragedy of the Commons - A series of unexpected events lands Dot in hot water and she is plunged back into a life she thought she left behind.

  • Shear Mystery - The Curse of Oak Island

    Latest Episode: Shear Mystery - Further investigation has the fellowship suspecting multiple secretive operations took place on Lot 5, possibly related to the Garden Shaft.

  • In a Pickle - The Real Housewives of Potomac

    Latest Episode: In a Pickle - Karen invites all of the couples to a fun day of pickleball, but things get heated on and off the court.

  • Episode 8 - Basketball Wives

    Latest Episode: Episode 8 - Brooke is in LA preparing for a fundraiser. Meanwhile in Arizona the other ladies head out to an all-male review for their last night shenanigans. The...

  • The Paradox of Intermediate Transactions - Fargo

    Latest Episode: The Paradox of Intermediate Transactions - Dot and Wayne protect their home, Roy neutralizes an obstacle, Witt suspects foul play and Gator makes a move.

  • Unmortricken - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Unmortricken - Rick and Morty wilding out, broh. They getting up to stuff.

  • How Poopy Got His Poop Back - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: How Poopy Got His Poop Back - Broh, come out with us, you're being so boring, dude.

  • Exit Wound - The Oval

    Latest Episode: Exit Wound - Hunter makes accusations about fidelity that could turn the district upside down. Kareem is taken from the hospital against his will to face Hunter o...

  • Hellevator - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: Hellevator - The women recover after a meltdown in Las Vegas, but Erika's elevator callout of Sutton leaves everyone floored.

  • Stranger Things Have Happened - 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

    Latest Episode: Stranger Things Have Happened - Shekinah packs her bags and heads to a hotel. Kimberly and TJ each reach a breaking point. The uninvited guests wreak chaos at Brandan and Mary's wedd...

  • If I Could Churn Back Time - The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    Latest Episode: If I Could Churn Back Time - Heather proposes a group trip to celebrate Monica's birthday, causing unresolved tensions between Monica and Lisa to reach a boiling point.

  • Trials and Tribulations - Fargo

    Latest Episode: Trials and Tribulations - Roy attempts to reset the “natural order of things” and Lorraine becomes increasingly suspicious.

  • Taste of Freedom - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    Latest Episode: Taste of Freedom - Danni avoids a difficult conversation with Preston. Andi, Danni, and Sabrina's triple date at Jordan's takes an unexpected turn.

  • Eli & Boulevard - Catfish: The TV Show

    Latest Episode: Eli & Boulevard - Eli fell so hard for fellow gamer Boulevard, that he moved from Alaska to Chicago to be with her. But when he got there, Boulevard was nowhere to be f...

  • The Big Mistake - The Challenge

    Latest Episode: The Big Mistake - Head on down to your local bingo hall because we're playing Bingo - Challenge Style. Contenders get down and dirty, and tensions mount as they wrestle...

  • That’s Amorte - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: That’s Amorte - Broh, thats's-a some good spaghetti.

  • One on One: Part 1 - Sister Wives

    Latest Episode: One on One: Part 1 - The Browns tackle the biggest questions from this season. Kody reveals if he's ever been in love with the wives, Christine discusses Kody being jealou...

  • Steve, Snot, And the Quest for the Og 4Loko - American Dad

    Latest Episode: Steve, Snot, And the Quest for the Og 4Loko - In order to have a chance with a girl, Steve and Snot must track down a keg of 4Loko.

  • Snap(ple) Decision - Family Guy

    Latest Episode: Snap(ple) Decision - Winner of a Snapple contest, Lois uses her winnings to take Meg on a tropical vacation. Flaunting their wealth, the two are kidnapped. Meanwhile, Stew...

  • Missing While Scamming - Found

    Latest Episode: Missing While Scamming - The team springs into action when a social media influencer is kidnapped for ransom. As they search for clues in her life and negotiate a ransom, it b...

  • The Jerrick Trap - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: The Jerrick Trap - Gotta be mindful, broh. Big brain stuff here.

  • Air Force Wong - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Air Force Wong - Virginia is for lovers, broh.

  • Episode 6 - Annika

    Latest Episode: Episode 6 - Annika arrives at the scene of a houseboat caught in a raging blaze at Glasgow’s canals to find that the victim trapped inside is a former police offi...

  • Long Day's Journey Into Night - From

    Latest Episode: Long Day's Journey Into Night - The Matthews’ family road trip takes a horrifying turn when they are detoured to a small pastoral town from which they cannot leave.

  • Revenge of the Bride - Married to Medicine

    Latest Episode: Revenge of the Bride - Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie interrogate Phaedra's motives for inviting Quad to Sweet Tea's party.

  • How the West was Fun - Winter House

    Latest Episode: How the West was Fun - A backseat makeout leaves Tom confused just days before the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion.

  • Sword of Damocles - Survivor

    Latest Episode: Sword of Damocles - In order to win immunity, castaways must compete in a three-part challenge. Then, some castaways take a journey and will face another difficult decisi...

  • Do You Take One Another? - 90 Day Fiancé

    Latest Episode: Do You Take One Another? - Rob grovels and surprises Sophie with a trip. Jasmine loses it over Gino's bachelor party. Justin's mom struggles to embrace Nikki. Devin and Nick lan...

  • Lose Mine Honor, Lose Myself - Welcome to Plathville

    Latest Episode: Lose Mine Honor, Lose Myself - Barry and Ethan have a heart-to-heart. Olivia takes a trip to get some clarity on her marriage. Moriah crashes boys' weekend and comes face to face wi...

  • Relentless Pursuit - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    Latest Episode: Relentless Pursuit - As Zac and Fatima struggle with the fallout of custodial care, Sabrina and Maurice discover their fate. Karen realizes that the studio damage may lose...

  • Capture - Special Forces

    Latest Episode: Capture - The recruits are captured and taken into their final stage of selection: 12 hours of military-grade interrogation. Resistance and the will to survive...

  • A Royal Reckoning - Southern Charm

    Latest Episode: A Royal Reckoning - When Patricia suffers a back injury, Whitney is forced to host the annual Gentleman's Dinner solo, but no amount of pomp and circumstance can distract...

  • Never The New - The Gilded Age

    Latest Episode: Never The New - In 1882, Marian arrives at the home of her “old money” aunts Agnes and Ada, whose new neighbors vie to break into New York high society.

  • A Long Time Coming (Part 3 Of 3) - NCIS: Los Angeles

    Latest Episode: A Long Time Coming (Part 3 Of 3) - While Agent Rountree and Fatima are searching for Kilbride, who has been MIA, they are ambushed and learn that every member of the team has a $200,000...

  • 1923 - 1923

    Latest Episode: 1923 - 1923 follows a new generation of Duttons. Jacob quashes a dispute between cattle ranchers and sheep herders. Cara informs Liz of the sacrifices of mar...

  • Home Sweet Drama - The Real Housewives of Potomac

    Latest Episode: Home Sweet Drama - As Robyn discusses her intervention with Juan, Karen meets with Mia to discuss their fractured relationship.

  • Freshwater - Planet Earth III

    Latest Episode: Freshwater - The remarkable animal drama in fresh water, the lifeblood of our planet.

  • My Big Fat Family Heartbreak - My Big Fat Fabulous Life

    Latest Episode: My Big Fat Family Heartbreak - The Swiss family adventure continues until a terrifying turn of events leaves them stranded in the Alps, where a helicopter rescue mission may be thei...

  • The Crocodile's Dilemma - Fargo

    Latest Episode: The Crocodile's Dilemma - A rootless, manipulative man meets a small town insurance salesman and sets him on a path of destruction.

  • Countdown To Chaos - The Challenge

    Latest Episode: Countdown To Chaos - Chaos has entered the room! The game is flipped upside down as Contenders learn they will have to face Challenge Champions in the Arena. Confusion tak...

  • Heaven Is a Place in Potomac - The Real Housewives of Potomac

    Latest Episode: Heaven Is a Place in Potomac - Ashley's "Seaside in the City" housewarming party continues as Robyn shares Juan's response to her intervention.

  • It's Not About the Pants - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: It's Not About the Pants - Las Vegas starts with a bang as the women hold an intervention for Sutton, who is disappointed with her dating life.

  • Mormons Get a Bad Rap - The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    Latest Episode: Mormons Get a Bad Rap - In a surprising turn of events, Lisa feels betrayed by Angie and embraced by Heather.

  • Gone Fission - NCIS: Sydney

    Latest Episode: Gone Fission - The death of a US submariner during an AUKUS ceremony in Sydney is investigated in a joint effort between NCIS Agents Afloat and the Australian Federa...

  • Cancun Can't Touch This - Married At First Sight

    Latest Episode: Cancun Can't Touch This - As our couples continue to enjoy their honeymoon in Cancun, one couple grapples with their cultural differences and the impact that has on their marri...

  • Too Close To Home - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    Latest Episode: Too Close To Home - After spending time with Michael, Zac learns he must do whatever it takes to get custody of his son. Preston and Danni continue to not see eye to eye.

  • Charger's Christmas Adventure/Pups Save Great Uncle Smiley's Cup - PAW Patrol

    Latest Episode: Charger's Christmas Adventure/Pups Save Great Uncle Smiley's Cup - Charger helps the PAW Patrol rescue Santa and his helpers when a blizzard at the North Pole threatens to close down Christmas. Mayor Humdinger enlists...

  • A Knife and No Coin - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: A Knife and No Coin - Jamie goes through with his plan. John has an ask for Monica, and lends support to an unexpected friend. The Yellowstone cowboys embark on a big chang...

  • Ciao for Now - Below Deck Mediterranean

    Latest Episode: Ciao for Now - The crew's day off at a beach resort is fraught with tension and division, lingering from the previous night's kerfuffle. The bosun's new romance igni...

  • The Eaglewoman Has Landed - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: The Eaglewoman Has Landed - Following a tumultuous year, Dorit hosts the ladies at a retreat, hoping to get an eagle-eyed perspective on their issues.

  • Fortune's Fool - The Family Chantel

    Latest Episode: Fortune's Fool - While in New York, Chantel goes on her first date in a decade as Karen and Winter head out to meet up with Alejandro. Meanwhile, Lidia introduces Pedr...

  • Grit - Special Forces

    Latest Episode: Grit - With the final stage of selection nearing, the Directing Staff push the recruits to their breaking point - physically, mentally and emotionally - to p...

  • 107 - The Golden Bachelor

    Latest Episode: 107 - After a devastating goodbye to a woman he loved, Gerry enters a landmark week on his journey, heading to Costa Rica for overnight dates. Emotions run...

  • Just Flip the Table - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

    Latest Episode: Just Flip the Table - The trip comes to an end. Will the Situation get out of Orlando alive? Will Sammi become a dirty stay out? And will Angelina find her father?

  • Snakes in the Grass - NCIS: Sydney

    Latest Episode: Snakes in the Grass - When a Navy Compliance Officer is found dead in a waterhole, the team's investigation uncovers a complex trafficking ring, whilst they manage new work...

  • An Unwise Surprise - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: An Unwise Surprise - Erika apologizes for spilling tea about Dorit's marriage, but PK's glitzy anniversary surprise may land him in hot water with his wife.

  • South Brooklyn - Kitchen Nightmares

    Latest Episode: South Brooklyn - The co-owners of South Brooklyn Foundry don’t see eye-to-eye, causing their communication about the business to grow toxic while the restaurant falls...

  • Holiday Whimsy - Holiday Baking Championship

    Latest Episode: Holiday Whimsy - Inspired by climbing the Alps, Jesse Palmers asks the bakers to make whimsical Mont Blanc desserts. Then, the bakers impress judges Carla Hall, Duff G...

  • Riding to Hell in Gasoline Drawers - Basketball Wives: Orlando

    Latest Episode: Riding to Hell in Gasoline Drawers - Mackenzie tries to bring some of the ladies together with a cooking class. Ashley and Nikki host an event for women cancer survivors. Things go left w...

  • Daybreak - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: Daybreak - Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, patriarch of a Montana ranching family, and owner of the largest ranch in the U.S. It's the story of Dutton's figh...

  • One Hundred Years is Nothing - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: One Hundred Years is Nothing - John Dutton is sworn in as Governor of Montana. As John settles into the powers of his new office, he makes bold moves to protect the Yellowstone from...

  • The Dream Is Not Me - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: The Dream Is Not Me - John deals with a problem with his herd. Senator Perry delivers news to Rainwater. Jamie and Sarah plan their next move. The entire Yellowstone enjoys...

  • Magic Xylophone - Bluey

    Latest Episode: Magic Xylophone - As Bluey and Bingo squabble over their magic xylophone (that has the power to freeze Dad in space and time) Dad seizes control and freezes Bluey, leav...

  • Taking Their Shot - The Curse of Oak Island

    Latest Episode: Taking Their Shot - While the team tracks the mysterious tunnel towards the Baby Blob, Lot 5 continues to deliver when Rick and Gary discover an unusual artifact marked w...

  • Always Darkest Before Dawn - Sister Wives

    Latest Episode: Always Darkest Before Dawn - Christine talks with her brothers about her newfound happiness and hopes to inspire Janelle, but Janelle won't let go of the past. At Coyote Pass, Rob...

  • Jass & Kayla - Catfish: The TV Show

    Latest Episode: Jass & Kayla - After Jass got Lillian's name tattooed on her, Jass discovered that Lillian's pictures were fake and that her name is really Kayla! Nev and Kamie help...

  • Wharf, Me Worry? - Bob's Burgers

    Latest Episode: Wharf, Me Worry? - During their special day at the wharf with Big Bob, the kids get into trouble with the Wharf's newest fortune-telling giant clam.

  • Turkeys Away - WKRP In Cincinnati

    Latest Episode: Turkeys Away - Station manager Arthur Carlson comes up with a big idea for a unique holiday promotion involving live turkeys and a helicopter.

  • The Sopranos - The Sopranos

    Latest Episode: The Sopranos - In the series premiere, after suffering a series of mysterious anxiety attacks, New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano agrees to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Jen...

  • Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow and You - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow and You - The Duttons and the Yellowstone enjoy an almost perfect day branding cattle. Montana gets an unexpected visitor from outside. Sarah continues to sink...

  • The Double Standard - Basketball Wives

    Latest Episode: The Double Standard - Jackie promotes healing with a trip to a shaman. Brittany realizes there is a double standard while Evelyn and Jennifer rekindle their friendship. Cla...

  • Gimme Shelter - Law & Order

    Latest Episode: Gimme Shelter - A young girl is shot and Cosgrove teams with Det. Jalen Shaw to track down her killer.

  • The Way Things Are Now - From

    Latest Episode: The Way Things Are Now - At Colony House, Tabitha and Julie grapple with their nightmarish reality and, in the forest, Jim, Boyd and Kristi struggle to treat Ethan’s injuries.

  • Sins of the Father - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: Sins of the Father - The feud with the Becks comes to a head as the Duttons scramble to save one of their own.

  • Enemies By Monday - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: Enemies By Monday - The Duttons gear up for a final fight with the Becks, and find that the feud may have dire consequences. Beth helps Monica out of an uncomfortable sit...

  • Dad Baby - Bluey

    Latest Episode: Dad Baby - When Dad shows the kids how to use their old baby-harness, a new game is born: Dad Baby! But dad is unprepared for the harsh realities of giving birth...

  • Jason Momoa - November 18, 2023 - Saturday Night Live

    Latest Episode: Jason Momoa - November 18, 2023 - Sketches include Biden Panda Cold Open, Jason Momoa Monologue, Old Timey Movies, Rome Song, Nightclub Line, Thanksgiving Week Airport Parade, PDD: Ord...

  • I'm Coming Out - The Challenge

    Latest Episode: I'm Coming Out - A water challenge tests the Contenders' swimming abilities. One Contender celebrates her truth and coming out to her fellow contenders while another s...

  • Gone in a Second - The Oval

    Latest Episode: Gone in a Second - With tension at an all-time high inside the White House, Hunter must orchestrate a plan to regain his power. Elsewhere, Jason is formulating a way to...

  • With Many Names - Law & Order: Organized Crime

    Latest Episode: With Many Names - As OCCB and SVU close in on a callous and desperate suspect, the US Attorney benches Stabler and Benson. Bell and Fin must lead the team on a perilous...

  • Daydreams - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    Latest Episode: Daydreams - Gary gives Hayden a stern warning to be careful with Tamara's mysterious motives. Sabrina learns that Bayo's help with her and Maurice's legal situati...

  • Same Name, No Game - Winter House

    Latest Episode: Same Name, No Game - An afternoon of good, clean fun turns dirty when it's revealed to Kory that Casey has been talking trash about his sorta-kinda-girlfriend, Sam.

  • Truth Is - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    Latest Episode: Truth Is - Karen is aware of the paternity outcome, and the women are there to support her. Que's lies catch up to him, as Zac and Fatima make a sad discovery ab...

  • Something New - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    Latest Episode: Something New - Andi, Sabrina, and Danni have dream dates that seem almost too good to be true. Fatima and Zac make a quick decision for the safety of Michael.

  • Projections and Deflections - The Real Housewives of Potomac

    Latest Episode: Projections and Deflections - Gizelle has a new love interest, Ashley has a new house and Mia has a new lifestyle.

  • Don't Come for My Sound Bath - The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    Latest Episode: Don't Come for My Sound Bath - After Angie and Monica reconcile, Angie gets caught in the middle of Lisa and Monica's feud.

  • Shadowërk - Law & Order: Organized Crime

    Latest Episode: Shadowërk - When DNA from an SVU rape investigation connects to an OCCB unsolved murder, Stabler and Benson uncover a revenge-for-hire scheme on the dark web.

  • Strange Bedfellows - Southern Charm

    Latest Episode: Strange Bedfellows - The guys' weekend of fishing and debauchery is interrupted when Olivia and Taylor crash their mountain getaway.

  • Who Needs Frenemies - Below Deck Mediterranean

    Latest Episode: Who Needs Frenemies - The bosun causes confusion when he shifts his romantic focus. The chef gives into temptation.

  • The Origins of Evil - Secret Vatican Files

    Latest Episode: The Origins of Evil - With the spread of Hitler's anti-Semitic policies, we see the initial response Pope Pius XII has to this spreading darkness.

  • Pilot - Found

    Latest Episode: Pilot - In any given year, more than 600,000 people are reported missing in the U.S. More than half that number are people of color that the country seems to...

  • Strangers in a Strange Land - From

    Latest Episode: Strangers in a Strange Land - Donna and Kenny desperately try to manage the chaos as a busload of unwitting newcomers arrives in town. Tabitha and Victor struggle to find their way...

  • Married Life, The Netherlands - House Hunters International

    Latest Episode: Married Life, The Netherlands - A job opportunity and a quick marriage brings a long distance couple together in the Netherlands. They're looking for a place that has Dutch charm wit...

  • Pilot - The Big Bang Theory

    Latest Episode: Pilot - Meet two brainiacs with a lot to learn. Leonard and Sheldon can tell their quarks from their quantum physics, but have no clue how women add up. Leave...