Sci-fi-fantasy TV Shows Airing Right Now | September, 30

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Most popular Sci-fi-fantasy TV Episodes Airing Today September 30

  • Silence Is Golden - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: Silence Is Golden - Erika throws a pop-up product launch where Diana receives a legendary phone call, but the hairiest situation remains the fallout from Aspen.

  • Revenge Marks the Spot - The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    Latest Episode: Revenge Marks the Spot - The women of Salt Lake City are back. Jen attempts to reunite the ladies at Coach Shah's 51st birthday party.

  • Wreck the Halls - Southern Charm

    Latest Episode: Wreck the Halls - Tis the season to start some drama! Craig prepares for his Sewing Down South Holiday Gala and faces difficult decisions with the guest list.

  • Night Family - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Night Family - Broh I'm scared.

  • The Real You - Chicago PD

    Latest Episode: The Real You - When a convicted murderer hijacks a prison van, the team scrambles to find him and the abducted prison guard before it's too late.

  • Knock Knock! Who's There? - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

    Latest Episode: Knock Knock! Who's There? - Water turns into wine and in the blink of an eye, it's pure chaos between Pauly, Nikki, and Angelina.

  • Every Scar Tells a Story - Chicago Fire

    Latest Episode: Every Scar Tells a Story - Javi spends a couple of shifts at Firehouse 51. Kidd and Carver work together to help Carver's former boss.

  • 801 - Bachelor in Paradise

    Latest Episode: 801 - The latest group of hopeful hotties and a few sexy surprises are ready to make waves and catch feelings on Bachelor in Paradise.

  • (Caught Between) The Wrecking Ball and the Butterfly - Chicago Med

    Latest Episode: (Caught Between) The Wrecking Ball and the Butterfly - Supply chain disruptions dramatically impact Med causing Crockett and Kai, a new surgical resident, to clash with other doctors.

  • Bethic Twinstinct - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Bethic Twinstinct - Gotta love yourself or no one else ever will, broh.

  • Everybody Knows the Dice Are Loaded - Law & Order: Organized Crime

    Latest Episode: Everybody Knows the Dice Are Loaded - As ground breaks on the city's first casino, Stabler investigates the death of an old friend whose refusal to sell his home on the site has stalled co...

  • Day One - The Rookie: Feds

    Latest Episode: Day One - Simone Clark sets her sights on joining Matthew Garza's newly formed special unit as they investigate the murder of a federal engineer; Simone and Cut...

  • Rick: A Mort Well Lived - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Rick: A Mort Well Lived - Roy's our boy, broh.

  • Love Is Blind - FBI

    Latest Episode: Love Is Blind - When an officer is shot dead at a pawn shop along with the store's owner, the team tries to figure out why a young, recent Ivy League dropout is tied...

  • Lovable Curmudgeon - Survivor

    Latest Episode: Lovable Curmudgeon - An unexpected storm hit hard and fast and kept tribes shivering all night in their shelters.

  • The Next Day - La Brea

    Latest Episode: The Next Day - Desperate to reunite with her son, Eve follows a lead that brings her face-to-face with a ruthless prehistoric group.

  • We Need to Talk About Kathy - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: We Need to Talk About Kathy - When Kathy skips the flight home from Aspen, whispers surface about a meltdown directed at Kyle that took place the night before.

  • The Ugly Truth - Married At First Sight

    Latest Episode: The Ugly Truth - The couples have one final chance to speak with the experts as Decision Day draws near. Dr. Pepper, Pastor Cal and DeVon Franklin help the couples con...

  • Hook, Line, and Sinker - New Amsterdam

    Latest Episode: Hook, Line, and Sinker - Max tests a bold new cost-saving program that could help both New Amsterdam and its neediest patients.

  • Spies - Ghosts

    Latest Episode: Spies - Sam enlists the Ghosts to help secure a good review from an overly critical couple staying at the B&B. Also, Isaac tries to integrate Nigel into his f...

  • Taxman - FBI: Most Wanted

    Latest Episode: Taxman - Rookie agent Ray Cannon (new series regular Edwin Hodge) joins the Fugitive Task Force as they hunt down a mysterious killer targeting IRS offices.

  • Solaricks - Rick and Morty

    Latest Episode: Solaricks - Last season's finale was a doozy, broh. What do we do now, broh?

  • Gimme Shelter - Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit)

    Latest Episode: Gimme Shelter - A young girl is shot and Cosgrove teams with Det. Jalen Shaw to track down her killer.

  • Double Down - The Rookie

    Latest Episode: Double Down - Officer John Nolan is once again face-to-face with serial killer Rosalind. Officers Bradford and Chen work undercover with Detective Lopez and the Las...

  • Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo - Young Sheldon

    Latest Episode: Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo - George Sr. bails Meemaw and Georgie out of jail. Also, Sheldon and Missy meet Mandy, and Mary feels unwelcome at church, on the sixth season premiere...

  • Don't Say Her Name Again - FBI: International

    Latest Episode: Don't Say Her Name Again - When a local predator begins extorting underage American girls online, the Fly Team attempts to bring the offender to justice with on-site help from o...

  • Peek and Shriek - The Resident

    Latest Episode: Peek and Shriek - The high stakes governor election results in violence at the polls, causing multiple victims to arrive at Chastain. Conrad finds common ground with an...

  • Your Body Your Choice - Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

    Latest Episode: Your Body Your Choice - Leah moves into her new house and is open to having a baby with Jaylan. Cheyenne & Zach decide they need a fresh start and look for a new house. Brian...

  • Let It Bleed - Chicago PD

    Latest Episode: Let It Bleed - Still reeling from the death of his informant Anna, Voight faces a new threat as he tries to keep the neighborhood clean.

  • Patience, Is the New Me - The Amazing Race

    Latest Episode: Patience, Is the New Me - Teams explore the beauty of Austria and must learn a traditional wedding dance, yodel and a song performed on alpine bells.

  • The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep - Big Sky

    Latest Episode: The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep - When disgruntled realtor Tonya calls the police on a squatter living in one of her homes, Jenny arrives only to discover a shocking connection to her...

  • We Just Don't Clique - Below Deck Mediterranean

    Latest Episode: We Just Don't Clique - Natasha and Kyle decide to work on their night off in order to organize the pantry, missing out on Mzi's birthday celebration.

  • Livin - Survivor

    Latest Episode: Livin - 18 new castaways come together to form their own society and begin their adventure for $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor, on the special two-h...

  • Crash & Learn - 9-1-1

    Latest Episode: Crash & Learn - The 118 race to the rescue when a structure collapse at a "happiness convention" traps people under rubble. While on FaceTime with her mom, Athena's f...

  • Wild 'N Out: Jersey Style - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

    Latest Episode: Wild 'N Out: Jersey Style - Deena's "Family Fun Day" has Angelina struggling in the wake of her failed marriage. Jenni lands in the emergency room. And Nick Cannon and Justina V...

  • Gimme Shelter - Law & Order

    Latest Episode: Gimme Shelter - A young girl is shot and Cosgrove teams with Det. Jalen Shaw to track down her killer.

  • How Do You Begin to Count the Losses - Chicago Med

    Latest Episode: How Do You Begin to Count the Losses - In the aftermath of Will's apartment fire, Crockett, Ethan and Archer work together to try and save the survivors.

  • Light Skinned-Ed - Atlanta

    Latest Episode: Light Skinned-Ed - My family is so crazy we need our own reality TV show. How you still got beef from the 70’s? Whew. And y’all need to stop flirting with people’s daddy...

  • Wrong Delivery - Abbott Elementary

    Latest Episode: Wrong Delivery - An all new episode of Abbott Elementary.

  • Episode 1 - New Amsterdam

    Latest Episode: Episode 1 - Bloom, Iggy and Reynolds rally around Max as he deals with the fallout from Helen's decision.

  • Gimme Shelter - Law & Order: Organized Crime

    Latest Episode: Gimme Shelter - A young girl is shot and Cosgrove teams with Det. Jalen Shaw to track down her killer.

  • Pilot - La Brea

    Latest Episode: Pilot - When a massive sinkhole opens in Los Angeles, the Harris family is split in two. Eve and her son are sent to a mysterious primeval world.

  • Daddy Issues - NCIS

    Latest Episode: Daddy Issues - McGee's personal life and professional life intersect when a dad from his children's school is linked to a break-in.

  • Blind Curves - NCIS: Hawai'i

    Latest Episode: Blind Curves - When Marine Staff Sergeant Travis Cobb's body is found crushed in a junkyard car, NCIS is called to investigate. We learn our Sergeant also participat...

  • Oscars Guy - Family Guy

    Latest Episode: Oscars Guy - Family Guy retells three Oscar-winning stories: Silence of the Lambs, American Beauty and Forrest Gump.

  • I Believe in Aliens - Resident Alien

    Latest Episode: I Believe in Aliens - Harry comes face to face with his greatest enemy and makes a big decision that may affect Earth forever.

  • Hold On Tight - Chicago Fire

    Latest Episode: Hold On Tight - Kidd and Severide's honeymoon is interrupted by a dangerous person from their past.

  • Atlantis - Quantum Leap (2022)

    Latest Episode: Atlantis - Ben finds himself headed into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 1995.

  • July 13th, 1985 - Quantum Leap (2022)

    Latest Episode: July 13th, 1985 - A new team assembles to restart the Quantum Leap project.

  • Scenes from Two Marriages: The Parrot Doth Protest Too Much - The Conners

    Latest Episode: Scenes from Two Marriages: The Parrot Doth Protest Too Much - When Jackie moves in with Neville, he shows up to their home with an excess of animals from his vet office; Darlene and Ben have an argument as Ben po...

  • Raising the Bar - Growing Up Chrisley

    Latest Episode: Raising the Bar - Chase struggles to fulfill his promise of supporting Emmy's growing business.

  • Let the Battle Begin - Hell’s Kitchen

    Latest Episode: Let the Battle Begin - For the first time ever on HELL’S KITCHEN, the well-seasoned 40-somethings (blue team), will battle the fresh up-and-coming 20-somethings (red team) i...

  • Trawlin' and Brawlin' - Southern Charm

    Latest Episode: Trawlin' and Brawlin' - Austen finds it hard to bite his tongue when Shep feels attacked by the group.

  • The Labors of Life - Sister Wives

    Latest Episode: The Labors of Life - As schools begin to open up, Janelle challenges Kody about getting things back to normal. Then, Christine travels to St. George, Utah, to be with Myke...

  • Smooshed: A Love Story - American Dad

    Latest Episode: Smooshed: A Love Story - Steve and Snot take a school field trip to the city of Philadelphia, where Steve plans to ask out the girl he has a crush on. When the trip chaperone...

  • To Bob or Not to Bob - Bob's Burgers

    Latest Episode: To Bob or Not to Bob - Bob, Linda and the kids help Mr. Fischoeder put on a play to get his brother Felix to confess to a theft. Louise is jealous of Tina's hands.

  • Saul Gone - Better Call Saul

    Latest Episode: Saul Gone - The Series Finale.

  • Who's Your Daddy? - Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    Latest Episode: Who's Your Daddy? - Sierra's post-engagement bliss becomes a case of cold feet. Safaree questions his son's looks. Rasheeda's daddy issues come to a head when Harold visi...

  • The Goats - The Challenge

    Latest Episode: The Goats - What makes a legend? Wins? Physical dominance? Mental toughness? Cool under pressure? In a game as intense and complex as The Challenge, the only answ...

  • Jurass-brick World - Lego Masters

    Latest Episode: Jurass-brick World - This week, the contestants bring dinosaurs and special effects to life in their builds, inspired by the movie “Jurassic World: Dominion.” With 12 hour...

  • Waterworks - Better Call Saul

    Latest Episode: Waterworks - The stakes are raised when a discovery is made.

  • 1883 - 1883

    Latest Episode: 1883 - The Dutton family embarks on a journey west to flee poverty and seek a better future. James arrives in Texas, where he and his family prepare to make...

  • Hero's Journey - FBI

    Latest Episode: Hero's Journey - The team pivots when their sting operation to secure a massive bomb from an illegal broker leads them to discover that the device is already in the wr...

  • That's a Schwartz Man - The Goldbergs

    Latest Episode: That's a Schwartz Man - With both sides of the family eager for answers on Geoff and Erica’s pregnancy, they decide to keep their baby’s sex a surprise. However, a sonogram f...

  • Against All Odds - The Challenge

    Latest Episode: Against All Odds - Underdogs are the true heroes of The Challenge, achieving against all odds and climbing personal mountains, all while overcoming an extremely competit...

  • Melatonin 10 Mg Tablets, $14.99 - Home Economics

    Latest Episode: Melatonin 10 Mg Tablets, $14.99 - Tom begins publicity for his new book; Marina takes on the redesign of Gretchen's room, which causes a lot of stress at home and in the bedroom; Sara,...

  • Pain Pads & Police - 60 Days In

    Latest Episode: Pain Pads & Police - General population proves to be no walk in the park as the participants deal with shake downs, a flooded pod, unwanted attention, and dirty laundry.

  • Call Me Ken Jennings - Call Me Kat

    Latest Episode: Call Me Ken Jennings - After taking some time to travel and decompress, Kat (Mayim Bialik) is on her way back to Louisville when she is upgraded to first class and seated ne...

  • Carrot and Stick - Better Call Saul

    Latest Episode: Carrot and Stick - Harsh realities dawn on Nacho in his not-so-safe haven; Gus investigates his suspicions.

  • Development Day - Abbott Elementary

    Latest Episode: Development Day - The teachers are back at Willard R. Abbott Public School for development week, a time to prepare for the upcoming year before the students’ first day...

  • Spaces Fill - Queen Sugar

    Latest Episode: Spaces Fill - While in DC helping Blue, Darla sees a friend who brings back memories of a night she’s tried to forget. In St. Jo, Ralph Angel tries to save Parthena...

  • Reunion, Pt. 3 - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

    Latest Episode: Reunion, Pt. 3 - The Season 14 reunion concludes as Sheree and Drew hash out their issues with each other and their former assistant.

  • TNT - The Cleaning Lady

    Latest Episode: TNT - After witnessing a mob hit in the series premiere episode, Thony cleans the crime scene to stay alive, then begins a double life – cleaning for the mo...

  • Father Issues - The Murdochs: Empire of Influence

    Latest Episode: Father Issues - Meet the Murdochs -- a family of extreme power and no small amount of sibling rivalry. This episode revisits the origins of Rupert Murdoch's news empi...

  • Complicated - 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

    Latest Episode: Complicated - Sumit wants to spice things up with Jenny. Usman wonders if the relationship is worth fighting for. Yara fears for her family in Ukraine. Liz opens up...

  • Iron Pipeline - FBI: Most Wanted

    Latest Episode: Iron Pipeline - When a family of four from New York is found dead in a Georgia motel room, the Fugitive Task Force investigates a connection between the victims and t...

  • Many Firsts But Don't Be Last - The Amazing Race

    Latest Episode: Many Firsts But Don't Be Last - 12 new teams start their journey on THE AMAZING RACE outside the U.S., in Munich, Germany, and in this season’s shocking new twist, one team will be e...

  • Wine and Roses - Better Call Saul

    Latest Episode: Wine and Roses - Nacho runs for his life; Jimmy and Kim hatch a plan; Mike questions his allegiances.

  • I - The Old Man

    Latest Episode: I - When Dan Chase's past catches up to him, he must flee the town he's called home for three decades.

  • Unburdened - FBI: International

    Latest Episode: Unburdened - The Fly Team and new Europol liaison Megan "Smitty" Garretson investigate when an American police detective on the Federal task force is murdered in P...

  • A Family Matter - NCIS

    Latest Episode: A Family Matter - Special Agent Alden Parker is still on the run with his ex-wife Vivian, so the team investigates who from his past might have a personal vendetta agai...

  • St. Simon Says Fight! - Southern Charm

    Latest Episode: St. Simon Says Fight! - Shep tries to right his wrongs from Auldbrass and invites the gang on a trip to St Simons Island, but his efforts are in vain when his emotions get th...

  • Let the Games Begin - 9-1-1

    Latest Episode: Let the Games Begin - When a blimp suffers mechanical failure and its engine catches fire, Athena and the 118 must rescue victims both inside and outside a packed sports st...

  • Rocky Mountain Bye - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Latest Episode: Rocky Mountain Bye - Kyle plans the perfect Aspen day, but tempers run hot after Erika gives her the cold shoulder.

  • Show Them Who You Are, Baby - Monarch

    Latest Episode: Show Them Who You Are, Baby - As Nicky prepares to perform at the “Queens of Country” concert, she learns of Clive’s (guest star Adam Croasdell) affair and is determined to turn th...

  • Behind Us, A Cliff - 1883

    Latest Episode: Behind Us, A Cliff - Thomas and Shea recruit James and some local cowboys to corral a herd of cattle. As they begin their journey, the caravan is confronted with some of t...

  • Wishful Thinking - Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

    Latest Episode: Wishful Thinking - Amber, Catelynn, Maci, Cheyenne, Leah, Briana, Ashley, & Jade all come together and start a Group chat to stay in touch. Briana wins the lawsuit again...

  • Venice - Stanely Tucci: Searching for Italy

    Latest Episode: Venice - Stanley Tucci visits the Veneto, once the center of a world-trading empire, and home to the "Floating City," Venice. Stanley explores the ingenuity of...

  • Life After Lockup: Always the Bad Guy - Love After Lockup

    Latest Episode: Life After Lockup: Always the Bad Guy - Amber loses it on Puppy in a shocking confrontation. Daonte catches Lindsey cozying up to Blaine. Kevin gets trapped in Kayla's plan. Chance fears Tay...

  • Lolo and Lola - The Cleaning Lady

    Latest Episode: Lolo and Lola - Thony’s in-laws (Fiona’s loving-yet-overbearing father and reserved-yet-strong mother) come to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Thony must help Arman by meeting...

  • Habeus Tortoise - The Simpsons

    Latest Episode: Habeus Tortoise - After Homer humiliates himself in a town meeting, he looks for acceptance in an internet group hunting for a missing tortoise but finds something much...

  • Boring the Devil - 1883

    Latest Episode: Boring the Devil - Shea helps Elsa cope with her loss. The group crosses another river and prepares to enter Indian territory. Thomas buys Noemi a gift.

  • Bank Run at Mr. Bank's Bank - Archer

    Latest Episode: Bank Run at Mr. Bank's Bank - Is Fabian asking The Agency to rob a bank? No, because we won’t use those words.

  • Hooligans - Welcome to Wrexham

    Latest Episode: Hooligans - Unfortunate occurrences at the first home game attended by the Co-Chairmen lead to a police investigation and raise the ugly specter of football Hooli...

  • Daybreak - Yellowstone

    Latest Episode: Daybreak - Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, patriarch of a Montana ranching family, and owner of the largest ranch in the U.S. It's the story of Dutton's figh...

  • Breaking Bad - Better Call Saul

    Latest Episode: Breaking Bad - The partners escalate their enterprise to new levels.

  • Pilot - Abbott Elementary

    Latest Episode: Pilot - In this workplace comedy, a group of dedicated, passionate teachers — and a slightly tone-deaf principal — are brought together in a Philadelphia publ...

  • Dream - Welcome to Wrexham

    Latest Episode: Dream - Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney attempt a takeover of the world’s third oldest professional football (a.k.a. soccer) club, located in...

  • Topanga - La Brea

    Latest Episode: Topanga - With news of one last sinkhole opening, Gavin, Izzy and Dr. Nathan race to Seattle to launch a final rescue effort before it's too late.

  • What Happens in Vegas - 90 Day: The Single Life

    Latest Episode: What Happens in Vegas - Caesar attempts to make a meaningful connection at his meet and greet event. Debbie celebrates her 70th birthday alongside Tony. Natalie seeks advice...