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Tokyo Ghoul, Season 1 English Subtitles

Genre: Animation

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Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2014-07-03
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo lives in fear of creatures called Ghouls. By day, they live as ordinary humans, but by night, they become flesh-eating monsters. When an young man becomes the first Ghoul-human half breed, he must learn to harness his deadly, newfound powers.

Tokyo Ghoul, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Tragedy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:08 Amid news reports of "Ghoul" attacks nearby, Ken Kaneki points out Rize, a girl he is interested in, to his friend Hide at a local coffee shop. When Kaneki discovers the two share a favorite author, he asks her out. However, their date ends in tragedy!
2. Incubation Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:06 Kaneki desperately fights the urge to eat human flesh, the only thing that can satisfy his hunger as a ghoul. He meets up with Hide again, joining him on an errand, and is glad for the companionship. But will his declining condition place Hide at risk?
3. Dove Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:06 Yoshimura teaches Kaneki more about how to blend in with mankind, and takes in a mother and daughter needing protection. Two ghoul investigators, Mado and Amon, are assigned to the 20th Ward. In response, Touka takes Kaneki out to have a mask made for him.
4. Supper Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:06 Kaneki starts receiving self-defense lessons from Yomo. He meets Itori, who runs her own bar, and is friends with Uta and Yomo. Kaneki is befriended by Tsukiyama, a ghoul who knew Rize, who also enjoys reading, and possesses other, more epicurean tastes.
5. Scars Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:11 When Touka falls ill, Kaneki pays her a visit that has unexpected consequences. Meanwhile, as Nishiki is still recovering from his run-in with Kaneki, he is nearly preyed upon by other ghouls. Tsukiyama remains consumed with the idea of having Kaneki.
6. Cloudburst Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:06 The fight against Tsukiyama is resolved, but Touka wants to kill Kimi, now that it's clear she knows that Nishiki and Kaneki are ghouls. Meanwhile, Hinami is eager to see her father again after being apart for so long, and acts out when she is unable.
7. Captivity Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:12 After Kaneki and Hinami witness Ryoko's fate, the personnel at Anteiku are grieved, and Touka decides to take matters with the investigators into her own hands. Kaneki is fed up with not being able to do anything, and makes up his mind to become involved.
8. Circular Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:11 Touka sets out to lure the ghoul investigators, but before she can strike, she finds that Hinami has run away. When Touka and Kaneki go out looking for her, they find themselves face to face with Amon and Mado, who has a few surpises of his own for them.
9. Birdcage Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:11 After several weeks go by, everyone tries to return to their normal lives. Hinami moves in with Touka, and despite her aversion to birds, they nurse an injured cockatiel they name Hetare back to health. Kaneki visits Itori to try to learn more about Rize.
10. Aogiri Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:11 The 11th Ward offices of CCG are attacked by ghouls, wiping everyone out. Banjo and company stop in at Anteiku, looking for Rize to warn her to flee from Aogiri Tree, a new group of ghouls bent on taking over-- until Kaneki accidentally knocks him out!
11. High Spirits Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:11 Kaneki is held captive by Yamori, who practices his torturous craft on him. The police and CCG move in to deal with Aogiri Tree, who have made an 11th Ward shopping mall their headquarters. In all the commotion, the Anteiku team tries to rescue Kaneki.
12. Ghoul Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:11 As Yamori continues to brutally torture Kaneki, Rize once again appears to him, and the two of them explore Kaneki's childhood and relationship with his mother. Kaneki is forced to make a choice that has a profound impact on him.

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Viewer Reviews

  • BUT

    By ghaa12

    its a great show but its heavily censored which ruins everything
  • Read the manga

    By Neko boi 1987

    But is it just really violent cuz if that’s all then ye if it’s sexually inappropriate then ne
  • Dub or sub

    By Pot o fun

    Is it in English or Japanese?
  • I can’t pick

    By Nomerslo

    So good
  • Watch it subbed not dubbed.

    By Thatrobotguy

    I hate to be that one person that harps on subbed anime being better than dubbed anime but Tokyo Ghoul is my favorite anime and the dubbed version just isn't the same. If you're going to buy it buy the subbed version, it's cheaper, the voice acting is better (more emotion, higher quality actors) and in translation some of the lines were changed making them worse. What was once deep and insightful sounds campy in the dubbed version. This anime is amazing it has deep and complex charecters, an interesting story arch with twists and turns and it's not afraid to go deep and dark. It explores the grey zones (who's truely good and who's truely evil) that's usually missed by most TV shows. If you really want to appreciate the anime go buy the subbed version.
  • Something new

    By Rex411

    It's not like any other anime I've seen it's amazing

    By Cheshirecat1997

    I never really knew about anime but this was my first show :3 😂 I LOVE IT!!!
  • Question?

    By Salami_2012

    Is season 1 on iTunes in English language?
  • For whoever's in charge of the music

    By Zelda5678884

    Please sell your songs on iTunes, lots of fans like me wanna buy unravel 😭 its so good

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