The Curse of Oak Island, Season 4 subtitles

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 4 English Subtitles

Genre: Nonfiction

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  • Release Date: 2016-11-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 15
  • Produced by: The Curse of Oak Island

Rick and Marty Lagina's lifelong dream of solving the 221-year Oak Island mystery may be on the verge of the greatest breakthrough yet. With over 450 tons of state-of-the-art technology and heavy digging machinery, this season the Lagina brothers are excavating the Money Pit – a manmade hole discovered in the late 1700s – which is believed to be hiding a chest full of valuable items.

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 4 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-15

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Going for Broke Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:58 Rick and Marty Lagina return to Oak Island and begin preparations for a major excavation in the Money Pit.
2. Always Forward Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:06 Rick and Marty Lagina investigate a mysterious "Hatch" which may be a secret entrance to an underground treasure tunnel on Oak Island.
3. Swamp Things Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:04 The Lagina Brothers find evidence of what could be an ancient shipwreck in the Oak Island swamp.
4. No Stone Unturned Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:09 Rick and Marty Lagina begin their search for a centuries-old treasure vault in the Oak Island Money Pit.
5. Bullseye Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:08 Rick and Marty Lagina believe they have finally located an ancient treasure vault in the Oak Island Money Pit.
6. Circles in Wood Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:01 The Laginas decide to move their Money Pit operation in hopes of finding a strange golden object.
7. All That Glitters Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:09 As Rick and Marty Lagina begin a second massive dig in the Money Pit, possible proof of a shipwreck is located in the swamp.
8. The Mystery of Samuel Ball Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:02 The Laginas find important evidence linking an 18th century American slave to the Oak Island mystery.
9. Echoes from the Deep Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:59 Rick and Marty Lagina send divers deep into the Money Pit in search of a mysterious golden object.
10. About Face Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:09 The Oak Island team returns to borehole 10-X in search of new clues.
11. Presidential Secrets Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:59 Rick Lagina travels to the Franklin D. Roosevelt library to find out why the former U.S. President was obsessed with Oak Island.
12. Hyde Park and Go Seek Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:10 Rick and Marty decide to dig a third hole at the Money Pit after Rick finds even more evidence connecting Oak Island to the Knights Templar.
13. One of Seven Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:09 The Laginas and their partners make incredible discoveries at Smith's Cove and in the Money Pit.
14. Of Sticks and Stones Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:08 Rick and Marty Lagina face a major dilemma as they continue their search for the original Oak Island Money Pit.
15. Blood Is Thicker Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:14 The Laginas and their team make what could be the most important discovery in the history of Oak Island.

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Viewer Reviews


    By AlexKanwetz

  • Last episode???

    By Espenthemandragon

    Can you please put out episode 16? I have paid money for this show.
  • Where?

    By annoyed0414

    Where is the end-of-season wrap-up episode?
  • Missing the last episode?

    By Great mystery:)

    In the end of the season finale episode they mention a episode next week? The next week episode never came?
  • Not happy

    By DerekO1983

    Why doesn't it show episodes any more on season 4? I have downloaded some of the episodes and I want to watch the last episode and not buy the whole pass since I already downloaded half the season.
  • itunes and charges

    By bevkathol

    Be cautious. iTunes is trying to charge me for an episode of this show that I already paid for. I paid for the entire season, yet this week it will not let me download it unless I click to pay for it. Cheap trick on iTunes part. I'm sure it will be corrected but don't want anyone in haste to make this mistake.
  • Digging the Gold out of This Show

    By Murphagent

    I have watched every episode since the beginning. Out of four seasons,the show could of been condensed to just over one season. The producers trying to milk the story for as many episodes as possible is so apparent. The endless repetition and narration is killing this show and its dedicated viewers. The story is great and the search is fascinating, but there is only so many ways the story can be gone over without driving us all to bury ourselves in our own pit. Tell Marty to shut off the water before digging another hole in the ground. Its the same mistake every searcher has made.

    By Prettyfuzzybunny

    Hunting Hilter Proves Oak Island is doing it wrong! I love the guys of Oak Island, the treasure hunt, the mystery! But the entire show can be condensed into 6-10 minutes of "actual" show. The rest is dreaded "recap" and over bloated narration done in a way that completely ruins the show. I want to watch Oak Island with 95% less narration. Just the guys working and doing the job of hunting. Dirt digging is better for the show then the narrators senseless recap! If I was not so loyal to the Cause and interested in the story- I'd Ive ditched this show- like acient aliens- which has the same narrator and grinds you down to leave. Please Oak Island producers- change the show or find the treasure! 4 seasons of "recap" to find a coin, a deck nail, and some wood, is hard enough- let alone a guy recapping that 2,300 times!

    By octoberkurt

    How is it possible to make such a fascinating mystery seem boring and aggravating all at once? Hire a narrator to interject useless flashback commentary and to endlessly posit; "A (insert "find" here) rusty Coca Cola bottlecap?!...Could it be that the team has uncovered a clue to solving the mystery?". The next time I hear another "could it be?", I swear I'm gonna toss a treasure chest through the TV. If this show returns next year, fire the narrator, don't USE a narrator, STOP WITH THE ENDLESS FLASHBACKS...WE CAN REMEMBER FOR OURSELVES, WE ARE NOT STUPID...and, and, and...just let the players tell the story. Fod God's sake, give the Laginas something to really say, other than 30 second scripted "thoughts". This show is turning to rust, not gold.

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