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The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions English Subtitles

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  • Release Date: 2017-02-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 20
  • Produced by: The Challenge

Season after season, hopeful Challenge competitors have fallen victim to cunning Challenge Champions. Now, for the first time ever, eighteen of the hungriest Underdogs will enter the game without any Champions standing in their way! These Underdogs will get the chance to prove that they are truly worthy of a win and can take home the gold. No more falling in line and no more being manipulated. But, just when the Underdogs think they have the game under control, they will be confronted with one of the biggest twists to ever hit The Challenge. Eight of the most vicious Challenge Champions will invade the game, vowing to defend their hard-fought titles! With a whopping $350,000 on the line, only the very best players will survive a brutal and cutthroat game. Not everyone will make it to the end, but for those who do, they will face off in the first ever three-day final challenge to see who is truly worthy of being called a Champion.

The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-20

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Gimme Shelter Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:39 Eighteen eager Underdogs arrive in Thailand and are shocked to be living in a run-down hut called The Shelter. While the players adjust to their living conditions, the Champions prepare to invade the game.
2. Skeletal Fracture Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:19 Kailah finds herself universally disliked and must figure out how to survive being considered the game's most hated player. Sylvia struggles with loyalty to her friendships versus the pressures of her alliance.
3. Helter Shelter Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:19 Cory takes a big risk in order to earn his ticket to The Oasis. One player's nerves become too much to handle at a terrifying elimination.
4. Four Tickets to Paradise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:20 Paranoia gets the best of Shane and causes him to lash out. LaToya and Nelson bond as the last four tickets to the Oasis are awarded and the players are ecstatic to finally move out of The Shelter.
5. Underdog Eat Underdog World Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:19 The Champions move into The Oasis. A civil war breaks out within Team Underdog when they must decide which players they want to send into Elimination.
6. The Mile-High Club Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:20 Nelson flies into a fit of rage when things don't go his way. A player wets her bed, dousing the affections of her handsome suitor. Jenna hopes to rekindle a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Zach.
7. Achy Breaky Heart Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:54 When Ashley spots Hunter flirting with a Champion, she questions their romance. The Champions vow to even out the bank accounts at the "Roll With The Punches" challenge. Bananas makes a suspicious move to save himself
8. A Low-down Dirty Shane Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:20 The competitors must endure a spicy curry eating challenge that sends tempers flaring. The Underdogs question if they can trust Shane, when he is suspected of making multiple alliances.
9. An Officer and a Gentlewoman Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:19 Flirtatious Nicole vows that she can hook up with both Cara Maria and Laurel, but her plans go awry. The pranksters are revealed causing all hell to break loose between the girls on each team.
10. Go Your Own Way Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:25 The Underdog alliances begin to unravel when Hunter's motives for flirting with Ashley are called into question. TJ surprises the competitors with a shocking twist in the game.
11. The Bloodbath Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:16 To the Champs' delight, the Underdogs must prove they're worthy of the Final during the game's shocking slaughter. A friendship turns into a rivalry when one player's suspicious gameplay is brought to light.
12. Caged Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:17 With only four players remaining on each team, The Champions and Underdogs must rely on their teammates to navigate a tricky maze course. In-fighting among the Champs leaves tempers flaring right before their last elimination.
13. A River of Endless Light Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:17 A meltdown threatens to break apart the Underdog team. An ancient Thai lantern festival prompts reflection among the Challengers. TJ shocks everyone with a twist to the Final that no one saw coming.
14. Math Is Hard Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:17 Camila and Cory's love affair is put to the ultimate test when they must work together in the Final. The Underdogs and Champs must rely on each other in order to finish the Final.
15. The True Champions Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:16 After a grueling three-day Final, the winners of Invasion of the Champions are revealed. Will an Underdog earn the title of Champ? Or will a Champ remain on top?
16. Reunion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:16 One plot twist resulted in the toughest time any teams have had in Challenge history. Our Champs and Underdogs gather to discuss all the moments of this season including remaining rivalries, friendships, hook-ups, and some unseen footage. Host: The Miz.
17. The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions – Bonus Video Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:11 The Champs are here to give The Underdogs a smackdown. Who do you think will take it all on The Challenge: Invasion?
18. Hall of Fame: Ct Get Subtitle Mirror 2 20:44 CT is the man keeping fans on their edge of their seat every time he competes. As he prepares to return to the series following a two-year absence, MTV looks back at his most unforgettable, and often controversial moments.
19. Hall of Fame: Johnny Bananas Get Subtitle Mirror 2 20:43 Johnny Bananas has secured his place in history with more wins than any competitor in The Challenge. As he prepares to return to for a record-breaking fourteenth season, MTV looks back at his most unforgettable moments.
20. EpicFails Get Subtitle Mirror 2 20:44 When it comes to The Challenge, big muscles don't necessarily guarantee a big win! Not when one misstep could quite possibly cause your downfall. This is a collection of 29 seasons worth of the best of the worst moments in the shows' history!

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Viewer Reviews

  • Same old

    By Blaketheillest

    Every time you see Bananas in one of these remember he takes adderall and steroids to give him the upper hand in finals and challenges.
  • Great season

    By Bgcccccccccc

    Great season! but I miss nany!
  • The episode “Go Your Own Way” is broken

    By teufelhunden

    The episode is only audio… there is no video at all
  • Problem with an episode

    By EmmaLou=)

    Anyone else having a problem with Go On Your Way? I’ve downloaded it several times and I get sound but no visual?
  • Amazeballs

    By Monstromcclure

    I love love love love loveeee this show! Never want to stop watching it! :)
  • Finally The challenge 💓

    By Althani82

    Cant believe CT have a baby , am sooo happy for him 😭
  • ❤️ The challenge

    By EllaEmma09

    Bananas might get old but the challenge never dies
  • 🤡

    By laurakristina

    Thank you ITunes
  • Where is episode 1

    By Rafjose

    Where is episode 1 ? Why episode 2 is out already

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