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Genre: Drama

Rated 7.2 From 181 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2017-05-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 25
  • Produced by: Animal Kingdom

The Codys are back, and the ties that bind them are about to be stretched to the limit as Animal Kingdom returns for season two. One of cable's Top 5 new dramas this past summer, the series about a Southern California crime family stars winner Ellen Barkin as Smurf, the matriarch of the Cody clan, Scott Speedman as her second in command and Shawn Hatosy as her volatile, mentally unstable eldest son. As the second season opens, the Cody clan is back to their old ways and in the midst of a fun, high-adrenaline heist. But when things don’t go as planned, the family dynamics become more fractured than ever as some members advocate for independence from Smurf. Adding fuel to the fire is an external threat from Smurf's past that has come back to haunt her. The series also stars Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Molly Gordon and Carolina Guerra.

Animal Kingdom, Season 2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-25

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Eat What You Kill Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:58 As the second season opens, the Cody clan is back to their old ways and in the midst of a fun, high-adrenaline heist. But when things don’t go as planned, the family dynamics become more fractured than ever as some members advocate for independence from Smurf. Adding fuel to the fire is an external threat from Smurf's past that has come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Baz copes with being a single parent and Deran makes plans for the future.
2. Karma Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:38 As Smurf adjusts to being sidelined, the boys scope out their next job. When Deran needs some quick cash, Pope and Craig lend him a hand. Meanwhile, Baz investigates Catherine’s disappearance.
3. Bleed for It Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:18 Smurf takes J to the desert for an old friend’s wake. Meanwhile, Baz visits Lucy (new series star CAROLINA GUERRA) in Mexico, and Pope bonds with Amy (guest star JENNIFER LANDON) from the MegaChurch, while babysitting Lena (guest star AAMYA DEVA KEROLES). And Deran considers what he’ll risk to get a liquor license for the bar.
4. Broken Boards Get Subtitle Mirror 2 53:09 With the bar set to open, Deran frets about telling Smurf about it. Meanwhile, Pope and Amy go on a date, while Nicky must choose between Craig and J.
5. Forgive Us Our Trespasses Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:07 As the boys put the MegaChurch heist in motion, Craig has second thoughts. Meanwhile, Javi (guest star ALEX MERAZ) surprises Smurf with a visit.
6. Cry Havoc Get Subtitle Mirror 2 48:10 As Javi ratchets up the pressure on Smurf, she enlists J to help her. Confronted by a secret Catherine kept from him, Baz clashes with Pope in the wake of the MegaChurch job.
7. Dig Get Subtitle Mirror 2 48:50 The boys consider how far they’ll go to help Smurf eliminate Javi. Shaken by what’s happened, Nicky and J get closer. Meanwhile, Baz shares new information with Pope about Catherine’s disappearance.
8. Grace Get Subtitle Mirror 2 48:11 As the cops press Amy about the church robbery, Pope diverts their suspicions. And while Craig plans an unusual heist of his own, Baz tails Smurf to find out what she’s really hiding.
9. Custody Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:08 When Baz bows out of the yacht heist, Craig and Deran consider their options. Meanwhile, Baz recruits J for a more personal job.
10. Treasure Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:51 As Craig leads the boys and Nicky in pirating the yacht, Smurf tries to find out who robbed her. Meanwhile, Baz considers what life would be like without Smurf calling all the shots.
11. The Leopard Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:17 Baz puts his plan to take down Smurf in motion as Marco (guest star JOSEPH JULIAN SORIA) cashes in a favor with Craig and Deran. Meanwhile, Pope seeks the truth behind the reasons for Catherine’s death.
12. You Will Be Gutted Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:31 With Smurf in jail, Baz makes his move to run the family; but his brothers have other plans.
13. Betrayal Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:59 When Smurf realizes she may be in jail a lot longer than expected, she pits her sons against one another – the consequences be damned in the season finale episode.
14. Animal Kingdom Season 2 Sneak Peek Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:08 A brief glimpse of what fans can look forward to in Season 2.
15. Fractured: A Sneak Peek of Animal Kingdom Season 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 8:31 An in-depth look at the seismic shift that sends the Codys reeling in all directions to begin the second season.
16. Dissecting Pope Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:10 Actor Shawn Hatosy and producers discuss the process of creating the darkly compelling character of Andrew "Pope" Cody.
17. Deleted Scene: Forgive Us Our Trespasses episode, Scene 76 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:02 Craig, bleeding, stumbles upon a bonfire.
18. Deleted Scene: Grace episode, Scene 24 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:49 Pope & Amy can't sleep.
19. Deleted Scene: Grace episode, Scene 46A Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:19 Smurf assures Pope that the cops have nothing connecting Baz to Cath.
20. Deleted Scene: The Leopard, Scene 27 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:14 Smurf hires Jace to steal her things any cost.
21. Deleted Scene: You Will Be Gutted, Scene 44 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:07 Amy tells Pope that the only way he'll find peace is to confess his sins and accept responsibility.
22. Deleted Scene: You Will Be Gutted, Scene 49 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:10 Lena asks Pope why he hates Grandma Smurf & if Pope's going to take her away with him. He tells her that he's not going anywhere.
23. Deleted Scenes: Betrayal, Scene 16A Get Subtitle Mirror 2 0:57 Pope makes a trust for Lena.
24. Deleted Scene: Betrayal, Scene 37 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:13 Nicky has coke. Nicky gets high, very very high.
25. Deleted Scene: Betrayal, Scene 56 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:15 Pope reads with Lena.

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Viewer Reviews

  • GREAT show!

    By Nisi59

    Watched from the beginning, getting better with each season!
  • Intense

    By Wu-Lumba

    One of my favorite series.
  • Amazing!!!

    By lashandglow

    Best show ever!!!!
  • 2nd season even better

    By Kara7

    I've been watching this show from the beginning, love the character complexity and development, the good vs evil, breaking bad type growth and some breaking good mixed in. If you like BB or SOA, this show is right up your alley.
  • Crazy good!

    By greymage

    I was skeptical that Season 2 would be able to keep up to Season 1. The first season could have stood alone and the show cancelled, with no real cliffhangers and that would heve been that. However trying to continue an awesome first season isn't that easy. I finally was satisfied by the end of the 4th episode, that they are doing the first season justice. The character development is far more difficult with this bunch than any other show I have gotten into. For example the greatest TV show ever, Breaking Bad" (according to Guiness) had pigeon holed characters, the cop, the drug dealers, the teacher. All of them have been protrayed in shows and firms for decades. The surfing crowd hasn't made the scene since Point Break and before that I think was Beach Blanket Bingo! Bravo to the writers and actors and may this show ride the waves forever.
  • Keeps you watching!

    By Subarubow

    I would rank this series with the starting of a similar Sons Of Anarchy, hopfully this show really takes off so we all can enjoy a couple more awesome seasons.
  • Amazing

    By JillianGilbert98

    Already proving to be fantastic. 🙈

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