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  • Release Date: 2018-10-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 173
  • Produced by: Charmed (Classic)

After seven years of protecting the innocent, demon fighting and generally ridding the world of evil, the Halliwell sisters have begun a search for a different destiny – living normal lives free of fighting demons. As "The Charmed Ones," the most powerful good witches to ever exist, the sisters faked their own deaths last year and created new identities, altering their appearances to the outside world, but appearing as themselves to those closest to them. Now, they must reconcile with their own guilt about not fighting the supernatural evil that continues in the world. <i>Charmed</i> explores the relationship between three siblings, who after discovering that they possess magical powers, are reluctantly thrown into a world of supernatural evils. Phoebe, Paige and Piper must keep their identity as "the Charmed Ones" secret from the world, with only themselves to rely upon. Piper deals with trying to balance raising her two young sons with Leo and run P3, Phoebe takes over as the advice columnist at the Bay Mirror and meets the man she envisions herself marrying. Paige, meanwhile, cannot ignore the whitelighter in her, answers the call of a young witch named Billie, whose raw talents and sassy attitude will become a tremendous asset in the fight against evil. In working with Billie to hone her skills and teach her the importance of what they do, the sisters realize how much they miss magic and how they can have normal lives and still fight evil. As the three most powerful good witches magic has to offer, the Halliwell sisters continue to wage war against evil as they seek to strengthen their sisterly bond and get closer to fulfilling their destiny.

Charmed: The Complete Series English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-173

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Season 1, Episode 1: Something Wicca This Way Comes Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:28 Sisters Prue and Piper Halliwell have recently moved into their dead grandmother's old victorian home in the San Francisco hills and when youngest, black-sheep sister Phoebe moves in with them, they discover they are descendants of an ancient Wiccan prophecy - the "Charmed Ones."
2. Season 1, Episode 2: I've Got You Under My Skin Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:54 A good-looking man, Stefan actually kidnaps young, beautiful women and sucks their youth and beauty out of them to keep his own youth, now he has designs on Phoebe. Meanwhile, Prue lands a new job at an art house and also regrets sleeping with Trudeau and Piper questions whether her witchy powers make her a bad person.
3. Season 1, Episode 3: Thank You for Not Morphing Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:42 The Halliwell sisters' long-lost father unexpectedly turns up and has intentions of getting the Book of Shadows out of their house; simultaneously, mysterious new neighbors move in across the street with intentions of their own.
4. Season 1, Episode 4: Dead Man Dating Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:53 After being killed by Asian gang thugs, Mark becomes a ghost whose soul is up for grabs depending upon if Yama, the demon who confiscates souls for hell gets him first. The sisters Haliwell can see Mark because of their powers where mere mortals can't; meanwhile, to earn extra money for a gift for Prue's birthday, Phoebe works as a physic at a local restaurant/bar.
5. Season 1, Episode 5: Dream Sorcerer Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:03 After Piper and Phoebe cast a spell to dream up romantic interests, the dream sorcerer tries to get back at Prue after she rebuffs him at a nightclub.
6. Season 1, Episode 6: The Wedding from Hell Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:03 Piper caters a wedding with Phoebe's help and discovers that Elliot, the groom under a spell by Jade, the bride and is forced to marry her instead of his true love, Allison. Jade is actually a hectate demon who must mate to continue the line of demons.
7. Season 1, Episode 7: Fourth Sister Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:23 A young and lonely teen attempts to get friendly with the sisters after being possessed by Kali, a demon bent on gaining the girls' powers from them.
8. Season 1, Episode 8: The Truth Is Out There and It Hurts Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:36 After a warlock from the future comes to the present to destroy the people who will eventually create a vaccine against warlocks, Prue casts a 24 hour truth spell in order to determine if Andy finds out she's a witch, will he still be attracted to her.
9. Season 1, Episode 9: The Witch Is Back Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:53 After Rex gets Prue a locket that harbors the evil warlock Matthew, Matthew takes Prue's powers and sets out for the other sisters. The sisters Halliwell fight back and conjure up their witchly ancestor Melinda Warren to combat the evil demon. Meanwhile, Matthew sets out after Halliwells in the phone book in an effort to locate Piper and Phoebe.
10. Season 1, Episode 10: Wicca Envy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:53 Rex and Hannah set out to destroy the sisters Halliwell and frame Prue for murder while angering her by Rex dating Phoebe. The girls learn the only way to get Prue out is to agree to conjure a spell which would relieve them of all of their powers, forever. Mysteriously, though, they get their powers back with the help of Leo, the handyman and the sisters' guardian angel.
11. Season 1, Episode 11: Feats of Clay Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:53 Phoebe's old flame Clay comes to town after he and his partners steal a valuable urn that is guarded by a demon, putting Prue in jeopardy after Clay gets Phoebe to ask Prue to help sell the urn. Meanwhile, Piper tries to help a bumbling bartender unite with a waitress at the Quake.
12. Season 1, Episode 12: The Wendingo Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:53 After Piper is almost killed by a beast, she notices a strange transformation she begins to make all similar traits to her attacker. Meanwhile, Phoebe works as Prue's assistant and tries to help a family reunite after a premonition.
13. Season 1, Episode 13: From Here to Eternity Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:55 On the eve of another Friday the 13th, the sisters learn of a demon who kills witches after discovering their deepest fears. Now, he's after Prue since discovering her fear of water. Meanwhile, Phoebe wrestles with her conscience after discovering she'll have to lie for her boss while Piper lets the Friday the 13th superstition stay in the way of possible romance.
14. Season 1, Episode 14: Secrets and Guys Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:43 Prue tries to help a young boy, who's received his mother's witch powers after two thugs kidnap him to use his powers for their evil gain. Meanwhile, Leo returns and wants to declare his love for Piper, but can't because angels and witches cannot get together. After he lets Phoebe in on his secret, she tries to get Leo to tell Piper the real truth behind his leaving town for good this time.
15. Season 1, Episode 15: Is There a Woogie in the House Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:48 An earthquake unearths a shadowy evil Woogy who promptly takes over the gasman on the Halliwell premises who promptly takes over Phoebe, who as a child most feared the Woogyman the girls' grandma always talked about. As Phoebe fights the evil rapidly taking her over, she must also contend with Prue's important dinner party which Piper is trying to prepare despite the earthquake damages to the electricity.
16. Season 1, Episode 16: Which Prue Is It Anyway? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:38 A dangerous mortal uses a crystal sword to suck powers out of people and targets Prue as his next victim. To help combat him, Prue casts a spell to strengthen her powers, only it ends up cloning her twice. Using his sister as bait, Gabriel methodically attempts to trap Prue. Meanwhile, Piper contends with the dreaded annual inventory at the Quake.
17. Season 1, Episode 17: That 70's Episode Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:43 After a run in with a demon who's responsible for the death of the sisters' mother, Prue, Piper and Phoebe are transported back to the 1970's after casting a spell to try to prevent her death and their loss of powers.
18. Season 1, Episode 18: When Bad Warlocks Turn Good Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:23 Prue tries to help Brendan who's two brothers are evil warlocks that attempt to convert him as well, forming the Evil Charmed Ones. Meanwhile, Piper tries not to fall for Josh Dutton.
19. Season 1, Episode 19: Blind Sided Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:18 After the Halliwell sisters witness the kidnapping of Piper's friend son, they discover it's the work of the Grimlocks, demons who take the sight away from young boys. Phoebe tracks one surviving boy down who escaped 20 years ago while Prue is besieged by an over aggressive tabloid journalist who witnessed her powers in use and tips off Trudeau about her.
20. Season 1, Episode 20: The Power of Two Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:18 After Piper leaves town for a convention, Prue and Phoebe discover a long-dead convict has been brought to life as a ghost and is murdering people who had anything to do with his conviction. Internal Affairs suspects Trudeau after too many unexplained circumstances are in too many unsolved cases.
21. Season 1, Episode 21: Love Hurts Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:38 White-Lighter Leo returns to help rescue Daisy, a young woman on her way to becoming a White Lighter, he's injured by the evil Alex, who once loved and is now out to get Daisy. Turning to the sisters for help, he realizes he's still in love with Piper. To save him, Piper casts a spell to switch powers with him and give herself the healing gift, only switching Prue and Phoebe's powers with one another. Meanwhile, Trudeau endures further scrutiny from mercurial IA Investigator Rodriquez.
22. Season 1, Episode 22: Deja Vu All Over Again Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:58 After repeated, unsuccessful attempts at trying to get to the "Charmed Ones," Rodriguez is aided by time sorcerer Tempus Fugit who traps the Halliwells in a time loop.
23. Season 2, Episode 1: Witch Trial Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:06 On their first anniversary of becoming witches, the sisters face a cloven-hoofed demon called Abraxas, that steals the Book of Shadows and undoes the spells they've cast, releasing old vanquished enemies of the Charmed Ones. If the demon undoes the spell that granted them their powers, they will come back to living normal lives.
24. Season 2, Episode 2: Morality Bites Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:22 When Phoebe has a vision of herself being burnt to death, the sisters travel ten years into the future to learn what happened. Only to discover that she used her powers to kill Cal Greene, causing a local D.A. named Nathanial Pratt to begin modern day witch trials as a platform for political office. Meanwhile, Prue and Piper try to save Phoebe, but they both are surprised and somewhat disappointed to learn how their lives turned out.
25. Season 2, Episode 3: The Painted World Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:16 When Prue finds some mysterious words on an unusual painting at the auction house, she winds up trapped in the magical world inside the painting with a man who had been imprisoned there for decades. Meanwhile, after damaging Prue's car, Phoebe casts a smart spell in hopes to land a high-paying job to pay for the repairs.
26. Season 2, Episode 4: The Devil's Music Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:14 Leo lures the manager of Dishwalla to P3, aware that the manager has made a pact with a demon that grants him fame and fortune in exchange for innocent souls. Meanwhile, Darryl soon becomes involved when he investigates the mysterious disappearance of young women from many of Dishwalla's past concerts, and suspects that more will disappear when they next perform.
27. Season 2, Episode 5: She's a Man, Baby, a Man! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:21 The sisters discover that Phoebe is psychically linked, through her powers, to a man killing demon known as a 'Succubus.' In order to lure the Succubus to the sisters, Prue casts a spell, which turns her into a man. Meanwhile, Piper discovers from a video tape at the dating service that their new neighbour, Dan, is interested in her.
28. Season 2, Episode 6: That Old Black Magic Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:47 The sisters must find and train the Chosen One to vanquish a powerful evil witch that could destroy them.
29. Season 2, Episode 7: They're Everywhere Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:26 A band of knowledge stealing warlocks hunt down a young man who uncovered the location of one of the greatest sources of power in the world. Meanwhile, Prue has her hands full with Jack Sheridan.
30. Season 2, Episode 8: P3 H2O Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:11 The sisters must face and destroy the demon that was responsible for their mother's death 20 years ago. In the process, they uncover a chapter of their mother's life that they never knew about, one that disturbingly mirrors Piper's current relationship with Leo.
31. Season 2, Episode 9: Ms. Hellfire Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:59 An assassination attempt on the sisters' lives forces Prue to go undercover as the woman who tried to kill them, known as Ms. Hellfire. While undercover, she becomes romantically involved with the man who hired the original Ms. Hellfire.
32. Season 2, Episode 10: Heartbreak City Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:31 A demon named Drasi steals Cupid's ring, which he uses to bring couples together. Now Cupid must convince the Halliwells to help him get it back before Drasi breaks all of the relationships, thus killing Cupid.
33. Season 2, Episode 11: Reckless Abandon Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:59 The sisters must find a way to vanquish a ghost who is intent on killing all of the men in a family line, including the last male, a baby.
34. Season 2, Episode 12: Awakened Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:11 When Piper contracts a life-threatening tropical virus that leaves her in intensive care, Prue and Phoebe cast an 'awakening' spell to save her life. However, since the spell was used for personal gain, the sisters can no longer sleep, and Piper's sickness spreads into an epidemic as a direct consequence. Meanwhile, Prue quits her job at Buckland's and Phoebe enrolls in university.
35. Season 2, Episode 13: Animal Pragmatism Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:59 A group of lonely mortal women at a University cast a spell that turns three animals into men, who wreak havoc on the town. Meanwhile, Prue adjusts to life being unemployed.
36. Season 2, Episode 14: Pardon My Past Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:09 Phoebe experiences flashes of one of her past lives when she and her sisters were cousins in the 1920s. However, in this past life, Phoebe was evil and power mad and a curse was bestowed upon her that could affect future Phoebe's life.
37. Season 2, Episode 15: Give Me a Sign Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:17 Phoebe helps Piper cast a spell in order to help her choose between Dan and Leo. Meanwhile, Bane is broken out of jail and kidnaps Prue to force her to use her powers to save him from powerful demons that are after him.
38. Season 2, Episode 16: Murphy's Luck (AKA 8th Day) Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 After Prue prevents a woman from committing suicide, a Darklighter puts a curse on her that throws her into a depression that could cost her life.
39. Season 2, Episode 17: How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:20 A group of three elderly witches, one of them close friends of the Halliwells' grandmother, summon a demon to restore their youth. However, in return, the demon wants the powers of the Charmed Ones.
40. Season 2, Episode 18: Chick Flick Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:45 When the demon of illusion brings invincible characters from old B grade horror movies to life in an attempt to kill the Charmed Ones, they're greatest ally is Phoebe's child-hood crush: an old movie character.
41. Season 2, Episode 19: Ex Libris Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:21 The sisters must find a demon responsible for the murder of one of Phoebe's classmates. Meanwhile, Dan discovers that Leo was previously married, and decides to take matters into his own hands, while Prue attempts to help a man who is looking for a witness to his daughter's murder.
42. Season 2, Episode 20: Astral Monkey Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:28 The doctor that treated Piper when she was critically ill discovers, and gains, the Haliwells' powers. After being twisted by the magic now within him, he goes on a sadistic organ harvesting spree, targeting criminals in the streets.
43. Season 2, Episode 21: Apocalypse, Not Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:31 When a vanquishing spell goes awry while the Halliwells try to destroy the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Prue and one of the Horsemen become trapped in a vortex. Piper and Phoebe enlist the help of the three remaining Horsemen to free Prue and the fourth Horseman before the vortex closes, and both are killed.
44. Season 2, Episode 22: Be Careful What You Witch For Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 A Genie, employed by a Dragon Warlock to steal the Halliwells' powers, offers to grant each sister one wish for whatever they most desire. But when they refuse, the genie tricks them into wishing, resulting in an uncontrollable power for Phoebe, Prue's death, and the rapid aging of Dan, who finally learns Piper's secret.
45. Season 3, Episode 1: The Honeymoon's Over Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:08 Piper and Leo vacation while Prue and Phoebe must battle demons on their own.
46. Season 3, Episode 2: Magic Hour Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:21 The sisters seek to break a curse that keeps two lovers apart.
47. Season 3, Episode 3: Once Upon a Time Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:06 A little girl is tormented by Trolls that only she can see.
48. Season 3, Episode 4: All Halliwell's Eve Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 The sisters go back to the 1600 to help a fellow witch and her newborn daughter from an evil woman.
49. Season 3, Episode 5: Sight Unseen Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:20 When the house is robbed, Prue believes it to be another attack by the Triad.
50. Season 3, Episode 6: The Primrose Empath Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:51 The sisters release an empath from the torment of feeling the pain of the entire city only to find that he was a demon being punished.

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Viewer Reviews

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