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Genre: Drama

Rated 8.4 From 23 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2020-01-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 9
  • Produced by: Sanditon

Writer Andrew Davies brings Jane Austen’s unfinished last novel vividly to life. The village of Sanditon is becoming a fashionable spa resort full of intrigues and dalliances. Changing alongside it is the unconventional Charlotte Heywood.

Sanditon, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-9

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Episode 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:34 A chance accident brings Charlotte Heywood to Sanditon, a seaside resort on the cusp of dramatic change. Spirited and unconventional, Charlotte is shocked by its scheming and ambitious inhabitants and intrigued by the secrets they share.
2. Episode 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:59 Charlotte and Sidney clash again. Tensions surrounding Miss Lambe's arrival in Sanditon erupt at Lady Denham's grand pineapple luncheon. Esther and Edward realize that Clara poses a significant threat to their ambitions.
3. Episode 3 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:54 A serious accident forces Charlotte and Sidney together, and they each reappraise the other. When Tom brings a new doctor to the town, he and Lady Denham clash, while Clara makes a bold move in her bid to outplay Edward and Esther.
4. Episode 4 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:41 The arrival of Miss Lambe's forbidden love causes Charlotte to question her opinion of Sidney. Meanwhile, Clara witnesses a private moment between Esther and Edward.
5. Episode 5 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:43 Charlotte inadvertently places Miss Lambe in danger, while tensions between Tom and his laborers erupt during the Sanditon cricket match.
6. Episode 6 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:45 Charlotte and Sidney are at loggerheads, but must work together to save Miss Lambe from terrible danger. Edward and Clara enter into a scandalous pact to try and finally win Lady Denham's inheritance.
7. Episode 7 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:37 As the summer regatta approaches, Sidney wrestles with his feelings for an old flame. With Lady Denham at death's door, tensions finally come to a head, and threaten to split everyone apart.
8. Episode 8 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:24 On the night of the Midsummer Ball, the fate of Sanditon is in the balance when events conspire to leave Charlotte and the entire Parker family facing down impossible choices.
9. The First Look Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:19 Director Olly Blackburn and cast members Theo James, Rose Williams, Kris Marshall, Anne Reid and many more introduce Sanditon, the story of a once-sleepy fishing village that is on the rise.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Naj

    By 049182

    Very good
  • Great show! Let’s keep trying for season 2!!

    By 918Jedi

    This is a fantastic undertaking of an unfinished Jane Austen manuscript. The acting is delightful. A must see for any Austen fan or period piece fan. I watched it twice in one week!!

    By icesk8er!

    Just binge watched all 8 episodes. Why was this not better advertised and PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS A SEASON 2!!!!
  • Must Watch

    By Saripple

    I love this show. It is the best form of escapism. The acting, costumes, sets and scenery are all stunning to watch. Andrew Davies does not disappoint. A series that can easily be watched over and over again. We must have season 2.
  • Great, modern Jane Austen

    By MrsJoeP

    So enjoyed this series, from the music and the costumes to the enthralling love story. And while I can accept the imperfect ending (because things don’t always work out), there is so much more to explore with this setting and characters. #savesanditon
  • Loved it

    By 99time

    Loved this season. The characters were amazing and the storyline kept me wanting more. Praying for season 2.
  • Amazing show!!

    By rebeccalj1599

    I absolutely loved Sanditon and wish there was a second season.
  • My absolute favorite!

    By BrittCoops388

    I have already watched this season from start to finish no fewer than 15 times since it aired. Beautifully done with a fantastic cast. This show deserves a second season to complete this amazing story!
  • The BEST Austen adaptation since Pride & Prejudice!

    By Carofine10

    Sanditon has stolen my heart. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve watched it 4 times over now, even though my heart continues to break into a million tiny pieces at the very end! I just keep hoping for a season 2 to be made!

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