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When Calls the Heart, Season 7 English Subtitles

Genre: Drama

Rated 8.4 From 56 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2019-12-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 11
  • Produced by: When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart returns for a 7th season.

When Calls the Heart, Season 7 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-11

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Home for Christmas Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:19 As Christmas approaches in Hope Valley, Elizabeth prepares for Little Jack’s first Christmas and birthday surrounded by her closest friends, but she misses Jack more than ever. Nathan receives a prestigious job offer in Union City but weighs the promotion against the downside of leaving Elizabeth and taking his niece away from Hope Valley. Lucas holds a Christmas festival to bring some of his family’s traditions to Hope Valley... and to impress Elizabeth.
2. A Moving Picture Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:30 Lucas gives Elizabeth writing advice that causes her to search for new inspiration. Rosemary and Lee plan a vacation. Faith returns home with a dilemma that may force her to part ways from Carson. Gowen is interviewed for a business magazine.
3. The Heart of a Father Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:03 Elizabeth helps Nathan navigate family tensions. Rosemary advises Clara and Jesse on wedding plans. Bill and Lucas lose customers when a rumor spreads.
4. Family Matters Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:59 Elizabeth encourages Nathan to investigate his father. Lucas enjoys the first chapters of Elizabeth’s novel. Clara and Jesse cross items off their wedding to-do list.
5. Sweet and Sour Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:33 Elizabeth, Carson, and Faith deal with an outbreak of chickenpox. Faith’s dedication to her job jeopardizes her future.
6. An Unexpected Gift Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:35 Elizabeth gets a surprise bouquet of flowers on her doorstep which has the whole town wondering who left them. Rosemary and Lee organize Jesse & Clara’s bachelor and bachelorette parties.
7. In Perfect Unity Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:01 Elizabeth gets the people of Hope Valley to band together as only they can give Clara and Jesse the wedding of their dreams.
8. Heart of a Writer Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:53 When Elizabeth goes out of town, Lee and Rosemary are challenged with taking care of a fussy Little Jack.
9. Into the Woods Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:00 A dangerous windstorm puts residents of Hope Valley at risk. Elizabeth takes half the class on a field trip in the woods while Carson is the substitute teacher for the rest.
10. New Possibilities Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:22 Nathan goes undercover for a case. Fiona deals with bad news.
11. Don’t Go Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:05 Elizabeth hears good news. Lee gets a surprise that stirs up something from his past.

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You can get the .Srt subtitle files for each episode in When Calls the Heart, Season 7 by following the "Get Subtitle" Link beside every Episode above. You will be taken to a page where you can now select the appropriate subtitle file for your downloaded episode.
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2. Rename the subtitle file with exactly the same name as your video file, so you have two files like this: When Calls the Heart, Season 7_Episode_1.avi and When Calls the Heart, Season 7_Episode_1.srt.

3. Play your video in VLC. You should now see subtitles appear over your movie. If you don’t, double check the .srt file is correctly named, then close and restart VLC before playing again..

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4. Select the language from the drop-down, and make sure “Caption file” is selected, not “Transcript file”.
5. Upload the .srt file.
6. Done!
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8. This method also works to watch a Youtube video (not uploaded by you) with subtitles

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Viewer Reviews

  • When Calls the Heart Season 7

    By P pro

    Unfortunately, I couldn't watch while they were on TV, but a couple of days later. I love this series. I don't get the Season Finale of this show, why is this? If you pay for a whole season, you should be able to watch the whole season. I gave it 4 stars because the series is that good, just disappointed in the when it airs to watch and the season finale.
  • Awesome

    By Faby fab777

    Love it!
  • Heartie

    By 100% heartie

    I love when calls the heart!! I hope they have a season 8. But when will Elizabeth going to pick who she wants to date?
  • LOVE this show!!! Not iTunes

    By FarmMama.B

    We’re “Hearties” and absolutely adore this show! However the season pass we bought does not release the shows when they air??? This is very disappointing. I’m going to have to look for other options to watch the show after paying for the season pass
  • Season pass

    By strawberryblondeRN

    I bought season 7 and I can’t see the new episodes until a few days after they are released.
  • Season 7

    By RoyalMasterpiece

    This season is great. Not happy with the Season Pass either. This is the third week in a row where it is 2 days later. It used to be available the next day. Not okay. You should be upfront about the change.
  • I love When Calls the Heart

    By Doodlebug2195

    I love When Calls the Heart but iTunes has been putting them out later than they used to! Please start releasing them on Sunday night! We loved watching them and not having to wait 1 1/2 days till we could. I’m not going to stop getting a season pass from iTunes but I would love if they would go back to releasing them sooner!
  • Best show ever

    By Thepenguinsarecoming

    This was the best show ever, it is also my favorite show. I will watch the seasons over and over agin. I hope you get the show. And I hope you enjoy the show.
  • Where is the Episode Please?

    By Juzzy2601

    Like the previous reviewer stated, the episode still isnt available and I too paid for the season pass. Please make available apple. Thanks!

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