The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 10 subtitles

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 10 English Subtitles

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  • Release Date: 2020-04-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 20
  • Produced by: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

As the ladies attempt to manage the challenges of work-life balance and continue to travel the globe in style, they are forced to navigate ever-changing dynamics within the group. While new friendships are formed and old bonds are strengthened, some relationships are left to crumble. Beverly Hills mainstay Kyle Richards finds herself busier than ever, juggling between time well-spent with her family and mounting work demands. Determined to dive back into her acting career and launch a new clothing line, she questions whether she can truly have it all. Now an empty-nester, Lisa Rinna must deal with unexpected circumstances around her daughters' independence while simultaneously supervising their modeling careers. Dorit Kemsley may have bitten off more than she can chew with a new house, an expanding swimwear line, and new business venture that finds her redesigning the interior of an existing restaurant.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 10 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-20

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The Crown Isn't So Heavy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Kyle's new clothing line brings the women of Beverly Hills together for New York Fashion Week, where Dorit quickly realizes Kyle's lack of experience in the fashion world could turn into a runway disaster. Erika takes Lisa Rinna, Teddi and Denise on a revealing trip down memory lane. Denise, who is trying her best to ignore legal issues with her notorious ex-husband, introduces the group to her longtime friend Garcelle Beauvais.
2. To Live and Text in Beverly Hills Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 While Kyle tries to attract buyers for her new fashion line in New York City, Erika gets big news that has her moving there. Dorit's move into a new house is marred by negative press about her finances. As Denise faces emergency surgery, Lisa Rinna worries about Amelia adjusting to college life. Meanwhile, Teddi's confusing invitation causes conflict in the group.
3. First Impressions, True Confessions Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Kyle wraps shooting on her latest film and plans a Welcome Home party for all the ladies, including her newest friend Garcelle. Erika's singing lesson brings up a painful childhood memory. Teddi doesn't take kindly to Sutton's criticism. Denise's husband inadvertently bewilders Kyle's guests, while Lisa Rinna's party game leads to hurt feelings, tears and a dramatic exit.
4. All's Fair In Glam and War Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 After an awkward invitation, Lisa Rinna and Garcelle opt out of Teddi's fitness and wellness retreat, which is far from relaxing for the other ladies. Kyle and Erika question Dorit's all-about-me behavior. Denise is upset when her backyard dinner party takes an R-rated turn in front of her kids. The ladies are shocked when Kyle becomes inexplicably emotional.
5. Let the Mouse Go! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Lisa and Teddi butt heads over Kyle's emotional meltdown. Garcelle celebrates a milestone in her sons' lives, while Lisa struggles to stay in the shadows as her daughters launch their clothing line. Dorit and Sutton get into a cat-and-mouse game over a misunderstanding, and Erika notices the cracks in Denise's laid-back facade when Denise is pushed to a new breaking point.
6. Read Between the Signs Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Erika is left seeing stars at her astrology party when old resentments flare up between Kyle, Teddi and Dorit. Denise's simmering frustration boils over in front of a speechless Lisa Rinna. After drinks with her besties, Garcelle questions a new friend's priorities.
7. Santa Denise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 What promises to be a relaxing trip to Santa Barbara instead opens old wounds for Dorit, Erika, Teddi and Kyle. After feeling judged as a mother, Lisa Rinna turns the tables on Denise, forcing her to examine her own history of risqu? behavior. Meanwhile, Garcelle weighs the pros and cons of being a working mom as she prepares to leave town for a job.
8. Mind Your P's and BBQ's Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Garcelle is honored for her work with a local charity, but her acceptance speech isn't charitable to one guest. The ladies feel mom-shamed when Denise shows up to Kyle's kid-friendly barbecue without her kids. Lisa, Erika and Teddi are annoyed when Aaron mansplains to them - a situation Dorit knows firsthand is problematic for husbands in this group.
9. Until We Leave Again Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Denise and Aaron's hasty departure from Kyle's barbecue leaves the other ladies confused and unsettled. Kyle helps Kim through a delicate medical procedure, while Lisa and Erika have a distinctively Beverly Hills "procedure" of their own. Garcelle moves into her new house. Aaron awkwardly comes face to face with Erika and Teddi at Sutton's trunk show.
10. Black Ties and White Lies Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Garcelle finds herself in a tough spot during a business meeting. Lisa questions Denise's motives when Denise's behavior is filled with shades of grey. With Dorit's help, Kyle throws a black and white charity gala full of familiar faces from years past. Erika tries to avoid being "mansplained" to again, while Camille's road to reconciliation is bumpier than she expected.
11. Kiss and Tell All Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Lisa invites Dorit and the others on a glamorous Roman getaway. Denise tries to make nice with Erika, but gets an ice-cold shoulder instead. Garcelle digs into Sutton's past, while Brandi drops a bomb on Kyle and Teddi which threatens to turn their dream vacation into a nightmare.
12. Roman Rumors Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 After rumors about Denise begin to swirl, Lisa attempts to save the group's Roman holiday from turning into a disaster. When Teddi questions Denise about talking behind their backs, the confrontation leads to shocking revelations and questionable denials. Garcelle's bluntness hits a nerve with Sutton. Meanwhile, Kyle raises her eyebrows at Dorit and Erika's fashion-forward travel wear.
13. There's No Place like Rome Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 The Rome getaway continues as the women process Brandi's claims against Denise. While Kyle and Dorit attempt to work through their constant clashes, Garcelle, Denise, Erika and Lisa tour the city in luxury Ferraris. Dinner takes a wild turn when Denise throws out an accusation of her own, leading the women to question each other.
14. That's Not Amore Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 The trip to Rome may be coming to an end, but the conflict continues. While a Vespa ride reminds Kyle and Dorit just how much fun they can have together, Denise calls out Lisa for betraying their friendship. Later, a tearful Lisa joins Denise, Garcelle, and Sutton to find redemption at the Vatican. And the tables are turned at the last supper when Denise delivers a sermon that puts the ladies on defense.
15. Sex, Lies and Text Messages Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Kyle and Dorit surprise Teddi with a baby shower, but Brandi reveals a few surprises of her own. Denise and Garcelle lament over how they think Lisa has changed - but Lisa has a very different take on things. Erika leaves LA and jets off to Broadway.
16. Denise and Desist Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Denise is a no-show at Dorit's housewarming party and fails to keep plans with Garcelle twice in one week. The group hops on a private jet to celebrate Erika's Broadway debut, while Lisa and Denise try to salvage their 20-year friendship in a tense one-on-one.
17. Reunion, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 The ladies come together for a virtual sit-down to rehash a season of incredible highs and shocking lows, as they confront their issues and tackle viewers' burning questions. Kyle and Garcelle waste no time airing their grievances, and their unresolved tension finally reaches its boiling point when Kyle drops a shocking accusation. Dorit and Sutton recount their awkward exchange at Lisa's daughters' clothing line launch event, but Dorit's apology falls on deaf ears as Sutton challenges the motivations behind her comment. Frustrations come to a head when Erika and Lisa bring Denise to task for refusing to have an honest conversation and accuse her of manipulating the truth.
18. Reunion, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 Kyle takes a turn in the hot seat when she is left to answer for her attitude towards Dorit and Erika. When her daughters are brought up in conversation, Lisa bares all and addresses Garcelle's implication that she has a need for attention. Teddi reflects on the exhilarating joys and crippling fears of parenthood during a pandemic. A defiant Denise comes under fire for her connection to Brandi Glanville, but Garcelle and Dorit maintain their loyalty and quickly come to her defense.
19. Reunion, Pt. 3 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 The reunion concludes as Denise finally tells the women the truth about her friendship with Brandi. A defensive Garcelle is questioned for not supporting Erika's Broadway debut, while Erika and the others voice their crushing concerns about Denise's marriage. The women discuss what needs to happen amongst the group for them to be able to move forward as friends.
20. Secrets Revealed Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 In never-before-seen footage from Season 10, the story behind Denise's "Bravo, Bravo, ****ing Bravo" moment is finally revealed. Dorit faces mediation for her highly publicized lawsuit. Garcelle's new house is threatened by wild fires. Meanwhile, Lisa checks out a swanky Hollywood apartment with her daughter Amelia, and Erika hopes to stay in one piece after Kyle takes her for a spin in a vintage car.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Produced much

    By Studentkaytee

    WORST HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISE!! Don’t waste your time or money watching these washed up “actresses”. These bullies are horrible and Bravo should be ashamed. Good bye BH!
  • I feel cheated

    By JB2232

    This season ended at 16 episodes yet I paid the same price as RHONY which ended at 21. Really bravo?? You should refund us for this
  • Vanderpump Rules

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    This show is nothing without LVP!
  • Much better without LVP


    Now fake, empty Dorit just has to go and it’ll be even better
  • Episodes are not uploading.

    By cborzin

    It’s now July 8 and a new episode has not uploaded since June. This is unacceptable for paying customers who buy the season pass. Apply has lost me as a customer and I will now use amazon to buy future tv shows.
  • Meh

    By Natalie from NYC

    I have tried to keep giving RHOBH a chance and for at least the past 4 seasons this show has bored me senseless. They don’t hold a candle to RHONY, who for whatever reason are way more fun, crazy and authentic. These ladies are like watching paint dry.
  • iTunes where is last nights episode

    By laurakristina

    Still Waiting..................
  • iTunes does it once again.

    By not karen1

    WHERE IS EPS 9!?!?! It’s been more than 24 hrs since it has been aired on tv and we still do not have it available. When I pay money for a season pass I expect it to be updated in a timely manner. Definitely not acceptable.
  • iTunes, shame on you!

    By MelDear

    This rating is not for the program, it’s for iTunes. What a disgrace. We pay and you take the money, but don’t deliver the episode? I think there’s a name for that. Good thing I didn’t step in it! :/

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