Love After Lockup, Vol. 6 subtitles

Love After Lockup, Vol. 6 English Subtitles

Genre: Reality & Nonfiction

Rated 8 From 8 Ratings

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  • Release Date:
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 11
  • Produced by: Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup, Vol. 6 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-11

Title Downloads D2 Description
1. Stairway to Heaven Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37
2. Bad at Being Good Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:08
3. Date with Destinie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:11
4. Liar Liar Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:36
5. Roses on the Bed Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:36
6. A Gamble in the Desert Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:35
7. Denied & Declined Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:09
8. Love Don’t Cost a Ring Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:12
9. Life After Lockup: True CONfessions Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:08
10. Life After Lockup: True CONfessions, Eye Witness Accounts Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07
11. Love After Lockup Season 3 Trailer Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:47

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Couples risk everything to meet their felon fiancés at release. When they face shocking firsts, family drama & deception on the rocky road to the altar, will their love survive after lockup or is it all just a con?

Viewer Reviews

  • WE Tv need CashApp me back my $12.99

    By Aaronsontilt

    First of all, the producers of this show really eeked a whole lot of mileage out of very little content. One couple’s entire journey over the course of this season is 7 days. I didn’t feel the value on this season. I’m left feeling like I tattooed “WE TV” in three different languages all over my body and then they abandoned me at a roadside truck altar. Also, who decided to split the series up and make a “Life after lockup?” That’s not to mention how criss-cross-apple-sauced their numerical system on the episodes are. We Tv on them Traci drugs.
  • WE is fraudulent, save your money

    By Umeverynameistaken76433

    I purchased the season pass. There are 18 episodes, but only 7 available to watch/download. The season is over. I’ve purchased many other season passes and the episodes are posted a day or two after airing. I’ve contacted WE several times and they chose to not return my emails. Don’t waste your money.
  • Where are the episodes?

    By superslaw

    I am now 3 episodes behind, what is the point of buying the season if you don’t get access to the season? I want my money back
  • Waste of money

    By agirlcalledchuck

    Total waste of money to purchase the season in advance. It’s been 5 days since the last episode aired and it’s still not available to download.
  • What is the holdup!

    By karen0859

    I enjoy the show, but why aren’t episodes made available the day after airing? Sometimes it takes four days for an episode to be available which is much too long. This will be the last time I purchase a series.
  • What’s the point when you don’t update?

    By Kimberkcb

    It’s Monday evening and the show aired Friday night. It’s really unfair to charge for this when you’re not posting the episodes in a timely manner!!!
  • No new episodes, takes forever.

    By Realitytvmom2

    Super bummed. Ordered a season pass for a distraction to this COVID life. Waste of money. :/
  • Episodes never available on time

    By nicosil88

    Love this show but tired of waiting for the episodes to be available. It’s been almost a week since episode 4 aired and it’s still not showing as available to download
  • where is the upload??

    By holymoly12341

    Now on day 5 since the episode originally aired, this is ridiculous.

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