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Peppa Pig, Volume 1 English Subtitles

Genre: Kids & Family

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  • Release Date: 2011-02-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y
  • Episodes: 13
  • Produced by: Peppa Pig

Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa's favourite things include playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

Peppa Pig, Volume 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-13

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Best Friend / Polly Parrot Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Peppa's best friend Suzy Sheep comes to play at Peppa's house for the afternoon. Peppa won't allow George to join in. She says the games are just for big girls. George is very sad but when Peppa and Suzy want to play doctors and nurses George is more than happy to be the patient - especially when Mummy Pig brings him cookies in be. / Peppa and George are visiting their Granny and Grandpa. Granny Pig is very excited about her new pet. It's a parrot called Polly who can repeat everything you say. Peppa and George are a bit afraid of Polly at first but soon teach Polly how to laugh and grunt like a very loud little pig making everyone laugh.
2. Hide and Seek / The Playgroup Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Peppa and George are playing hide and seek. Peppa is very good at hiding but she complains that George is too easy to find. Peppa doesn't want to play with him any more. Daddy Pig says he'll help George and George hides so well that Peppa can't find him anywhere. / George is joining Peppa at her playgroup today. Peppa doesn't really want George to be there. It's her playgroup after all. When George arrives he's an instant hit with all of Peppa's friends. They think he's 'brilliant!' Peppa is so proud of her little brother that she decides he's brilliant too - he's her brilliant little brother.
3. Mummy Pig at Work / Piggy in the Middle Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Mummy Pig is very busy working on her computer. Peppa wants to help and begins bashing at the computer. The computer crashes but luckily Daddy Pig is a bit of an expert at these things and it's soon fixed. Daddy Peppa and George are more interested in playing their 'Happy Mrs Chicken' computer game than letting Mummy Pig get on with her work. / Peppa teases George because he can't catch a ball properly. Mummy Pig suggests they play a game that will help George learn how to catch called 'Piggy in the Middle'. When Daddy Pig lifts George up to catch the ball Peppa knows how it feels to be the littlest piggy but Mummy Pig soon gives Peppa a helping hand.
4. Daddy Loses His Glasses / Gardening Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Daddy loses his glasses and is completely helpless without them. Peppa and George help him to look for them. They search everywhere but can't find them. Daddy is about to give up when Peppa finds he was sitting on them all the time. 'Silly Daddy'! laughs Peppa. / Peppa and George go to Granny and Grandpa Pig's house and help Grandpa in the garden. Peppa and George are fascinated when Grandpa Pig tells them that everything in his garden grew from a tiny seed - even the big tree. Peppa plants a strawberry seed but George wants to grow something more unusual - a dinosaur. Grrr!
5. Muddy Puddles / Mr Dinosaur Is Lost Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 It's raining and Peppa is sad because she can't play outside. When the rain stops Peppa and George get to play one of their favourite games - jumping in muddy puddles! When Mummy and Daddy Pig join in things get very muddy indeed. / Mr Dinosaur is George's favourite toy. When Mr Dinosaur goes missing George is distraught. Daddy Pig helps Peppa to become a detective and together they track down Mr Dinosaur - making George a very happy little piggy again.
6. Hiccups / Bicycles Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 George eats his breakfast too quickly and gets hiccups. Peppa thinks it's very funny at first but when George's hiccups start to spoil their game, Peppa decides that she should cure him in her own special way. Peppa doesn't learn from George's mistake and when she gulps down her juice... hic! Peppa gets hiccups too. / Peppa's friends are all riding their bicycles. When Peppa teases George about having a baby's tricycle the other children point out that Peppa isn't such a big girl herself - she still needs stabilisers to help her to ride her bike. Peppa is determined to learn to cycle without them and with Daddy Pig's help she does - but not without a bit of a bump.
7. Secrets / Flying a Kite Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Mummy Pig makes Peppa a special box to put secret things in. Peppa loves secrets. George is sad because Peppa won't tell him what's in the box. When George gets his own secret box and Peppa can't guess what's inside she decides she doesn't like secrets as much as she used to. / Peppa George Mummy and Daddy are flying a kite in the park. Things don't go according to plan and the kite gets tangled in a tree beside a big muddy puddle. Mummy Pig doesn't want George and Peppa to get muddy but when Daddy Pig falls into the puddle and everyone gets splashed there's no harm in having a good jump around in the mud.
8. Picnic / Musical Instruments Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 The Family go on a picnic. Peppa and George find a little pond and feed bread to the ducks. Mummy Pig's delicious strawberry cake attracts a wasp that chases Daddy Pig all around the picnic site. / Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig find an old box in the attic. It is full of musical instruments. Mummy plays the violin Daddy plays the accordion and Peppa bangs the drum. But no one is able to get a note out of the Swiss horn. Then George has a go - what a loud sound from such a tiny piggy!
9. Frogs Worms and Butterflies / Dressing Up Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Peppa and George are playing in Grandpa Pig's garden. Peppa pretends to be a butterfly. Grandpa Pig shows George how to play at being a wriggly worm. Then Peppa George and Grandpa have fun jumping in muddy puddles pretending to be little frogs. / Peppa and George love dressing up. One day they creep into Mummy and Daddy's room and dress up in their clothes. Wearing the hugely oversized clothes and shoes Peppa pretends to work at Mummy's computer and George does some digging in Daddy's vegetable garden.
10. New Shoes / The School Fete Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Mummy Pig buys Peppa a pair of shiny red shoes. Peppa loves her new shoes so much she never wants to take them off - even for her bath! After a night of rain the garden is very wet. Mummy Daddy and George put on their rubber boots and go in search of puddles to jump in. Peppa would love to join them but she is still wearing her new shiny shoes... / Peppa and her family go to the school fete. Peppa George and their friends have their faces painted as tigers. All the children get a balloon and clever Daddy Pig impresses everyone when he makes a dinosaur shaped balloon for George. But the star attraction is the bouncy castle!
11. Mummy Pig's Birthday / The Tooth Fairy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 It is Mummy Pig's birthday. Peppa George and Daddy Pig are just as excited as Mummy. They have lots of fun preparing secret birthday surprises for her. When Mummy Pig sees her beautiful cake and opens her present she is absolutely delighted / One of Peppa's teeth falls out. Mummy Pig explains that the Tooth Fairy will come that very night to take the tooth and leave a shiny coin in its place. Peppa is very excited and plans to stay awake and see the Tooth Fairy. But staying awake all night turns out to be harder than Peppa imagined.
12. The New Car / Treasure Hunt Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Peppa and her family are going for a drive. Suddenly their car breaks down and it has to go to Granddad Dog's garage to be mended. While their car is fixed they borrow a shiny new blue car from Granddad Dog. The new car has lots of exciting buttons to press. One button makes the roof go down. One button makes the windows go up. And one button squirts Daddy Pig in the face with water! / Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig organise a treasure hunt for Peppa and George. Grandpa buries the treasure in a secret place in the garden and Peppa and George have to find it using a map and following the clues. They have lots of fun looking for the treasure and when they find it there is a chocolate coin for everyone!
13. Not Very Well / Snow Get Subtitle Mirror 2 9:42 Peppa has red spots all over her face and is not feeling very well. Doctor Brown Bear pays a visit and says that Peppa will be fine but she must stay in bed for a little while. As Peppa's rash is not catching her friends are allowed to visit and Peppa enjoys being the centre of attention. / It is snowing today. Peppa and George must wear their hats and scarves and gloves. They have lots of fun playing in the snow making footprints and throwing snowballs. Then they build a snowman complete with his own hat and scarf and gloves.

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