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Bleach (English): The Complete Series English Subtitles

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The entire Bleach series in one 366-episode packed set! For as long as he can remember, Ichigo Kurosaki has been able to see ghosts. But when he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper who battles evil spirits known as Hollows, he finds his life is changed forever…

Bleach (English): The Complete Series English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-366

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1. Bleach 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 Fifteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki has the uncanny ability to see ghostsbut that seems pretty run-of-the-mill once Rukia Kuchiki enters his life. She's a Soul Reaper who helps lost souls find peaceand when she transfer some of her powers to Ichigo so he can save his family from an evil spirit called a Hollowhe becomes a Soul Reaper too!
2. Bleach 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:11 Ichigo runs into Rukia at schoolwhere she's posing as a transfer student. Now that he's got most of her powersshe wants him to take over her Soul Reaper dutiesbut Ichigo turns her downjust as a mysterious shadow begins to follow Orihimea cheerful classmate with a sad past.
3. Bleach 3 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:10 Not all souls pass peacefully to the Soul Society. Some lingeronly to become Hollows. In the processthey seek out those they loved most in life. For Orihimethis means that her brotherwho's becomes a Hollowwants her soul for his own.
4. Bleach 4 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 ChadIchigo's friend and classmatebrings a cursed bird to school that is really the soul of a young boy who lived a tragic life. Rukia wants to help the troubled soul pass onbut she and Ichigo will have to fight the Hollow that's hunting the boy first.
5. Bleach 5 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 Rukia and Chad take on Shriekera vicious Hollow who's beaten many Soul Reapers and committed many crimes. But with Rukia's diminished powers and Chad's inability to see Hollowsthey haven't got much of a chance without Ichigo.
6. Bleach 6 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 At a Soul Reaper supply shopRukia picks up a modified soul to take over Ichigo's body while he's pulling Soul Reaper duty. But the mod soul takes off with Ichigo's bodydetermined to have a little fun!
7. Bleach 7 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:09 Rukia and Ichigo track Ichigo's body to a local elementary school. While Ichigo struggles with the mischievous soul inhabiting his bodyRukia receives word of a Hollow sighting nearbybut is unable to confirm its location.
8. Bleach 8 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 On the anniversary of his mother's deathIchigo intends to take the day off from Soul Reaper duties and visit her grave with the rest of his family. But Rukia is at the cemetery waiting for himand when she hears how his mother diedshe suggests that the Hollow that came after him may have been responsible for his mother's death.
9. Bleach 9 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 Ichigo faces the Grand Fishera Hollow that uses a lure in the shape of a little girlwho Ichigo recalls with shock as the same girl he saw when his mother died. He attacks the Hollow in a ragemaking him an easy targetbut Rukiawho comes to rescue himis no match for the Hollow without her powers.
10. Bleach 10 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 When television hero Don Kanonji schedules a live recording of his hit showSpirit Hunterat a local abandoned hospitalIchigo is surprised to see that an actual demi-Hollow is being summoned for the show. But Ichigo soon realizes that Don Kanonji's methods are downright dangerousand he steps in to save the day.
11. Bleach 11 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08 Rumors spread about Ichigo and Rukia's relationship when they keep disappearing from school to respond to Hollow alerts. Overworked and frustratedIchigo is unaware that one of his classmatesUryu Ishidapossesses spiritual power of his ownandnot to mentionhates Soul Reapers!
12. Bleach 12 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:09 In order to prove how useless Soul Reapers areUryu releases bait to draw Hollows to their town. Whoever gets rid of the most wins the challenge. But soon Hollows are everywhereincluding one that threatens Chad and Ichigo's sister.
13. Bleach 13 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:09 Orihime is paid a visit by a Hollow at school and discovers her own spiritual powers as she tries to defend her classmateswho the Hollow has turned against her.
14. Bleach 14 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 In the midst of their battleIchigo finds out that Uryu is a Quincybeings with a long-standing rivalry with Soul Reapers. But with the Hollow attacks increasing and the appearance of the gargantuan Menos Grandethe two must put aside their differences and fight together to save their town.
15. Bleach 15 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Rukia worries that news of Ichigo's battle with Menos Grande will attract the attention of the Soul Society. Amidst the ordinary activities of everday school lifeshe and Uryu each find themselves feeling more and more out of place.
16. Bleach 16 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Rukiawandering the streets at nightruns into two Soul Reapers from the Soul SocietyRenji Abarai and her brotherByakuya Kuchikiwho censure her for giving her powers to a human. Stumped by Rukia's unexplained departureIchigo transforms into a Soul Reaper and takes off to find her.
17. Bleach 17 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Ichigo fights Renji Abaraia lieutenant from the Soul Society. When it looks like Ichigo might winByakuya Kuchiki steps in and deals a fierce blow from his Zanpakuto. With Ichigo down and outRukia agrees to return to the Soul Society.
18. Bleach 18 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Summer vacation beginsbut it's all work for Ichigowho starts training with Urahara in order to enter the Soul Society and save Rukia. And under Yoruichi's guidanceChad and Orihime learn to use their own awakening powers.
19. Bleach 19 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 In the Soul SocietyRukia learns that in 25 daysshe'll be taken to the Central Execution Grounds to face her punishment. Back in the world of the livingChad and Orihime struggle to control their powerswhile Ichigo struggles to bounce back from a near-death experience.
20. Bleach 20 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Ichigo completes lesson three of Urahara's training and learns the name of his Zanpakuto. After a resthe reports to Urahara's shop for a meeting and discovers that ChadOrihimeand Uryu have also been training for the journey to the Soul Society under the black cat Yoruichi.
21. Bleach 21 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Ichigo and the others manage to make it through to the Soul Societyto the Rukon Districta town on the outskirts of the Seireiteithe place where the Soul Reapers live. But between them and the Seireitei is a giantJidanbowho must be defeated if they're to get inside.
22. Bleach 22 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Ichigo and crew defeat the giantbut their entrance into the Seireitei is nowhere near smooth sailing when they're met by a captain of the Soul Reaperswho promptly shows them the way out. It's then up to Yoruichi to call on an old friend for assistance.
23. Bleach 23 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 An arrogantboar-riding bully named Ganju challenges Ichigo and friends to a fightbut takes off without warning when the clock strikes nine. After getting over their confusionthe gang get back on track and follow a map to the very strange home of one Kukaku Shibawho turns out to be not a little strange herselfbut who may have just the thing to get them into the Seireitei.
24. Bleach 24 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Kukaku Shiba's plan is to catapult Ichigo and the others over the walls of the Seireitei with her very own creationthe Flower Crane Cannon. But for it to workthey'll all have to harness their spirit energy.
25. Bleach 25 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:38 IchigoChadUryu and Orihime concentrate on controlling their spirit energy for the flight into the Seireitei. Yoruichi warns them to stay togetherfind Rukiaand not to fight any captains. Inside the walls of the Soul Reapers' compoundthe squads are on alert and ordered to their battle stations.
26. Bleach 26 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 On their flight into the SeireiteiIchigo and the others are separated. Ichigo lands with Ganju and the two are immediately challenged by two unassuming Soul ReapersIkkaku and Yumichika.
27. Bleach 27 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Within the Seireiteia full-fledged search for the intruders--theRyoka --is put into action. Rukia is transferred to the Repentance Cell to await her executionwhile Ichigo and Ikkaku's fight comes to a dramatic finishand Uryu and Orihime find themselves in a merry chase with a group of Soul Reapers.
28. Bleach 28 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Forced to stay alert and on their toesIchigo and his fellow Ryoka continue to be hunted by Soul Reapers. Uryu and Orihime manage to evade a captain and lieutenantbut end up facing Jiroboa towering Soul Reaper who quickly recognizes that Uryu is a Quincy.
29. Bleach 29 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Uryu's days of training pay off in his battle with Jirobowhile Ichigo and Ganju attempt to hold a weak Soul ReaperHanatarohostageto no avail. News of the intruders' surprising strength spreads among the Soul Reapersand the captains are eager for information.
30. Bleach 30 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Hanataro leads Ichigo and Ganju toward the Repentance Cell where Rukia is being heldusing an underground network of passageways. But waiting for them just as they arrive at the White Tower is Renji Abaraiwho challenges Ichigo to a fight to the finish.
31. Bleach 31 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Renji and Ichigo engage in battleand Ichigo recalls his days of intensive training under Urahara. Forced to face and overcome his fearshe must prove that he has indeed become strong enough to face Renji on equal ground.
32. Bleach 32 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Renji faces defeatand in his last moments recalls his childhood with Rukia in the Rukon District of the Soul Society. He recounts how each came to move to the Seireitei to become Soul Reapersand how Rukia was adopted into the noble Kuchiki family.
33. Bleach 33 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:20 In the world of the livingIchigo's sisters Karin and Yuzu are recruited by television personality Don Kanonji to learn how to fight bad spirits and protect their town. Theyr'e skeptical about working under Don Kanonjibut excited about becoming TV stars andKarakura Superheroes.
34. Bleach 34 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Word of Renji's defeat spreadsand all-out war is declared against the Ryokaallowing all captains to carry and release their Zanpakuto. But trouble is brewing in the ranks of Soul Reapersand Momo Hinamori becomes suspicious about the changes taking place around her.
35. Bleach 35 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 A prominent captain of the Soul Reapers is found deadand Soul Reapers turn against one another in a flurry of suspicion and accusation. In the underground passagesHanataro continues to treat Ichigo and Ganju until they are well enough to continue their journeywhile Chad learns the whereabouts of Rukia and begins to make his own way to the White Tower.
36. Bleach 36 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 IchigoGanju and Hanataro climb the great staircase of the Senzaikyu--the White Tower--only to sense an unprecedented amount of spiritual energy. The source turns out to be Kenpachi Zarakicaptain of Squad 11who Ichigo had been warned about.
37. Bleach 37 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Chad's journey to the Senzaikyu is interrupted by the captain of Squad 8whose laid-back attitude irks Chadwho realizes that time is of the essence. In the battle that ensuesChad recalls his promise to Ichigo back in the world of the living.
38. Bleach 38 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Chad perseveres in his fight against Captain Kyorakuwhile Ichigostill battling Captain Zarakisenses a loss of Chad's spiritual energy and fears the worstwhich only increases his anger and determination to protect the rest of the Ryoka.
39. Bleach 39 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Lying weak with sword wounds on the groundIchigo is greeted by a vision of an embodied version of his ZanpakutoZangetsu. Zangetsu helps Ichigo to understand of the nature of his Zanpakutoand Ichigowith renewed confidencecalls Captian Zaraki back to the fight.
40. Bleach 40 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:17 Ichigovictorious but exhaustedis taken away by Yoruichi for treatment. Ganju and Hanataro continue toward the White Tower to save Rukiabut when they arrive at Rukia's holding cellGanju realizes that Rukia is not who he expected her to be.
41. Bleach 41 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Sensing great spirit energy near the Repentance CellIchigo defies Yoruichi's orders and flees to assist Ganju and Hanataro. Rukia is upset with Ichigo for coming to the Soul Societybut Ichigo is not swayed from his determination to save her.
42. Bleach 42 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Yoruichi appears as Ichigo is being threatened by the combined powers of Captains Kuchiki and Ukitake and saves him from a fool's battle by rendering him unconscious. MeanwhileOrihime decides that the quickest way to get to Rukia is for she and Uryu to disguise themselves as Soul Reapers.
43. Bleach 43 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:17 Orihime and Uryudressed as Soul Reapersare offered help by Squad 12but Uryu quickly realizes that the jig is up and the offer is a trap. The Squad 12 captainKurotsuchiinfuriates Uryu when he criticizes and ridicules Uryu's ancestry and identity as a Quincy.
44. Bleach 44 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Uryu takes it upon himself to avenge his Quincy master and grandfather by drawing upon all the skills and power at his disposal in his battle against Captain Kurotsuchi. The captain decides that rather than kill Uryuhe wishes to capture him and study his distinctive abilities.
45. Bleach 45 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:20 Yoruichi trains Ichigo in the finer points of using his Zanpakutowhile UryuGanjuand Chad are reunited in a shared prison cellwonderng at the fact that their wounds have been treated and they're still alive.
46. Bleach 46 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 Momo recalls her days at the Soul Reaper Academywhere she met and trained in the World of the Living with Izuru Kira and Renji Abarai against dummy Hollows. It was at the Academy that she also met Captain Aizenwho complimented her as an outstanding student among her classmates.
47. Bleach 47 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 MomoRenji and Kira have all escaped. Momohaving read the letter Captain Aizen left for herbelieves she understands the true reason behind Rukia's imminent execution and thinks she knows the identity of Aizen's killer. But evidence mounts that the note was forged...
48. Bleach 48 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Rukia's execution date is advanced yet againto the next day. Renji joins Ichigo on the training groundbringing the news of the 29-hour countdown to Rukia's execution. In her holding cellRukia has a dream that she believes is to help her prepare for the next day's events.
49. Bleach 49 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 In her dreamRukia recalls her time spent training under Lieutenant Kaien and Captain Ukitake. The young Rukia admires the Lieutenant very much and has a hard time facing up to her duty when a Hollow takes over his body.
50. Bleach 50 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:19 In the world of the livingDon Kanonji tries to up the ratings of his television show by recruiting Kon as the mascot of his show. YuzuJinta and Ururu are drawn back to the cause and become the Karakura superheroes--PinkYellow and Red.

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