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V: The Complete Series (Classic) English Subtitles

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Rated 6.4 From 320 Ratings

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  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 19
  • Produced by: V (Classic Series)

They came for water. And for food. And, as it turned out, we were the food. But humanity bravely resisted — a struggle seen in the hit miniseries <i>V</i> and <i>V: The Final Battle</i>. Yet the war continues. The heroic conflict comes to a surprising outcome in <i>V: The Series</i>. Once again, Earth is the main battleground. But now the aliens whose human disguise hides their true reptilian natures are wiser. They believe the secret to their survival on Earth lies in the DNA of the newly born half-human, half-spaceling Starchild. They intend to capture her. But that's something the world's Resistance Fighters cannot allow.

V: The Complete Series (Classic) English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-19

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Liberation Day Get Subtitle Mirror 2 48:16 The evil Diana, captured and set to stand trial for her crimes against the human race, is kidnapped by corrupt corporate magnate Nathan Bates, who wants to know the secrets of the Visitors.
2. Dreadnaught Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:39 Immune to the effects of the red dust bacteria, Diana activates her unstoppable Triax superweapon to reduce Bates and the city of Los Angeles to rubble.
3. Breakout Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:29 Donovan and Ham are imprisoned in a Visitor work camp guarded by a hideous alien monster; Nathan Bates mounts a desperate search to find the "star-child" to exchange for his son Kyle.
4. The Deception Get Subtitle Mirror 2 48:15 While the Resistance seeks to help Elizabeth escape from Los Angeles, Diana captures Mike Donovan in an elaborate scheme to learn Elizabeth's whereabouts.
5. The Sanction Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:08 Seeking to free his son Sean from the Visitors, Donovan grapples with an insidious, powerful alien named Klaus.
6. Visitors' Choice Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:43 The Resistance, led by Donovan, Julie, and Ham, stage a daring sabotage at a convention of Visitor commanders in a seaside estate where Diana intends to show off the ultimate human food processor.
7. The Overlord Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:04 Led by Donovan, Ham, and Elias, the Resistance runs into a doublecross when they seek to rid a mining community from alien-backed thugs.
8. The Dissident Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:40 When Diana seals off the Open City with an impenetrable force field which destroys humans on contact, Donovan and Ham must kidnap the alien genius responsible for its development.
9. Reflections of Terror Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:58 With a blood sample from the "star-child," Diana creates an uncontrollable and deadly clone which seeks out Elizabeth; Bates tests Julie's loyalty.
10. The Conversion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:51 Ham and Kyle are captured by Visitors, and Charles, the Leader's special envoy, assumes command of the alien forces.
11. The Hero Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:03 Aliens posing as Rebels stage a terrorist attack on Science Frontiers hoping to turn public opinion against the Resistance.
12. The Betrayal Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:37 When Willie is critically injured, Donovan and Ham kidnap a Visitor doctor who's sympathetic to the Rebels and reveals that the Visitors are smuggling armaments into the city.
13. The Rescue Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:37 Feeling Diana's presence threatens his power, Charles forces her to marry him, after which Alien law requires she return home.
14. The Champion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:43 Sent to investigate Charles' death, newly arrived Inspector General Philip allows Lydia to choose a trial by combat in a laser duel to the death with Diana.
15. The Wildcats Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:44 Needing medicine to treat a deadly diphtheria epidemic, Julie and Kyle recruit a youth gang, one of whom may be a Visitor spy, to help steal the serum.
16. The Littlest Dragon Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:51 Anxious to settle a personal vendetta, Philip trails a Fifth Columnist, hoping he will lead him to the Resistance and Donovan.
17. War of Illusions Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:32 When Philip and Diana install a high tech computer capable of launching a final victory over Earth, the Resistance's only hope at retaliation is a teenaged computer whiz.
18. The Secret Underground Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:48 Julie and Donovan sneak aboard the Mother Ship to look for a hidden list naming all the Resistance leaders; Diana schemes to have Lydia's brother slain during a ritual celebration.
19. The Return Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:44 The Leader stuns the Visitors by ordering a truce and traveling to Earth to negotiate peace; Diana plots to disrupt the peace.

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Viewer Reviews

  • So THAT'S why my parents wouldn't let me watch this...

    By Cheesy Blaster

    When this first aired on TV I was in 2nd grade. I remember the commercials and wanting to see this soooo bad. My parents insisted it would be too scary. Yep. They were right. Of course take into account it was the '80s so the special effects aren't what they are today, but this is such a great show. So glad I got it...
  • Why does this cost so much?

    By Superman218

    All V tv seasons/shows cost $10.00 @ Wal-mart. Why are they so expensive on iTunes? I think a price adjustment needs to be made on iTunes. This would've gotten 5 stars for being an awesome show, but it gets 1 star for being a rip-off price.
  • Great blast from the past!

    By Chic76

    Great show from the past. The first two episodes were great, but it started to tank out as it went on to the end of the season.
  • Family memories!!

    By Courtesy tap

    As "campy" as everyone says this is...and it is campy, What I like about this and the mini-series is that my whole family would gather around the "ONE" boob tube we had and watch this show every week. We were so into it !! Not to sound too depressing but, this is one of the last times I can remember before the divorce and my big bro. getting kicked out, and my sister moving to england that we where just a normal family, all of us every fri. night sitting and talking about the show and wondering what's going to happen this week!! Thanks V for the cool memory!
  • Great 80s flicks

    By go democracy!

    I have all three series now and I just love them. They show their age but if you watch them in context you'll love them like you did back when you first saw them. A++++
  • Big Difference between Mini series and Series

    By raulnsocal

    I loved the 2 mini series, but this series probebly had the same budget for an entire series. The mini series also had a start middle and end. This story wasn't up to par with the rest of the series.
  • Sorry, Just can't say much good about this one.

    By JTK1966

    The concept of 'V' was good to a point and then it goes all human on you. it would have gone over better as Lizzzzzzards from outer space. The rat easting is fun to watch, I guess?
  • The miniseries is great, the show ok.

    By Eric Vollnogel

    V, the miniseries is excellent. The TV show isn't nearly as great, but is still worth watching. It's pretty campy and comes off as a Sci-Fi soap opera of the 1980's.
  • V & V Series

    By TWTG

    This is great "old school" stuff, a little cheese but great back in the 80's, would like to see this redone as an actual movie.

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