American Dad: Roger Six-Pack subtitles

American Dad: Roger Six-Pack English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

Rated 6.6 From 1161 Ratings

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  • Release Date:
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 6
  • Produced by: American Dad

American Dad: Roger Six-Pack English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-6

Title Downloads D2 Description
1. Roger n' Me Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:55
2. A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:54
3. Frannie 911 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:48
4. Office Spaceman Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:54
5. The One That Got Away Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:53
6. Weiner of Our Discontent Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:53

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Alien spotted! Roger’s got big stuff happening in these six outrageous episodes of <i>American Dad</i>! Hand-picked by Seth MacFarlane, creator of <i>American Dad</i> and <i>Family Guy</i>, these episodes feature the best of Roger the Alien in his many disguises and hilarious alter egos. Selfish, sarcastic, and downright naughty, Roger is much more than the Smith family sidekick. Download these episodes now and get in touch with your inner bad boy.

Viewer Reviews

  • American dad

    By Gejhdhwjdhe

    No dude roger ain't gay he's uni plus he's an alien I don't think their straight or gay.
  • Wow

    By Joe 2466368:$

  • Roger

    By sjejdiejfj

    best show ever made
  • Roger

    By Sauron 34566543

    Roger is just a straight up alien who has to be mean to live in my opinion but he's also super funny
  • Roger

    By lking413

    Roger is the Man!
  • Awesome

    By Jw3727272

    For anyone who loves Roger
  • American Dad Vs Family guy

    By Rolling rocker

    American dad is an overall better show than family guy. Family guy has some great bits but American Dad is a more complete show. It just doesn't rely on cut away bits for laughs like family guy. I guess it really doesn't matter to Seth Mcfarlane because either way he's raking in the dough. Oh btw Roger is great.
  • A real lookat Roger and his personality.

    By MeiliaPK

    Roger is the most beautifully stupid character to ever hit tv. His antics are hilarious and he is never boring. Why is Roger Funny? He is like a kid that knows way too much about mature content. He acts like a 5 year old that wants to play, but instead of pretending to be superman, he dresses up as a stripper. He is an instant classic that is easy to underetimate. Its fun to come up with Roger-esque situations, cuz its easy... just involve Celine Dion and a Detective on steroids. I love Roger, ad you should too.
  • Go rodger

    By Go Pac Go

    Rodgers personas are the coolest thing ever one second hes a fat stripper next hes a thug funniest thing ever buy these if u have any sense of humor whatsoever

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