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  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 1
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1. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:22

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Battlestar Galactica: The Plan... The Cylons began as humanity's robot servants. They rebelled and evolved and now they look like us. Their plan is simple: destroy the race that enslaved them. But when their devastating attack leaves human survivors, the Cylons have to improvise. <i>Battlestar Galactica: The Plan</i> tells the story of two powerful Cylon leaders, working separately, and their determination to finish the task.

Viewer Reviews

  • What Tc grrrr

    By utttouutrcbvgfl

    At Barcelonat Xbox yuh. Mark
  • Where IS the HD?!

    By Travnseattle

    I don't understand why this is not in HD. There is a Blu-ray version of this, and Blu Ray is HD. UNLESS the Blu Ray version is actually low def, but marketed to the HD. I found it on Amazon. The blu Ray version says it is in HD. So, I am confused why NBC/Universal, did NOT release this as a HD format on iTunes. #shame
  • HD

    By tokapaho

    Again, and it's been awhile, this version is in SD. Hence, anyone wishing to complete their HD collection of BSG is out of luck. Best TV series ever, just don't expect iTunes to deliver quality until this is settled.
  • HD?

    By IcarasX

    This has been on blu-ray for years and is now also available in HD on Amazon Instant Video. Why is this taking so long to be in HD on iTunes?
  • Better than I expected!!!

    By Sailairman

    There were several reviews I read criticizing several aspects of this movie. I don't think they were accurate at all! A few folks complained about the re-use of old footage. This was minimal and helped to link where we were in the alternate timeline. Several of these provided alternate angles as well. I thought the story was excellent and at times was even grittier than the series!!! The nudity threw me for a loop but followed the story. Overall as a BSG fan I was highly pleased with the movie and the $7.99 price tag was a plus.
  • Where's the HD version?

    By kinghazzah

    Come on iTunes, this has been out for several years now and there does exist a Blu ray version of this in which they are proud to say that all of their filiming for the new BSG was done using HD technology. While some of these scenes were in other poritions of the BSG programing, I think that this is still a very valid program in it's own right telling us the same story with a different point of view (POV), CYLON style!
  • M'eh

    By adogg4629

    All I can do is echo much of the criticism. Sadly, it's bad story telling and overt self indulgence.
  • What's all the fuss?

    By Henry the Puffy Taco

    I honestly do not understand the poo-pooing of The Plan. I thought it was an excellent addition to the BSG canon, giving us some very good, very salient behind-the-scenes looks at the Cylons and their motivations. To say that there was no character development is to have missed the arc of the #1 model's motivations and attitudes towards the whole enterprise of annihilation in the first place. Highly recommended.
  • $15???

    By Diana11235811

    I loved BSG, and I would have bought this, but there is no way in hell I am going to pay $15 for a two hour tv movie...maybe I would pay $5, but not $15. Thanks iTunes for ripping us off.

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