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  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 2
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1. Freaknik: The Musical Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:18
2. Freaknik Promo Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:40

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Ten years after the city of Atlanta shut down Freaknik, the biggest spring break party known to man, a group of kids searching for fun successfully resurrect the spirit of Freaknik, who appears in the form of a party ghost voiced by T-Pain. Students from all over America once again descend on Atlanta to perform in Freaknik’s Battle of the Trillest.

Viewer Reviews

  • The only western animation that has a plot

    By Juancarlgomez

    This was actually good, I didn't expect much comedy from T-Pain, but this is actually better than the comedy from Seth MacFarlane puts in family guy. Also this has a straight forward plot not random gibberish from most western adult/teen animation.
  • Love it

    By Jaydon Early

    Hey we love it
  • Funny


    Best movie I've seen
  • Awesome!!

    By Koolbeanz225

    I loved it! I wish y'all would make more episodes, soon!!!
  • hilarious and brilliant

    By Mother_Mercy

    the booty and weed jokes will bring you in. and the social commentary will hook you. great representation of the split of black/urban culture in the US, from the viewpoint of the bottom - looking up. having seen this, i have much more respect for TPain, Andy Sandberg, Snoop, Charlie Murphy, etc. enjoy it for what it is - one of Adult Swim's finest
  • Luvd it :)

    By dani_cat06058

    An Amazin movie, luv it! Luv ya T!
  • Amazing if you actually pay attention.

    By Rigoberto Ocon

    At first I thought, not another trashy gangster movie. After deciding to actually see it, I LOVED IT. Recommend it'l blow your mind! My favorite song was the last one.
  • Funny

    By Navy demon 666

    This was the best musical I've ever seen truly genius t-pain is a mad man
  • LOLZ

    By lilsimba

    this was hilarious!

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