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  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
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1. Rebels Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:57
2. Revolution Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:12
3. Westward Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:03
4. Division Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:56
5. Civil War Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:02
6. Heartland Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:54
7. Cities Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:12
8. Boom Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:11
9. Bust Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:02
10. Ww II Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:06
11. Superpower Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:58
12. Millennium Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:02
13. Sneak Peek Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:02

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From the rigors of linking the continent by wagon trails to the transcontinental railway, the engineering of steel-structured building, through to landing on the moon, this epic series is a grand vision of how America was built. Sharing their thoughts on the building of America, and what it means to be an American, are a world-class group of individuals.

Viewer Reviews

  • Such a waste of effort

    By eawcwyo

    I had to stop watching this series due to the poor produciton quality and narrow telling of the American story. What could have been a simple, albeit simplistic, history lesson is muddled by random and unnecessary input from actors, politicians, and historians who distract from the telling. The goofy computer animation adds little value. Perhaps it's the premise that Americans are some distinct breed of human, entitled to the riches of a vast land, bothers me most. There has to be a better production out there. Whitetie's rating and review is absolutely correct.
  • Love it

    By --MWC--

    So good. Flashbacks to middle school substitute teacher days. Except apparently now "educational videos" are no longer signals for nap time... What was once a God awful genre filmed specifically to keep all teens asleep for an hour -- is now apparently an awesome series. Yup, watch it. Grab a beer this time (stop feeling guilty you eleven-teen year olds)!
  • Teacher

    By Mr Brown Brooklyn

    This is not a great "documentary" in terms of its ability to engage critical issues, deliver accurate facts, or cover a multitude of historic events. However, as a middle school teacher, I will say that it is a good "resource" to supplement your classroom instructions. I teach the history, and then use certain clips (usually ones with good, exciting graphics/visuals) to help students envision what they learn. Those who are disappointed with the actual history have right to complain. Don't watch it if you are already knowledgeable in American History! Also, I would consider this production as modern day propaganda by the victors - history is written by the victors - and would consider viewing it critically (probably in a AP class or even college setting) in that sense. The film is littered with talk of misconcieved American myths - "the self made man," "the land of freedom," "working harder and persevering through all conditions" to name some examples. It is apologetic of scarring incidents like the treatment of Native Americans and slavery, but, in a sense, the show still indoctrinates the American message.
  • Commentary is HORRIBLE

    By stevec12

    When I watch a documentary, I like to hear commentary and analysis from people who actually know what they're talking about, not some egotist like Trump or Giuliani. I find it extremely disturbing that they have replaced noted historians and experts with celebrities. Find something produced by PBS, not this crap.
  • America: Story of Us

    By LUFC Pricey

    Even my 14 & 11 year old kids loved this. Brilliant.
  • Amazing

    By Uùjjjj

  • Amazing!!

    By Ash_bash58

    Ever since I saw this on the History Channel, I fell in love. This is a great show that portrays the historic events in an entertaining way, but also educating you at the same time. The way they show stories within a story is what I find great about it the most. I like how they start from the very beginning, usually you'll find a BORING documentary that doesn't give you all the facts but this one keeps you on the edge of your seat and gives you a while bunch of info.I'm in AP US History currently and my teacher plays this for us and everyone in my class finds it entertaining. Words cannot explain how great this is, I highly recommend this to everyone you learn so much when you watch this!
  • ah nooooooooo!!!!!! I wan to see this!!

    By IreneISIrene

    I MISS IT!!! I MIss IT!!! How Could I MISS IT!!!!! It looks great, nut i just missed it.

    By Mercury2wo

    Brilliantly produced. Beautiful and engaging. Like me, if you are not an American but are fascinated by the short, 300 year old, actioned packed history of this country, you will LOVE this series. MUST BUY!!

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