ESPN Films: 30 for 30, Vol. 2 subtitles

ESPN Films: 30 for 30, Vol. 2 English Subtitles

Genre: Sports

Rated 9 From 2 Ratings

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  • Release Date:
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 32
  • Produced by: ESPN Films: 30 for 30

ESPN Films: 30 for 30, Vol. 2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-32

Title Downloads D2 Description
1. Broke Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:49
2. There's No Place Like Home Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:09
3. Benji Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:20
4. Ghosts of Ole Miss Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:41
5. You Don't Know Bo Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:41
6. Survive and Advance Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:33
7. Elway to Marino Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:16
8. 9.79* Get Subtitle Mirror 2 20:05
9. Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:01
10. Free Spirits Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:04
11. No Mas Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:35
12. Big Shot Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:22
13. This Is What They Want Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:06
14. Bernie and Ernie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:21
15. Youngstown Boys Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:04
16. The Price of Gold Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:14
17. Requiem for the Big East Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:34
18. Hillsborough Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:38
19. Bad Boys Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:42
20. White Blue White Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:47
21. Slaying the Badger Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:17
22. Playing for the Mob Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:55
23. The Day the Series Stopped Get Subtitle Mirror 2 50:29
24. When the Garden Was Eden Get Subtitle Mirror 2 15:04
25. Brian and the Boz Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:28
26. Brothers In Exile Get Subtitle Mirror 2 18:00
27. Rand University Get Subtitle Mirror 2 50:28
28. The U: Part 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:04
29. Of Miracles and Men Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:29
30. I Hate Christian Laettner Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:15
31. Sole Man Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:29
32. Angry Sky Get Subtitle Mirror 2 17:59

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ESPN Films’ Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning <i>30 for 30</i> is an unprecedented documentary series, engaging some of today’s finest storytellers to tell incredible stories that capture the core of how sports inspire and entertain.

Viewer Reviews

  • Where is 9.79??!!

    By jayray1112

    The episode I would like to purchase is 9.79, I have been waiting for this episode to appear for the longest and it is STILL not on here. Come on iTunes. I need you to come through and get this episode on here. I have checked first 30 for 30 series and now this one and it still is not on here.
  • Best Documentary Series Ever.....Seriously - Each One is Stellar

    By Myzelle Jenkins

    You don't even have to be a sports fan to be moved by each one of these documentaries. So well done on so many levels. Thank you, ESPN, for giving the stories behind each of these the outstanding treatment they deserve. Really, really impressed...
  • Broke is broken

    By alaskanlute

    Very interesting subject ruined by the upbeat style; it didn't feel like journalism, it felt like a Vh1 'where are they now'. Subpar for 30 for 30 standards.
  • Broke

    By x5girl

    Very well done!
  • 9.79

    By Drereed2489

    Theirs no point of the 30 for 30 without the 9.79 that involves Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson. That's the best one in my eyes right with "broke."
  • Great Series, But...

    By horsefaze

    This is the best thing ESPN has ever done. These documentaries are amazing. But what the heck is up with the timetable making these available on iTunes? Why should this differ from an iTunes season pass? I have no problem waiting until the day after the original air date, but w/ESPN I never know when the docs will be made available.
  • BENJI!!!

    By Tdirty777

    This story is so real and very sad. Chicago all my life and grew up hearing about this story. What makes it even worse is that here in Chicago it's only has gotten worse. Thank you to ESPN hopefully these people see this and make a change.
  • 30 for 30

    By Wiltfreak

    The ESPN documentary 30 for 30 is highly interesting and provocative for the audience. This was also conveyed on Tuesday's showing of Benji. By the way, is Benji on the way because I am very eager to download it as it was the best 78 minutes of my life watching a sports documentary.
  • 30/30

    By Benatown

    Where the F is Benji???

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