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  • Release Date: 2014-06-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 42
  • Produced by: Big Brother

The sixteenth season of <i>Big Brother</i> marks the show's first HD season and the house will feature a whimsical urban tree house-themed dwelling with bedroom decor that includes classical elements earth, wind, fire and water. This year's twists include two Houseguests winning the coveted role of "Head of Household" each week along with the fans having a unique opportunity to significantly influence the game with a new interactive element called "Team America." To add to the drama <i>Big Brother</i> will introduce an entirely new high-stakes competition, "Battle of the Block," which will dramatically shift the power in the house each week. Julie Chen hosts as the Houseguests play for the chance to win $500,000.

Big Brother, Season 16 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-42

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Episode 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 This season promises to be the most twisted summer ever as 16 new Houseguests move into the Big Brother house in hopes of winning the $500,000 prize.
2. Episode 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:45 Eight new Houseguests join the battle for $500,000, a second HoH is chosen, and Julie reveals the first member of Team America.
3. Episode 3 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:40 Frankie and Caleb must decide which four houseguests to nominate for eviction. Plus, only one pair of nominees will be saved in the first ever Battle of the Block competition.
4. Episode 4 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:39 Devin becomes suspicious of Donny and convinces the Bomb Squad to go after the groundskeeper. Meanwhile, it's the first Power of Veto competition of the summer. Will it be used to save those on chopping block?
5. Episode 5 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:47 It's only been one week and twists have sent this game into overdrive! With alliances crumbling almost as fast as they form, one thing is certain: one Houseguest will be evicted and a new HoH will be crowned!
6. Episode 6 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Which two houseguests will Amber and Devin nominate for eviction? Plus, which nominees will be saved in the battle of the block?
7. Episode 7 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:31 With Amber dethroned as HoH, Devin is left ruler of the house. Plus a Bomb Squad breakdown leads to a Veto Meeting explosion!
8. Episode 8 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:39 Watch the explosive repercussions of the Veto meeting. Plus, who will be evicted tonight?
9. Episode 9 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Nicole and Derrick decide which pairs of houseguests must compete in the Battle of the Block, and the nominees fight to avoid eviction.
10. Episode 10 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:08 The Power of Veto is up for grabs. Will the plan to backdoor Devin succeed?
11. Episode 11 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:19 Tonight, Devin or Caleb will be evicted from the Big Brother House, and the battle to crown two Heads of Household begins. Plus, Jeff Schroeder visits Donny's family and friends.
12. Episode 12 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:39 Two new Heads of Household pit their nominees against each other in the Battle of the Block, and Team America gets a new mission.
13. Episode 13 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:03 Tonight: who will win the power of veto? Plus, will the head of household make a game-changing move?
14. Episode 14 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:18 A houseguest is evicted after Cody makes a nomination that leaves him torn between his own best interests and those of his alliance. A new HOH is crowned.
15. Episode 15 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Which two houseguests will Zach and Frankie nominate for eviction? Plus, the nominees fight for their lives in the battle of the block!
16. Episode 16 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save one of the nominees? Plus, team America attempts to cause a blow-up at the Veto meeting.
17. Episode 17 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:20 Will Jocasta or Amber be evicted from The Big Brother House? Also, two new HoH's will be crowned!
18. Episode 18 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Tonight, two new Heads of Household will be crowned. Plus, four Houseguests compete in the most punishing Battle of the Block competition yet.
19. Episode 19 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:36 Nicole considers a plan to flip the house and backdoor Frankie, while Zach and Jocasta vie for the Power of Veto.
20. Episode 20 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 It's double eviction night as two Houseguests will be evicted by the end of the night. Plus, an evening full of surprises about to shake up the house!
21. Episode 21 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 The fallout from the double eviction blows up the house, and two new Heads of Household have their nominees fight to survive in the most dramatic Battle of the Block yet!
22. Episode 22 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:39 With the house in turmoil, the veto is more important than ever. Plus, what will the Houseguests think when Frankie reveals all?
23. Episode 23 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:32 Tonight, either Nicole or Donny will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Plus, Christine, Caleb and Frankie leave the house for an exclusive NFL experience!
24. Episode 24 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Tonight Derrick and Frankie each nominate 2 people for eviction and the detonators are forced to resort to drastic measures. Plus, it's a fight for survival in the final Battle of the Block competition of the summer.
25. Episode 25 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Will a Detonator become a new target? Plus, Zingbot is back and he brought Kathy Griffin to dish out the zing.
26. Episode 26 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:35 Either Cody or Zach will be evicted, and the jurors battle to return to the Big Brother game!
27. Episode 27 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Nicole returns from the Jury House in a game-changing twist, and for the first time this season Houseguests compete to become the sole Head of Household.
28. Episode 28 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:04 Being on the block for the sixth time, can the Veto King pull off another miracle? Plus, a medical emergency rocks the Big Brother house.
29. Episode 29 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:33 Will Donny's luck finally run out or will Nicole be evicted for a second time? Plus, the power is once again up for grabs in an epic battle of endurance!
30. Episode 30 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 With only seven Houseguests remaining, a slippery and sloppy battle of endurance began to see who will become the new head of household. Plus, see who will be nominated for eviction.
31. Episode 31 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 With the odds stacked against her, can Nicole save herself at an explosive Veto competition? Plus, will the Puppet Master convince the Detonators to turn on one of their own?
32. Episode 32 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:00 It's another double eviction night as either Nicole or Victoria's game come to an end. Plus, a brand new twist will be revealed.
33. Episode 33 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 A new Head of Household is crowned, and two nominees are put on the block. Plus, Big Brother legends Jeff and Jordan return to the house in which their relationship began, Jeff pops the question fans have been waiting for, and Country music star Brett Eldredge makes a guest appearance.
34. Episode 34 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 With Frankie safe, will The Hitmen use the Veto as an opportunity to turn on Beast Mode? And with the countdown looming, will their decisions tonight come back to haunt them when the rewind is revealed? Plus, Team America gets their next mission.
35. Episode 35 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:38 A game-changing twist is revealed, a houseguest will be saved, and the game will be rewound! Also, past Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling guest stars.
36. Episode 36 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Tonight, with the "Rewind Twist", will winning HoH be deja vu for Frankie or will another houseguest rise to power. Plus, the jurors are back for a little revenge.
37. Episode 37 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:22 It's a must win PoV for Frankie in this special eviction episode as one player wins HoH and another joins the jury.
38. Episode 38 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:55 It's all about the final and most important Power of Veto competition of the season. Plus, another Houseguest will be evicted!
39. Episode 39 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:40 The battle for the final head of household begins. Plus Cody, Derrick and Victoria celebrate the summer. Including some hilarious moments you haven't seen.
40. Episode 40 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:25 The season comes to a close and the final Head of Household, the winner of the $500,000 grand prize, and America's favorite Houseguest will be determined.
41. Jeff Schroeder Picks Up an Engagement Ring Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:46 Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder gets ready to take the plunge and picks up the perfect ring for his epic proposal.
42. Jeff & Jordan's Engagement Party Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:33 Get a look at some exclusive footage from Jeff & Jordan's engagement party.

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Viewer Reviews

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    Go grande or go home!!
  • Don't buy season pass

    By Deluxe mom

    iTunes releases the shows 24-72+ hours after they are available for purchase by non season pass holders! Even if you want to buy it to see the episode before the next one airs on TV you can't. Just buy episodes you miss, season pass holders get ripped off. Why can't I watch the finale???!!!!
  • Replying to these reviews would be nice!

    By TonyTee956

    It would be really cool if iTunes would reply to some of these reviews. Even if it's just to let us know that they are working on fixing these problems. As it stands we have no idea whether we are getting through to someone who is truly concerned or just being ignored. It would also be cool to see a changes made!! Please, iTunes, don't just read these reviews and blow them off....SHOW US THAT YOU REALLY CARE!!
  • Boring season

    By shmerr

    Too predictable

    By JCDC_Sizzle

    Again, another episode is not loaded while millions of others have already seen the episode…Where is episode 32? It should’ve appeared hours and hours and hours ago. There’s no point to buy a season pass, will never do so again!
  • Where is Thursday night episode...

    By laurakristina

    Hello iTunes its friends night !!!
  • Unbelievable!!! episode aired three days ago still not uploaded!

    By MahdiGH

    What is going on iTunes? it is late Tuesday afternoon and last sunday’s episode has not been uploaded yet!!! do you want us to watch free pirated videos online instead? because that’s what’s going to happen if we’re not getting our money’s worth.
  • The season is fine, iTunes is another story

    By balto70

    iTunes started off okay as far as posting episodes promptly, but they've gotten to the point now where it's just so haphazard that you never know when the next episode will be posted. And even when it is posted, a lot of times it is asking you to pay for it, even though you have the season pass. Then after a few hours, it will appear for download. I've been keeping track of Amazon, and they do not appear to be doing this. I'll be doing my purchases there from now on.
  • ITUNES Is The WORSE!!!!

    By SueM3366

    Why is EVERY Episode this year never on ITUNES in a timely manner?????? This is a LIVE show that things happen every 5 mins. Next year I will go to Amazon and buy the show there. It's 4pm est and it's still not ready to download yet.

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