Download Skylanders Academy: Season 2 Srt English Subtitles for All Episodes

Download Skylanders Academy Season 2 All Episodes Srt English Subtitles

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Season premieres on Oct 6, 2017.
Along with a new class of cadets, and newcomers Cynder (Felicia Day) and Sprocket (Grey Griffin), the team returns in an action-packed Skylanders Academy Season 2 that finds our heroes seeking answers from the past.
Spyro begins a search for information about his ancestors in order to harness and understand his special powers.
Meanwhile, Kaos’ quest to bring evil rule to the Skylands realms accidentally unleashes a villain more powerful than anything Kaos or the Skylander warriors have ever faced.
The Skylanders unite once more for the greatest showdown against evil yet – putting them all to the ultimate test!
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    Oct 6, 2017

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