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The future may be bleak, but at least it hasn’t lost its sense of humor.

Hulu’s Future Man (streaming Tuesday, ★★★ out of four) is a bawdy stew of sci-fi tropes and pop-culture references. It all comes together as a light and giddy comedy that lovingly pokes fun at an often self-serious genre.


The series is produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who collaborated on raunchy films Superbad and This is the End. Their fingerprints are easily spotted in Future Man, which tells the story of an underachieving twentysomething janitor, Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson), who defeats a seemingly unwinnable video game.

A Riphole In Time


If that sounds a little bit like The Last Starfighter or The TerminatorFuture Man will be the first to tell you. It’s a parody that’s in on its own joke, as Josh rattles off the names of sci-fi classics when trying to explain what’s happening to him, or figuring out his next move. The net effect is more amusing than derivative, with far more ejaculation jokes than Back to the Future.

The series smartly balances sci-fi and comedic elements, and uses raunchy humor judiciously. Racy jokes don’t cross the line, and they land because of the spot-on delivery of the three stars, who have great chemistry and timing.

Derek Wilson as Wolf and Eliza Coupe as Tiger in 'Future

Hutcherson is uniquely suited to the role of Josh (and not just because they share a first name). The series endlessly (and joyously) echoes Hutcherson’s Hunger Games character Peeta, and mocks Josh’s height, his lack of fighting skills and his lack of ambition. The actor’s manic energy is a perfect complement to Coupe and Wilson, who play their dystopian characters deadpan, as when they express a taste for rats.


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