The Miniaturist Season 1 Complete English Subtitles All Episodes

Now The Miniaturist Season 1 Complete English Subtitles All Episodes


Set in Amsterdam – 1686, Nella Oortman marries a rich merchant, but life in her new home is unfulfilled. Even her cabinet house brings a mystery to the secretive world she has entered.

The Miniaturist, on BBC One, was enough to keep you awake all night. The opening episode served up the same breathless mixture of suspense, treachery, dread and creepily accurate craftsmanship.

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The story began with the arrival of bride Nella Oortman (Anya Taylor-Joy) at her husband’s palatial home in the Amsterdam of 1686.

Not being greeted by said husband, the merchant Johannes Brandt (Alex Hassell). The heroine is abandoned to the chilly welcome of his sister, Marin (Romola Garai).

If you ask for a snack of marzipan and get offered a herring, you know that the honeymoon is over.

Making matters worse, poor Nella never even got a honeymoon. to her chagrin, the charismatic Johannes showed no interest in consummating their marriage.


When Neulla stumbled in on her husband with a male lover that she realized the truth, in a deft scene that captured how shocking homosexuality was to a rural girl in the 17th century.

Johannes also had an eccentric choice in wedding presents: he gave Nella a doll’s house replica of her new home. Like a nightmare version of a Kirstie Allsopp craft programme, the tiny house was furnished by an eerie miniaturist who seemed to pre-empt what will play out in the real version.

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