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Stranger Things Season 2 subtitles

Stranger Things 2, the second season of the Netflix original Stranger Things, was released on October 27, 2017. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Set in Hawkins in the fall of 1984, the story continues as supernatural forces once again begin to affect the town. Play the Stranger things game for Season 3 here ->

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An official season two logline posted with a casting breakdown read: “When terrifying supernatural forces once again begin to affect Hawkins, they realize Will’s disappearance was only the beginning. And so the adventure continues…”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Duffers and cast members revealed more plot details.  They explained that Will’s visions of the Upside Down may be real, or could be a result of post-traumatic stress disorder. Hopper will be trying to keep the events of the previous year covered up in order to protect the kids and Joyce.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Mike will be mourning the loss of their friends, Barb and Eleven. Max will befriend the boys and attract the romantic interest of Dustin and Lucas, while her step-brother, Billy, is hinted to be a possible antagonist.


Dustin will also bond with a polliwog-like creature that’s “not from this planet or this dimension”.

While Eleven’s exact role in the season is still unknown, Matt Duffer teased she will play a major part, saying: “We do get into her story and backstory. We learn about where she came from and how she came into the world and the program that resulted in her.”

Millie Bobby Brown also stated that her storyline will be an “emotional transition.”


Season two was green-lit by Netflix before the first season premiered on July 15, 2016. Ross and Matt Duffer spent the summer writing in a rental in Lake Hollywood, which they set up as a writers room.

The second season was announced to the public at the end of August. The producers had already mapped it out and gotten a broad understanding of what it would look like, while the actual writing was still “very much in process.”

The Duffers said they were “nearly ready” to wrap up writing and move on to casting and pre-production at the end of September.

San Diego Comic-Con

Netflix scheduled a Stranger Things panel for the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con with the show’s cast and creators. The panel revealed the season’s first full-length trailer featuring never before seen footage.

Stranger Things: The Game

In the weeks leading up to Season 2’s release, a Stranger Things mobile game was released. The game contains exclusive footage from Season 2, and will update on the day of the season’s release.