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Two very different men tackle a family’s horrifying case of demonic possession.
  • Genre:
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  • Premiere Date:
    Sep 29, 2017
  • Exec. Producers:
    Rolin Jones, James Robinson, David Robinson, Barbara Wall, Rupert Wyatt, Jeremy Slater.

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1. Episode 1 – Janus – Download subtitle >>
2. Safe As Houses – Download Subtitles <<
3. Unclean – Download subs <<

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Season 2 Episode 5. Download subtitles | <<

S2e6 Season 2 Episode 6. Download subtitles | <<

Season2 Episode 7. Download subtitles | <<

Season2 Episode 8. Download subtitles | <<

ep9 Season 2 Episode 9. Download subtitles | <<

Season 2 Episode 10. Download subtitles | <<

Season 2 Episode 11. Download subtitles | <<

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Alfonso Herrera
as Father Tomas

Ben Daniels
as Father Marcus

Kurt Egyiawan
as Father Bennett

John Cho
as Andy Kim

Brianna Hildebrand
as Verity

Zuleikha Robinson
as Mouse

Li Jun Li
as Rose

Alex Barima
as Shelby

Cyrus Arnold
as Truck

Hunter Dillon
as Caleb

Amélie Eve
as Grace

Torrey Hanson
as Cardinal Guilott

Warren Christie
as Jordy

Philip Craig
as Cardinal Caro

Michael D. Adamthwaite
as Greg

Timothy Webber
as Ted Holmstrom

Hayley Sales
as Female Reporter

Giu Carol

David Hewlett

Preston Vanderslice
as Male Reader

Lynn Gerbec

Zibby Allen
as Cindy

Elizabeth Allen
as Cindy

Rochelle Greenwood
as Lorraine

Beatrice Kitsos
as Harper

Karin Konoval
as Sister Dolores

Jason Burkart
as Cashier

June B. Wilde
as Eremko – Colleen Holmstrom

Wren Roberts
as Local Guy

Alan Colodey
as Belgian Priest

Jay Brazeau
as Tribunal President

Colin Foo
as Chosen One

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