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Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, Season 2 (Original Japanese Version) English Subtitles

Genre: Animation

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  • Release Date: 2019-09-27
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

Legends clash again in the enthralling reboot of this classic space drama series! Caught in a 150-year-long war, interstellar nations reach the pinnacle of strategic combat at the hands of two genius leaders. Reinhard of the Galactic Empire and Yang of the Free Planets Alliance are prodigies driven by their own ideals, and on the battlefield of the universe, their rivalry knows no bounds.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, Season 2 (Original Japanese Version) English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Amritsar Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:09 The Free Planets Alliance attempted a large-scale offensive within the Galactic Empire, but with a reversal strategy by Reinhard and the Galactic Imperial Navy, they lost three space fleets. Although the 13th Fleet, led by Yang, maintained 90% strength, the other fleets suffered heavy damage. But Lobos, the commander-in-chief, ordered all remaining forces to gather at the Amritsar Starzone, so Reinhard also ordered all of his forces to head there. Yet another battle between the two armies was about to unfold.
2. Demise of the Emperor Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:09 Emperor Friedrich IV of the Galactic Empire has suddenly passed away without naming a successor. Edwin Josef, the son of the late prince and the emperor's only surviving direct descendant, is only five years old. The Braunschweig and Littenheim families, into which the emperor's daughters had married, begin scheming to install their respective daughters as the new empress. Thus begins the battle for the throne between the families who serve as guardians to the emperor's three grandchildren. Reinhard has not sided with any of them yet, so a certain influential power seeks to take advantage of his military strength.
3. Before the Storm Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:09 When the Free Planets Alliance Navy conquered Iserlohn Fortress, they took two million Imperial soldiers as war prisoners. And during the Battle of Amritsar, the Galactic Imperial Navy took two million Alliance soldiers as war prisoners. A deal has been reached to exchange all of these prisoners at Iserlohn Fortress. Representing the Alliance at the exchange is Yang, the commander of Iserlohn Fortress. Representing the Empire in place of Reinhard, the one who proposed the exchange, is Kircheis. The two men, who have fought one another with equal resourcefulness in battle, meet face-to-face for the first time at the prisoner exchange ceremony.
4. Ignition Point Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:09 Animosity continues to grow between Reinhard and Lichtenlade, the guardians of the young emperor Erwin, and the pure-blooded noble families with Braunschweig and Littenheim at their center. In the midst of all this, Hilda, the only daughter of Count Mariendorf, visits the Fleet Admiral's Mansion on Odin to meet with Reinhard. When he asks what brought on the sudden visit, she tells him that the Mariendorf household would like to side with Reinhard in the civil war that could break out at any moment.
5. The Yang Fleet Mobilizes Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:09 Only a short time has passed since the Alliance's failed invasion of the Empire, and an assassination attempt on Admiral Cubersly, a key figure in the Alliance Navy, further deepens the people's anxiety. On top of that, an accidental explosion the following day takes fourteen young soldiers' lives. Growing discontent has caused revolts to break out on several planets within the Alliance. Bewcock orders Yang to put down these revolts, but before Yang has a chance to deploy, a coup d'état is executed on the capital planet Heinessen.
6. Bloodshed in Space Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:09 The Lippstadt Nobles Coalition devises a plan to lure Reinhard's forces away from the Imperial capital, Odin, and capture the emperor while Imperial defenses are spread thin. While the nobles fight among themselves over who gets to lead this strike, the Mittermeyer Fleet lays a minefield that forces the rebels off-course, and then strikes them from behind. The defeated rebels flee to Rentenberg Fortress. Reinhard sends Reuenthal and Mittermeyer to occupy the fortress, but upon arriving, they are forced into close-quarters combat with the notoriously barbaric High Admiral Ovlesser.
7. The Battle of the Doria Starzone Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:08 After easily putting down a revolt on the planet Shampool, Yang is approached by Commander Baghdash, a Department of Intelligence official. Baghdash informs Yang that the 11th Fleet has joined the coup d'état and is headed his way. While the Yang Fleet and the 11th Fleet engage in the Battle of the Doria Starzone, the coup d'état faction remains steadfast, intervening with military force at a peaceful protest on the capital planet Heinessen.
8. Tragedy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:08 After taking control of Rentenberg Fortress, Reinhard turns his forces toward Geiersburg, the fortress serving as a base for the Lippstadt Nobles Coalition. Kircheis, who was leading a detached force, is ordered to eliminate Littenheim, the coalition's vice leader. Littenheim, meanwhile, is hoping to defeat Kircheis so he can gain enough clout to overthrow Braunschweig as leader. When the battle begins, Littenheim's forces attack relentlessly while Kircheis focuses on defense, until...
9. Victory for Whose Sake? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:08 After defeating Legrange at the Doria Starzone, Yang's fleet heads to the capital planet Heinessen, which has been taken over by the National Salvation Military Council. Though the council's chairman, Greenhill, understands the severity of the situation, he still believes there's no way Yang's fleet can even penetrate Heinessen's gravitational field because of its specialized defense system, Artemis's Necklace. But Yang had a plan to disable Artemis's Necklace.
10. The Fall of Goldenbaum Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:09 Kircheis returns to Reinhard after subjugating a frontier starzone. He wastes no time in asking Reinhard if there's truth in the rumor that he knew of the plans for the nuclear attack on Westerland, but let it happen anyway. With the final battle against the coalition of nobles looming before them, the pair's relationship begins to take a turn like none they have experienced before. Meanwhile, the Lippstadt Nobles Coalition, which had barricaded itself in Geiersburg Fortress, prepares to launch all of its forces in the final battle against Reinhard.
11. Farewell to the Days of Old Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:08 The battle against the Lippstadt Nobles Coalition has ended, and a victory celebration and audience with the war prisoners is being held at Geiersburg Fortress. The guards forbid Kircheis from carrying his firearm inside, even though he always had permission to keep his weapons in Reinhard's presence before. As the war prisoners face Reinhard one by one, Braunschweig's adjutant, Ansbach, enters with his leader's body in a coffin.
12. My Friend Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:04 Heinessen has been set free after the failure of the coup d'état, and its people are holding a ceremony to celebrate peace. High Council Chairman Trunicht, who had been sheltered by the Earth Cult during the coup d'état, stirs the ceremony attendees with a clever speech. Yang, displeased with the requirement that he shake hands with Trunicht on the stage in front of everyone, shudders at the thoughts that go through his own head. In the midst of all this, the esteemed Admiral Merkatz of the Imperial Navy pays a visit to Yang with the shocking declaration that he has defected.

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