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Young Sheldon, Seasons 1-3 English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

Rated 8 From 1001 Ratings

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  • Release Date:
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 71
  • Produced by: Young Sheldon

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Growing up won’t be easy for young genius Sheldon Cooper. While the vulnerable, gifted and somewhat naive Sheldon must cope with East Texas, where church and sports rule, his very normal family must find a way to deal with him. His football-coach dad struggles to connect with a son he doesn’t understand, while his mother protects and nurtures her “square peg.” Sheldon’s twin sister’s personality is the opposite of his, and his older brother is more interested in his hair than his studies. While Sheldon tests analytical theories and mathematical problems, his no-nonsense Meemaw tells it like it is, helping him navigate problems in the real world – like playing video games, coping with rival prodigies and taking his first steps on a real college campus. Join Young Sheldon in Seasons One through Three of his journey toward becoming The Big Bang Theory’s eccentric, extraordinary physicist.

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