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Family Guy, Season 3 English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

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  • Release Date: 2001-07-11
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 22
  • Produced by: Family Guy

In the hilarious third season, Stewie shrinks himself down to microscopic size to prevent Peter and Lois from having another baby. Meg deals with an unwanted crush, Peter grows a beard that becomes a bird sanctuary and discovers he has a black ancestor, and Brian gets involved in a paternity suit with a prize greyhound. The Griffins enter the witness protection program and move to a backwoods rural town. Stewie and Brian are glued together, Meg dates a nudist, and viewer mail inspires a trio of odd stories.

Family Guy, Season 3 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-22

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The Thin White Line Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:23 Searching for meaning in life, Brian decides to devote his time to helping others. Using his keen sense of smell, he gets a job with the local police department and becomes the top-dog -- until his nose gets him into trouble.
2. Brian Does Hollywood Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 In the conclusion of a two-part story line, Brian leaves Quahog for Hollywood in order to write films. When the Griffins visit him in Los Angeles, he desperately takes the first job offered to him in order to impress them - and finds himself directing a porno. Faced with fame and loneliness in his new field, Brian realizes that every dog needs a home.
3. Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 Happy-Go-Lucky Toys is purchased by a conglomerate that also owns a major tobacco company. When new management fires his boss, Peter is made President of the company and does such a convincing job of supporting the tobacco industry that the board sends him to Washington DC to give a speech on the benefits of smoking - until everything backfires.
4. One If By Clam, Two If By Sea Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 When Quahog is hit by a devastating hurricane, Peter's favorite bar "The Drunken Clam" is destroyed. The owner cannot rebuild the bar so a British man purchases the bar and turns it into a pub where British families start congregating at the pub thereby ruining Peter's old haunt.
5. And the Weiner Is... Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:21 When Peter becomes jealous of the Chris' physical assets, he joins a gun club to overcompensate for his small size. But when they go on a hunting trip, it takes brains, not brawn, to save them. Meanwhile, Meg finds herself the target of the "cool" kids' wrath at school.
6. Death Lives Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:33 When Peter skips out on his anniversary date with Lois in order to play golf with his buddies, he is inexplicably struck by lightning and visited by Death. Instead of escorting Peter to the after-life, Death tells Peter that Lois will leave him in the future unless Peter uses his near-death experience to come to a life-changing revelation. In order to help him, Death takes Peter back to the moment that Peter and Lois met and fell in love.
7. Lethal Weapons Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:33 When Fall hits Quahog, the town becomes infested with New Yorkers who come to watch the leaves change colors. As the tension rises, Lois takes her aggression out by practicing Tae-Jitsu, becoming a black-belt and whipping the family into shape.
8. Kiss Seen 'round the World Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 When Meg applies for an internship at the local television station and gets the job, she is disappointed to find that her news partner is the most reviled nerd in school, Neil. Caught in a life-threatening news situation, Meg laments that she never had a first kiss and agrees to kiss Neil only to find that he taped the whole thing in order to broadcast it across the world. Meanwhile, Stewie learns what a neighborhood bully is and the bully learns not to mess with Stewie.
9. Mr. Saturday Knight Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 When Peter's boss dies, the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory is destroyed in order to make way for the Happy-Go-Lucky Terminal Disease Institute. Out of a job, Peter decides to follow his life-long dream of becoming a knight with the traveling Renaissance Fair, but when he is caught in a compromising position with the infamous Black Knight's wench, Maid Madeline, he must defend his family's reputation in an old-fashioned duel.
10. Fish Out of Water Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 When Peter decides to become a fisherman, he takes out a large loan to buy a fishing boat and unwittingly gives up everything he owns as collateral. Faced with losing the family home, Peter resorts to desperate measures to get the money and hunts down a famous man-eating fish for the reward money. Meanwhile, Lois and Meg hit the beach for Spring Break.
11. Emission Impossible Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 Peter and Lois are inspired by her pregnant sister Carol to have another baby. Stewie is appalled at the prospect of another sibling and vows to keep Lois and Peter from sleeping together. After various attempts to stop them, Stewie shrinks himself down to a microscopic size and enters Peter's body in hopes of destroying all of his sperm.
12. To Love and Die in Dixie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:32 When Chris sees a convenience store hold up and identifies the thief in a police line-up, the Griffins are put into the witness protection program and must relocate to a small town in the deep south. While they are there, the townspeople put on a Civil War re-enactment and re-invent history by having the South win -- with laser swords. But when Peter questions the historical truthfulness, the town turns on him and he must fight his own battle.
13. Screwed the Pooch Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:31 When Brian joins Lois and Peter on their visit to the Pewterschmidits, his pent-up sexual energy is unleashed on the Pewterschmidit's dog Sea Breeze. After the vet informs them that Sea Breeze is pregnant, Mr. Pewterschmidt refuses to let Brian near her. Brian decides to sue him for custody of the puppies.
14. Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 Peter is astounded when he discovers he has a black ancestor, and makes every effort to absorb himself in the culture. But things turn sour when he learns that lois' ancestors owned his ancestor as a plantation slave! meanwhile, stewie attempts to infiltrate the high school cheerleading squad, believing them capable of mass mind-Control!
15. Ready, Willing and Disabled Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:30 When Joe loses a thief in a chase, he also loses his self-confidence and pride as a police officer. Peter becomes determined to help Joe and offers to train him for the decathlon at the Olympics for handicapped athletes. Peter spikes Joe's drink with steroids and he goes on to win the gold medal and fame. Meanwhile, Stewie, Meg and Brian fight over a money clip and $26.
16. A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:30 The Christmas season gets off to a rocky start for Peter who cannot seem to find the time to rest and watch the Christmas Specials, like the classic "KISS Saves Santa" in which they play themselves defeating Christmas bandits with the screech of the electric guitar. When Peter accidentally gives all of the family presents away, the family has to go the mall for last minute gifts on Christmas Eve, while Brian, who stays home, gets caught in a sticky mess with the Christmas tree and burns Lois' dinner. When the Griffins come home to the mess, nobody is prepared when Lois goes crazy snd loses her Christmas cheer.
17. Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 When Brian finds the dating scene unbearable, he drowns his loneliness in alcohol and gets arrested for drunk driving. A court judge sentences him to care for a cranky elderly woman who winds up being the love of Brian's life. Meanwhile, Peter grows a beard which becomes a nest for endangered birds.
18. From Method to Madness Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:28 When Brian auditions for a role at the local theater, Stewie is discovered and enters the Quahog School of Performing Arts. Meanwhile, Peter rescues a man from the ocean only to discover that the man is a nudist.
19. Stuck Together, Torn Apart Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 When Peter meets one of Lois's ex-boyfriends, he goes green with jealousy and antogonizes Lois by going on a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt.
20. Road to Europe Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:23 When Stewie and Brian stow away on a flight to Europe, they end up stranded in Saudi Arabia and take up residence at a Comfort Inn. In an attempt to get home, they steal a hot air balloon and pay a visit to Italy and England. Meanwhile, Lois and Peter go to KISS Stock and Peter is mortified when Lois doesn't know any KISS lyrics.
21. Family Guy, Viewer Mail I Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:34 In a special three-story episode, Brian reads viewer mail and tries to answer the questions: What if the Griffins were little?, What if Peter found a Genie lamp? and What if the Griffins had super powers?
22. When You Wish Upon a Weinstein Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:23 The day that Peter buys volcano insurance is the day that Lois becomes fed up with their constant money problems. When Peter wishes for a Jewish "money guy" to help them, Max Weinstein comes to the rescue. After meeting Max, Peter decides Chris could be successful if he converted to Judaism as soon as possible, but the plans for a "quickie" bar mitzvah in Las Vegas are quickly foiled by Lois.

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Viewer Reviews

  • I need a Jew

    By Kishara

    Season 3 is funny as hell a great show my favorite episode 5-death lives 4-emission impossible 3-family guy view mail #1 2-the thin white line 1- rhode to erupt
  • Family guy is the best show ever.

    By Huuuuuuuuuuuu

    Road to Europe is one of my favs and road to rhode island and da boom but this is a classic season.
  • Great show. Just one thing

    By Flame Trainer

    It's a great show but when I buy an episode the cover art of that season is all black. It looks weird so please read this apple and fix this problem. Also it's the same with seasons 1-4. Other than that it's a great show ( my fav are stuck together torn apart and lethal weapons)
  • Old Family Guy Eps. Are The Best!

    By Numba1NDaHoodG

    My all time favorite Family guy episode is Road To Europe! : )
  • Why so expensive?

    By linkinloggs

    I was planning on buying every season on my iPod thinking each season would be like 10 bucks. but then I look on iTunes and they're 30?! come on like seriously?! who is going to pay that much? it's ridiculous to price it that high. family guy is great though.
  • To love and die in dixie

    By Kevster2650

    I love when peter is in the outhouse and it tips over
  • Family guy is my favorite show and I like the episode mr Saturday night

    By Karlthehammer

    I like the part when the trainer says let me hear hour battle cry and mort says eeeeeeee

    By Al Capone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't care if u don't get the season, just get PETARDED!!!!!!!
  • TERRIBLE, but "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" was decent.

    By weegee101

    While most of this season is garbage like the first two seasons, one episode ("Stuck Together, Torn Apart") does have its moments. But in regards to the other episodes, go watch seasons 4-9 instead.

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