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Spectacular Spider-Man, Pt. 1 English Subtitles

Genre: Animation

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  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
  • Produced by: Spectacular Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man, Pt. 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-13

Title Downloads D2 Description
1. Survival of the Fittest Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:09
2. Interactions Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:07
3. Natural Selection Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:06
4. Market Forces Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:08
5. Competition Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18
6. The Invisible Hand Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:07
7. Catalyst Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:09
8. Reaction Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:06
9. The Uncertainty Principle Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:08
10. Persona Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:06
11. Group Therapy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:05
12. Intervention Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:06
13. Nature Vs. Nurture Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:06

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It's been a tough week for Peter Parker. His two best friends are mad at him, Aunt May is behind on the bills, and Flash Thompson is still bullying him at school. It hasn't been a cakewalk for Spider-Man either. The Enforcers are trying to destroy him, the Vulture is seeking revenge on Mr. Osborn, Electro is wreaking havoc on the city, and his mentor, Dr. Connors, just transformed into The Lizard — a reptile on a rampage. But with great power comes great responsibility, and Peter Parker wouldn't have it any other way.

Viewer Reviews

  • This show is so good

    By The_guitarist101

    It's so good, I wish that they made more seasons. Hopefully one day
  • Spectacular Spider-Man Season 1

    By Jay W. Y

  • It’s the best Spiderman show ever!

    By Rose75252

    It’s sooooo good. even though I’m in 2019, I still love and watch it.
  • Where’s season 3-9?

    By dad that left for milk

  • Where’s the HD version?

    By Esqknight

    It’s available in iTunes stores outside the US, but not here.
  • Spectacular in every sense of the word!!!

    By Wolf723

    A great success that represents everything that makes up who Spider-Man truly is. I hope we get HD versions of the episodes please?!!!!!!!
  • The best

    By Axel Guzman-Favela

    The first season of the spectacular spider man was simply very good. The reason for this was that it not only focused on spider man but it also focused on Peter Parker himself. Another thing that I really liked was that in some episodes it gives us a hint of what is coming next. The only bad thing about this season or tv show as a matter of fact was that it didn’t have a third season.
  • 10 out of 10 Great show awesome episodes

    By Sonnyrock1

    This is one of my favorite shows
  • Spidey! ❤️💙❤️

    By sojourner_18

    The best small-screen rendition of spidey by far. SPECTACULAR.

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